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NYC Disability Parking Permit

New York City is a place that, as we all know, is not only famous for its magnificent architecture, rich history, or diverse cultural activities. One of the city’s key features is heavy traffic, both land, and underground.

It is often hard to park your vehicle on the streets of New York. Even if you, by a lucky coincidence, managed to park, you might still get a large fine for parking in the wrong place. It seems almost impossible to park here for free.

However, some groups of people have preferences, and there is a fundamental reason for it. For instance, if a person suffers from a severe disease, and a private vehicle is their only way of moving around the city, they can apply for the New York City Parking Permit for People with Disabilities (or NYC PPPD).

Who Can Use Disability Permits in NYC

The New York City Disability Parking Permit (NYC PPPD) is a helpful document for people who face severe disease, making it impossible for them to move around the city without a private vehicle.

At least two physicians should officially diagnose the disease (or disability):

  • The applicant’s attending doctor
  • The official NYC physician. This particular doctor shall be appointed by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene or a Medical Certification Unit.

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How to Apply for the Permit

To get the permit, you have to apply to the New York City Department of Transportation. Apart from English, the application form is available in several other languages, including French, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese.

Besides the application form, you will need to attach other documents. For instance, the department may require a copy of your valid driving license issued in the state, a Non-Driver ID card, or the New York City Municipal ID, along with the passenger vehicle registration (or registrations, if you own multiple vehicles).

All documents should be valid, so make sure they are not expired before you apply.

How to Fill Out the NYC PPPD Application

If you need to apply for the NYC PPPD, you should complete the application first. The document consists of six pages and might seem difficult to fill out. That is why we have worked out recommendations and step=by-step instructions for you to complete this application.

  • Download the Application Template

Firstly, you should download the relevant file version. You may use our form-building software to get the template and fill it out conveniently.

  • Read the Instructions

The first two pages of the application form offer thorough instructions about filling out the NYC PPPD. You may find rules and requirements, reasons for applying, submission process description, and other useful information there. If you still have any doubts, re-read those instructions carefully. They can provide you with all the specific details.

When you have checked the given info and everything is clear, proceed to complete the form. You may begin with Page 3. If something is uncertain, contact the New York City Department of Transportation.

  • Choose the Identification Document

The first thing to insert is the number of your ID card. Then, you should choose the document type you will provide by circling the relevant answer. Enter the issuing state’s name if it is different from the state you are applying for the parking permit in.

step 3 choose the identification document filling out a nyc disability parking permit

  • Insert Your Full Name

Write in the corresponding boxes your last, first, and middle name.

step 4 insert your full name filling out a nyc disability parking permit

  • Provide Your Social Security Number

After adding your name, write your Social Security Number (or SSN). You will need only the four last digits of your SSN.

step 5 provide your social security number filling out a nyc disability parking permit

  • Add Your Full Physical Address

Indicate your street, building, and apartment number. Below, insert the city, state, and zip code.

step 6 add your full physical address filling out a nyc disability parking permit

  • Define Your Sex

In this box, please circle the corresponding sex (male or female).

step 7 define your sex filling out a nyc disability parking permit

  • Describe Your Height and Weight

You should fill in your height in feet and inches. Then, add your weight in pounds (lbs).

step 8 describe your height and weight filling out a nyc disability parking permit

  • Leave Your Phone Number and Email Address

Add both home and cell daytime contact numbers. Next up, write down your valid email address.

step 9 leave your phone number and email address filling out a nyc disability parking permit

  • Write Your Date of Birth

The last thing to write in the first part of the application is your date of birth. Insert it in the relevant blank box. Then, you may proceed to Part B of the application form.

step 10 write your date of birth filling out a nyc disability parking permit

  • Add Your Vehicle’s License Plate Number

In Part B, you should write the license plate number of your vehicle. In New York City, you may get permission to park a maximum of three vehicles. So, you can add up to three license plate numbers in here.

step 11 add your vehicle’s license plate number filling out a nyc disability parking permit

  • Fill Out the “Declaration” Section

Part C of this application form is the “Declaration” section. You should sign the application and date it. With a signature, you confirm that all the submitted data is accurate.

If your ID proves that you cannot sign the form, leave the space blank, and your legal representative will do it for you. If you need an interpreter, indicate the necessary language.

step 12 fill out the “declaration” section filling out a nyc disability parking permit

  • Give the Application to Your Designee (If Any)

If you have a legal representative (or a designee) who should sign the form for you, ask them to fill out Part D. They should put their signature and specify their name, daytime phone number, and relation to the applicant.

step 13 give the application to your designee (if any) filling out a nyc disability parking permit

  • Ask Your Physician to Provide Data

The following “Medical History Page,” or Page 4, should be completed by your physician.

The doctor should fill in your full legal name, date of birth, current medical diagnosis, the need for an assistive device, last examination date, and other details. Your physician should also define your ability to walk and state if you need a private vehicle to move around.

step 14.1 ask your physician to provide data filling out a nyc disability parking permit
After your physician fills out the section, they should sign the page, enter the current date, write their name, license number, phone number, and address.

step 14.2 ask your physician to provide data filling out a nyc disability parking permit

  • Define Additional Documents You Need

The next page comprises a list of documents that all applicants need to attach. Some of them are compulsory, depending on the medical diagnosis. You can get the necessary papers from your attending physician.

If something about this part is unclear, you may contact the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Medical Certification Unit.

  • Read the Checklist Carefully

The last page of this application is the checklist of documents that you need to complete the application process. We have mentioned the list of these documents above in this article. However, you may double-check your records.

Keep in mind that if you fail to provide any of the records, you are less likely to receive your permit.

How to Use the Permit Properly

There is a set of rules that you have to follow after you receive your NYC PPPD. First up, remember that you will not have your permit forever; it will expire on a certain date. Driving and parking with an expired parking permit will lead to fees and penalties.

You should place your permit on the dashboard of the driver’s side at all times. It should be visible to inspectors. Keep in mind that this permit lets you park in NYC only, not anywhere else in the state of New York.

Finally, there are parking spots that you cannot use even with such permits. For instance, a fire zone, a taxi zone, a bus stop, a “No Stopping” zone, and some other spots will still be unavailable for parking even with the permit. You also cannot park on a sidewalk. The full list of exceptions is available on the NYC Department of Transportation official website.