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NJSP Form STS 033

NJSP Form STS 033 is a comprehensive application used in New Jersey for individuals seeking to obtain a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and a Handgun Purchase Permit. This form collects detailed personal information, including the applicant’s name, address, date of birth, social security number, and driver’s license number.

NJSP Form STS 033 also includes questions about the applicant’s criminal history, mental health status, and substance use, which are necessary for assessing eligibility to purchase and own firearms according to state law. The form ensures that firearms are purchased and handled safely and responsibly by conducting thorough background checks to prevent firearms access by individuals who may pose a risk to public safety.

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Guide to Fill out STS 033

  • Obtain a Template

Regardless of the way you will choose to apply it, here, you may quickly get acquainted with the STS 033. Use our form-building software for the best result.

  • Avoid Mistakes

step 2 avoid mistakes filling out a njsp form sts 033
Carefully read all the points not to make a mistake or miss anything. All the boxes must be filled in!

  • Input Individual Details

step 3 input individual details filling out a njsp form sts 033
Write down your address, including your house number, street, town, and state. The home telephone number is necessary too!

Specify your height in feet and inches; the race may be White, Black, Asian, or American Indian.

  • Indicate Violations

step 4 indicate violations filling out a njsp form sts 033
The next five sections to fill concern various possible law violations you committed or not.

  • Specify Health Status

step 5 specify health status filling out a njsp form sts 033
Fill in all the boxes here attentively. Physical and mental health status is an essential part of this application too.

  • Indicate Acquaintances

step 6 indicate acquaintances filling out a njsp form sts 033
Nominate two persons who are well acquainted with you and can confirm it (not your relatives). It is a strictly requested point.

  • Ensure Authorised Person’s Signature

step 7.1 ensure authorised person’s signature filling out a njsp form sts 033
Do not write anything in the boxes to be filled by the authorized person.

At last, even if there was an occasional mistake, or you want to fill the form again, you may always do it!

step 7.2 ensure authorised person’s signature filling out a njsp form sts 033
You will succeed anyway, and we are always glad to help you with the editing of STS 033.