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NJSP Form STS 033

The STS 033 form is specially assigned for a person planning to possess firearms, buy and use them. It is also suitable for those who already have a gun, pistol, or any other weapons. To perform all these actions legally the one must obtain a special identification card or a purchase permit. When a purchase of several firearms is planned, you can get a required number of purchase permits at once. Their number is not limited to; you will only have to pay for them accordingly.

Recently the Police Firearms Department of the New Jersey state has noted an increase in the number of applications over the last year. It was two and a half times as much (264%) than during the previous ten years. Nevertheless, the Police of the State managed to process and release the required ID cards in time. To get the firearms permission, you have to collect the documents, pay the duty and fill in the STS 033 form correctly.

To make this action easier and not to waste your time, you can simply use an online editor on this site. We hope the result will satisfy you. It will take just several minutes to read the following article to find many answers to all your possible questions about STS 033.

Firearms Requirements

There are three main requirements compulsory for the ID card issue:

  • Age of the applicant (not younger than 21);
  • No delinquencies registered;
  • No illnesses or other health problems, chronic or temporary diseases that may cause an obstacle for keeping or using firearms.

By the way, a seller of weapons you supposedly decided to buy is fully responsible for checking your documents in advance. You will have to show not only your Identification Card enabling you to buy weapons. One additional document with a photo is required, too (for example, a driving license).

Cases to Apply STS 033

The STS 033 form covers the following situations when you may need it:

cases to apply njsp form sts 033When you apply for the ID card to obtain it for the first time;

  • If you need to get permission for buying firearms of any possible type (the number of them is not restricted);
  • When you already have this card but changed your name (apply the corresponding documents);
  • The same relates to changing your address;
  • Changing of sex on the card already issued is an appropriate reason too;
  • In the case of loss or theft of your valid card, as well as unwilling spoilage.

All these reasons look very much similar to those for applying for a new passport or a driving license. Now, read the following clarifying clauses before filling the STS 033 form.

The Purpose of the Form

The general purpose of the STS 033 is to enable any person to buy and use firearms and keep them in any appropriate place. What does it mean?

We assume that you have already filled the form (maybe with the help of this online editor), submitted it to the authorized department (read below), and successfully got your identification card or permission.

Now you have a legal right to:

  • Buy any firearms you prefer and store them where you live – in the house or barn, and it is up to you;
  • Take your pistol or anything like that and carry it with you anywhere – at home, at work, or any other place or territory you visit or own.

One of the most frequently asked questions is: “It just happened so that I already have a pistol. I am afraid of the consequences and my responsibility for it! What shall I do first?” Or maybe: “Looking over the attic of my recently gone father, I have suddenly found two old guns. I am aware that my father was a keen hunter, and I am willing to keep these weapons just for memory. Where do I have to address so as not make my life complicated?”

Let us calm you down. You can get your permission quite easily and quickly, and after it, you will have a right to keep or use your shotgun or rifle. Just follow our online editor to fill in the STS 033 form; it is really simple and helpful.

Authorities in Charge

The main service dealing with all the issues for making firearms legal is the Police of the New Jersey State. There are several local authorities assigned for the licensing. You have to appeal to one of them depending on your place of residence. When you find it difficult, it is possible to contact any police station.

Other Local Forms

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Offline Availability

You may send the STS 033 form from home using the official registration system. It is reasonable to fill the online form only when you are sure that everything is correct. Otherwise, you will have to pay for it again and lose your money. The online editor on this site will help you to train in advance.

Two more essential points to keep in mind:

  • The online form includes an ORI number. It is compulsory to start filling the application form.

offline availability njsp form sts 033Therefore you must first contact your local Police Department (depending on the place of your living) to get the correct number. Please, be sure that the number is proper when filling the STS 033 online. Otherwise, you will not be given firearms permission. ORI number is something like an address identifying the company or licensing agency.

  • You may need to be fingerprinted if you apply for the identification card for the first time (or when you change it). You may schedule this action at the authorized agency and pay a fee directly there.

Guide to Fill out STS 033

  • Obtain a Template

Regardless of the way you will choose to apply it, here, you may quickly get acquainted with the STS 033. Use our form-building software for the best result.

  • Avoid Mistakes

step 2 avoid mistakes filling out a njsp form sts 033
Carefully read all the points not to make a mistake or miss anything. All the boxes must be filled in!

  • Input Individual Details

step 3 input individual details filling out a njsp form sts 033
Write down your address, including your house number, street, town, and state. The home telephone number is necessary too!

Specify your height in feet and inches; the race may be White, Black, Asian, or American Indian.

  • Indicate Violations

step 4 indicate violations filling out a njsp form sts 033
The next five sections to fill concern various possible law violations you committed or not.

  • Specify Health Status

step 5 specify health status filling out a njsp form sts 033
Fill in all the boxes here attentively. Physical and mental health status is an essential part of this application too.

  • Indicate Acquaintances

step 6 indicate acquaintances filling out a njsp form sts 033
Nominate two persons who are well acquainted with you and can confirm it (not your relatives). It is a strictly requested point.

  • Ensure Authorised Person’s Signature

step 7.1 ensure authorised person’s signature filling out a njsp form sts 033
Do not write anything in the boxes to be filled by the authorized person.

At last, even if there was an occasional mistake, or you want to fill the form again, you may always do it!

step 7.2 ensure authorised person’s signature filling out a njsp form sts 033
You will succeed anyway, and we are always glad to help you with the editing of STS 033.