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Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School Transcript

All significant moments in our lives are accompanied by a certain amount of paperwork. Graduating from high school is one of such moments. The graduating students need to prepare properly for their future jobs or following education levels, and the preparation process includes requesting a high school transcript.

In this article, we will explain what a transcript is, why it is important to obtain the document, how to request it if you are a student at Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School located in Townsend, Georgia, and other relevant issues.

Basic Information about the Document

  • What Is It?

A high school transcript is a paper that contains information regarding the classes you attended, the duration of the courses, the period during which you took them, the grades and scores you received for each class. In other words, it records all your academic achievements and other significant information necessary to create a clear picture of who you are. Every high school student has a right to request the document.

  • Why Do You Need One?

One of our main purposes is to show the importance of the document. Submitting a transcript is the key requirement for a college or job application. Another reason you might need the paper is transferring schools. A new school can request information about your academic performance, and even behavior records to determine the difficulty and types of classes you should take. You have a right to request the paper for your personal use.

  • Is It Free to File for It?

It depends on your school and the type of your transcript. The majority of schools require that you pay a small fee for the official version of the document. Usually, it does not exceed 10 US dollars. Some schools may allow you to get a certain number of sealed copies for free, but if you need more transcripts, you are to pay for each extra copy. Unsealed versions are usually free of charge and do not require much time to be created.

  • How to Get One?

If you are currently attending school, you can inform your school staff members about your intention to obtain a copy. They will advise you on the steps you are to take. They may include completing the request form and sending it online or bringing the form to the school office in person. If you are no longer a student, check out the official website of your school to find the necessary information or contact the responsible person from your school office.

In this article, we focus on transcripts for CCCS students; that is why the information presented below is not applicable for other types of schools. All the requirements vary from school to school.

Other Local Forms

You can find even more editable local forms accessible with our editor. Down below, we selected some of the more popular forms available in this category. Besides that, do not forget that it is easy to upload, fill out, and edit any PDF form at FormsPal.

How to Fill out the CCCS Transcript Request Form

The request form contains only one page. It has clear instructions so that you could complete it without legal assistance. However, we encourage you to read our guide till the end and follow our instructions to achieve the best results. Below you will find the essential steps you are to take to fill out the form correctly.

Obtain the Form Template

The first step in the completion process is to download the document. The official online source on which the form is available is the CCCS website. You need to find the section “Application/Request Form” and obtain the relevant PDF file at any time convenient for you.

Another option is to enter the name of the form on our website (or generate it yourself) and complete the template with our advanced form-building software. Our editor can assist you while you’re filling it out online by suggesting possible corrections. You can also print the form out and complete it in handwriting.

Read the Compilation Requirements

Before you begin to complete the form, we encourage you to read the information provided at the bottom of the form, especially the requirements typed in bold. This step is crucial as you need to clarify all the issues regarding conditions under which you can skip the section “School or Employer Information,” fee amount, payment methods, and the way of handling the Sealed Envelope.

Enter Personal Details

Once you have completed the first two steps, you can proceed to the blank section. Begin by introducing yourself as a student. Include the following details:

  • Full Legal Name

step 3.1 full legal name filling out cccs transcript request form

  • Current Physical Address (number, street, city, state, and ZIP code)

step 3.2 current physical address filling out cccs transcript request form

  • Date of birth

step 3.3 date of birth filling out cccs transcript request form

  • Graduation Year and Record Number

step 3.4 graduation year and record number filling out cccs transcript request form

Make sure that you do not make spelling mistakes or typos, as the accuracy of the information is the main requirement for the form. The fewer mistakes you have made, the easier and quicker the process of finding your records is.

Add Info about the Party Requesting the Form

If your purpose is to apply to college or change schools, you are to provide basic information about the school requesting the transcript; if you want to apply for a job, enter essential data about your employer and organization. Below is the list of details to include:

  • Full School/Employer Name

step 4.1 full schoolemployer name filling out cccs transcript request form

  • Location of School/Organization (number, street, city, state, and ZIP code)

step 4.2 location of school or organization filling out cccs transcript request form

  • The Name of the Intended Recipient (the Attention Line)

step 4.3 the name of the intended recipient filling out cccs transcript request form

Keep in mind that if you are requesting the record of your academic achievements for your personal use, you can skip this step. In this case, you can even specify that an unofficial copy (without a seal or sealed envelope) will do.

How to Submit the Form

Once you have completed the form (either online or in handwriting), you can send it in paper form via regular mail. The mailing address is written at the top of the template. In case you need to contact the school office to clarify certain issues, you are provided with the phone and fax numbers and the names of the official school representatives.

An official version of the transcript often requires paying a fee for creating and distributing the document. The CCCS is not an exception. The cost of the service is 10 USD per transcript. Mind that only Money Order or Cashiers Check are acceptable payment methods.

After the fee is paid and the form is submitted, the school office starts the process of creating your sealed transcript. It is worth mentioning that they will not send it directly to you. The document is typically directed to a person or organization requiring it (the one you have specified in the second section). If you have a chance to hold the envelope in your hands, we strongly advise you to avoid opening it as it will make the document no longer valid.