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Form DL-43

In the state of Texas, the process of renewing a driver’s license or an ID card is often associated with never-ending lines and waiting hours. Even those who apply for the renewal online must visit the office now and then. Before you try to get a new ID card or driver’s license, it is better to educate yourself on the basic procedural requirements. In this article, you will find the instructions for applicants and basic information about the application form.

The traditional applying method is to visit the local driver’s license office. The first thing you need to do is submit the application form, also known as Form DL-43. It includes the applicant’s personal and contact information and a short survey.

When to Use the Document?

Online resources allow you to go through procedures that took a lot of time a few years ago. However, in Texas, this option is not available for certain categories of people. For example, if you are a minor or 79 years old (or older), ensure your physical presence in the local office and submit the required documents. As for elderly drivers, they must undergo health examinations and prove that they continue meeting the requirements. When visiting the office in person, you will need to fill out Form DL-43, among other paperwork.

There are several reasons you might need to go through the procedure:

  • You want to obtain an ID card or driver’s license replacement, as far as you have lost it, or it got stolen or damaged;
  • You want to change your name or surname (for example, when you get married), residential address, sex, or photo;
  • The validity period of your driver’s license is over (for adults, the document becomes invalid after six years since it was issued);
  • You have reached the age of majority and need to renew the driver’s license.

These are the most common cases, but you might face completely different situations when you can no longer use your Identification Card or driver’s license. Operating a vehicle with outdated information in your driver’s license is as illegal as not having a driver’s license at all.

The Procedure of Obtaining a Renewal in Texas

The most common way to avoid endless lines is to visit the official website and submit the necessary information. This option doesn’t require you to complete the application form under discussion. For your DL renewal, ensure that you provide the expected data that includes your DL number, DD number (also known as audit number) indicated at the bottom of your driver’s license, SSN (or Social Security Number), email address, and credit card details. When applying for the ID replacement or renewal, enter the info with regard to your ID card. Remember that once you have got a temporary driver’s license via email, you have to print it out and carry it with you.

Those who are planning to visit the DPS office in person must ensure that they have all the items of the required documentation package prepared. Below you will find the full content of the pack (check out the Texas DPS official website for more information):

  • Form DL-43 (or application form)
  • The documents that confirm your U.S. Citizenship (or at least your legal right to live in the country) and Texas Residency
  • Identity documents
  • SSN
  • Proof of Name Change

For those who request the driver’s license renewal or replacement only:

  • Proof of Insurance and Texas Vehicle Registration
  • Adult (or Teen) Driver Education Certificate
  • Adult (or Teen) ITD Certificate
  • Verification of Enrollment Form (for minors only).

Once you have prepared the documents mentioned above, you need to make an appointment and visit the local office on the settled date. At the office, they will ask you to pay the fee, update the photo, provide your thumbprints, and take an eyesight test.

It is worth mentioning that if your ID card or driver’s license has lost its validity for more than two years, and yet you haven’t applied for its renewal during this time, you will have to pass a written test and undergo medical examinations.

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Filling Out Form DL-43

The official template is only one page long. The applicant must read all the information in the template carefully and provide relevant details. The form can be obtained at the office, but we recommend that you make use of our form-building software to complete the paper in advance. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to fill out the form properly and avoid mistakes.

  • Enter DL or ID Number

The first section you are to fill out is placed at the upper right corner of the document. The DL number is easy to find: it is an eight-digit number on the front of your DL card. Your ID number can be easily found on your identity documents.

step 1 enter dl or id number filling out a form dl 43

  • Introduce and Describe Yourself

In this section, you are to enter personal information containing your full legal name (including a name suffix and a maiden name for married applicants), date of birth (make sure to follow the required order and submit the day, month, and year), and SSN. You also need to provide a general description of yourself: choose the gender you belong to (check the relevant box), write your weight, eye color, height, and ethnicity or race.

step 2 introduce and describe yourself filling out a form dl 43

  • Input Your Contact and Address Information

The next step is to submit your contact and residency data. You should enter your home (or other) phone number and email address. Indicate the mailing and residency address, including the county, city, state of residency, and ZIP code.

step 3 input your contact and address information filling out a form dl 43

  • Answer the Questions

Below the boxed section, you will find a short questionnaire consisting of ten questions. Regardless of the document you want to order a renewal or replacement for, you should select “Yes” or “No” to the following questions. Hereunder, you can register to vote, claim to make donations to the mentioned programs and organizations, select to be an organ donor or a veteran, assign a designator to your card, or include an emergency contact that may be needed in the event of injury or death.

step 4 answer the questions filling out a form dl 43

  • Complete Another Survey (for Driver’s License only)

If you wish to obtain the driver’s license renewal, proceed to the questions below. You need to answer (in the same “yes-or-no” manner) seven questions related to your medical history. You are to prove that your physical and mental health allows you to drive the vehicle safely to obtain the document renewal.

step 5 complete another survey (for driver’s license only) filling out a form dl 43

  • Specify the Type of Residency

There are several lines for a statement above the signature space, where you should describe your residency situation. Tick the relevant box for one of the most suitable options: single-family dwelling, motel, temporary shelter, apartment. Read the statement till the end carefully. Only if you acknowledge everything written in the statement, you may proceed to the final step.

step 6 specify the type of residency filling out a form dl 43

  • Authorize the Paper

Before signing the form, get instructions from a driver’s license employee. To certify the document, you need to provide your signature and the date of signing.

step 7 authorize the paper filling out a form dl 43