Texas Nurse Aide Registry Form 5505-NAR

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Texas Nurse Aide Registry Form 5505-NAR

Becoming a nurse aide in the US requires specific qualifications. However, each state has different legal peculiarities and registry requirements for such medical workers. In Texas, for example, you must undergo a developed nursing training, take an evaluation competency program, and then successfully pass the final exam. But most importantly, you need to obtain a valid Nurse Aide Registry. Hereunder, we will tell you more about the legal norms and requirements regarding NAR.

When Do You Need to Use the Texas Nurse Aide Registry Form?

Neither federal law nor state rules require a minimum education level to become an NA. Suppose you already possess an NA certificate issued in a different state, you may complete the Nurse Aide Registry 5505-NAR Form and qualify for a Texas HHS registration by a reciprocity right.

Remember that even if you have a valid NA Certificate, the deciding board will still have to check if your NAR registry is active. We suggest you get acquainted with the following registry status info before you proceed to complete the form.

There are several registry types as follows:

  • Revoked

This registry type implies that an individual is no longer employable due to specific reasons, including an allegation of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation.

  • Expired

The NA should contact the respective HHS department every two years to verify their eligibility status. The verification process implies completing a 24-hour course of in-service education. If the NA fails to do so in time, their registration will no longer be valid.

  • Suspended

In this case, the nurse aide will be considered unemployable in the EMR.

  • Active

“Active” is the proper registry type. It means that a particular NA has never been accused of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation possesses a valid certificate, and is eligible in any licensed Texas nursing facility.

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How to Fill Out the Form

Make sure you obtain the latest version of the NAR 5505 application form. We suggest you use our newest software tools and developments to edit the necessary form template. You can also fill out the form online.

  • Register in Credential Management System

Before submitting your personal data, make sure you have registered in the Nurse Aide Testing Credential Management System. After completing all registration procedures, enter your identification number at the top of the document (as shown in the picture).

step 1 register in credential management system filling out a texas nurse aide registry form 5505 nar

  • Review the Instructions

Underneath the ID number line, you will see a set of instructions leading you through the form completion. Please make sure to read them carefully. Hereunder, we have outlined the most important ones for your convenience:

  • The applicant must fill out all existing fields in Section 1 of the form;
  • Only mail the first section of the application to the state where you currently deliver nursing services for confirmation (except for the states in bold; their representatives do not have to fill out Section 2);
  • Once both sections are complete, the applicant will have to mail the whole form to the Texas NAR, along with the required supporting documentation;
  • Some states do not set an expiration date for certain papers. If you come from such a state, you still have to complete and send out the 5506-NAR Form. Plus, you have to provide an Employment Confirmation completed by your most recent employer (within the last two years). Attach the document to the form and mail it to the appropriate HHS office.

step 2 review the instructions filling out a texas nurse aide registry form 5505 nar

  • Insert Personal Data

Begin completing Section 1 by submitting your full name (last name, first name, and middle initial). Provide your maiden name as well, if applicable. Insert your Social Security Number (SSN) and indicate your sex, date of birth, and contact email address.

step 3 insert personal data filling out a texas nurse aide registry form 5505 nar

  • Provide Your Mailing Address

The next set of boxes implies that you enter your residential address, including city, state, zip code, and area code. Additionally, you need to provide your contact daytime telephone and cell number.

step 4 provide your mailing address filling out a texas nurse aide registry form 5505 nar

  • Insert Your NA Certificate Info

Indicate the state that has issued your Nurse Aide Certificate. Then, enter the document’s number and the issue date in the corresponding boxes. Once you complete the required certificate information, check the submitted data, sign the form, and put the current calendar date.

step 5 insert your na certificate info filling out a texas nurse aide registry form 5505 nar

  • Double-check Section 2 Info

As we have already mentioned, the state authorities are responsible for filling out Section 2 of the Nurse Aide Registry 5505-NAR Form. However, you have to make sure that all indicated data is true to the facts and accurate.

You will see your registry date, certificate number, expiration date, and the applied registration method at the top of the Section. Part two of the application form will state whether you have been involved in any kind of abuse, neglect, or personal property misappropriation. Make sure to remember the expiration date and reconfirm your registry every now and then.

step 6.1 double check section 2 info filling out a texas nurse aide registry form 5505 nar
The responsible NAR representative will have to fill out their legal name, title, agency, state, date, and sign the paper. An official signature or the state seal must be affixed on the right-hand side (as shown below).

step 6.2 double check section 2 info filling out a texas nurse aide registry form 5505 nar
One should know that providing misleading information and falsifying the NA Certificate will lead to legal prosecution (up to 10 years of imprisonment and a 10,000-dollar fine).

step 6.3 double check section 2 info filling out a texas nurse aide registry form 5505 nar

Mailing Order

Once you receive a filled out Section 2 of the NA application form, you should mail the document, along with a copy of your ID, Social Security card, and criminal history record. Please note that if you have ever changed your legal name, the security services will have to issue criminal history records of all your existing legal names.

Send the form by first-class mail or get it delivered by a courier service to the address indicated at the back of the application form.