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Texas Temporary Tag

In the US, the process of buying a vehicle is followed by getting a permanent registration. It is a compulsory procedure, as well as the ownership transfer (if buying from an individual) or getting a new certificate of title. The thing is, you only can operate a registered motor vehicle in the United States. Therefore, you need to obtain a Temporary Tag while taking care of the registering procedures.

Texas has been struggling for quite some time with fake temporary tags. As processing and then issuing the title does not happen instantly, people often try to cheat. However, you should keep in mind that such violations are subject to legal prosecution.

What Is a Temporary Tag?

A Temporary License Tag allows the vehicle owner to use the car for up to 30 calendar days before completing the necessary registration process. Usually, the dealer that sold you your new vehicle (or used one) can provide you with a temporary tag as a courtesy.

Otherwise, you should visit a local DMV or county tax office to get yourself the necessary document.

The Texas Temporary Tag Requirements

We have already mentioned the authorities responsible for issuing temporary tags. Now, let us take a closer look at the requirements and conditions you have to meet before acquiring one in the state of Texas in 2021:

  • Provide a valid driver’s license;
  • Obtain vehicle insurance;
  • Undergo initial transport inspection;
  • Make sure the car’s weight does not exceed 10,000 pounds;
  • Prove that no one drove this car with expired license plates or without registration.

You need to prove that you possess all the required documents. Please note that if you have a registration issued in another state, you must supply the office employee with it. Next up, make sure to pay the applicable registration fees, including the processing fee and the actual fee for a temp tag. Last but not least, wait until you receive the paper and place it somewhere visible. You may also keep the document along with the receipts inside your motor vehicle.

Take into account that you cannot request a temporary tag more than three times. This statement means that a driver has only 90 days in total to obtain permanent vehicle registration. The drivers that fail to do so will subject to fines or even a lawsuit.

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Receiving the Document

As we stated above, an individual may get the tag either through a dealership or their local county tax office. Suppose you are buying a motor vehicle off of a licensed dealership. In that case, the company’s specialists will make sure that you are legally able to get a temporary tag for this particular car and stick it to the back window.

If the dealer has not provided you with the temp tag, you should get an appointment at the nearest DMV or County Tax office. When getting the paper, make sure to check that the inserted information is accurate.

If you are the dealer, you may use the recommendations below to build a proper temporary tag and then hand it over to the buyer. If you are the buyer, see the following guidelines to check all the essential information in your receipt.

  • Select the Document Form and Download It

We suggest you use our latest software tools to build a legally approved Temporary Tag form. Pick the necessary document in the list and download it. You are also free to fill out the paper online.

  • Pay Attention to the Issuing and Expiring Date

The first line of the receipt consists of the buyer’s tag number, its expiration date, and the date you have acquired the vehicle. Make sure that the inserted information is correct and take note of the tag’s expiration date.

step 2 pay attention to the issuing and expiring date - filling out a texas temporary tag

  • Check the Vehicle’s Details

Insert the issue date, vehicle’s VIN, year, make, model, and color in the second blank line. If you are the buyer, make sure to double-check these details.

step 3 check the vehicle’s details - filling out a texas temporary tag

  • Provide the Dealer’s and Owner’s Info

The dealer must provide its full business name and number, along with the owner(s)’ name(s) and legal address(es) in the corresponding box.

step 4 provide the dealer’s and owner’s info - filling out a texas temporary tag

  • Put a Signature and Date

Once you have reviewed the submitted data, you should append your signature and date the tag form, confirming that you have received a copy of temporary tag laws. You may also create an electronic signature and apply it to the tag form.

Both the buyer and the dealer should get a copy of the tag’s receipt. You may add extra fields to your tag form if necessary.

step 5 put a signature and date - filling out a texas temporary tag

Applying for a Permanent Vehicle Registration

When operating your motor vehicle with a temporary license tag, make sure to apply to get your car registered. According to Texas state laws, the driver has to do it within 30 days of the purchase. Gather all the required papers and visit your local DMV or county tax office.

You can initiate the procedure online (on the Texas DMV official website) or through US mail.