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Packing List Template

The role of transportation of goods in the modern world is enormous. They connect all corners of the world. In addition to the fact that every person in the world sooner or later encounters transportation of goods, this is an important process of the functioning of factories and enterprises. Goods transportation is accompanied by several documents, and one of them is the Packing List.

Freight transportation can relate to all spheres of human life:

  • Product order
  • Moving to a new location
  • Delivery of building materials for repairs
  • And other

Well-established and reliable transportation is very important, and the accompanying documents are designed to help in this.

In this article, we will talk about the Packing List. We will tell you why it is important to create it, what points are reflected in it and how best to fill it out.

What Is a Packing List

This is a document that accompanies the delivery and which contains all the details of the transported products. The document is mandatory for air and sea transportation and highly recommended for other types of transport.

This paper is created by whoever ships the product. The document travels with the shipment and is used by all parties serving and receiving the shipment.

We can say that this is a summary of data about what is being sent, how much is being sent, and where it is going.

It is also possible to find this form under other names:

  • Shipping list
  • Delivery list
  • Bill of the parcel
  • Packing slip

Who Uses The Document

Some services related to cargo transportation use this document in their work:

  • Freight forwarder and customs broker to correctly identify and transport the parcel;
  • Customs to check duties or required taxes, as well as understand how goods are loaded and packed and check product and packaging conformity;
  • The recipient of the cargo to verify the received parcel with the sent products.

Benefits of Packing List

This document greatly facilitates the work of many departments. Here are a few of its benefits. Packing list allows:

  • Avoid sending the wrong items or the wrong quantity of items;
  • Issue the Bill of Lading;
  • Use Electronic Export Information to verify products;
  • Use it as a justification for insurance compensation if the product or part of it was damaged or lost;
  • Receive the support of reimbursement under a letter of credit;
  • Compare the number of items sent and received;
  • Determine the details required for issuing a certificate of origin;
  • Release Material Safety Data Sheet (applies to hazardous products);
  • Create a booking with the international carrier;
  • The customs broker to find the required data.

Why It Is Important to Attach Packing List to Shipping Items

Even if the use of this document is not necessary, we highly recommend you complete it and attach it to your parcel.

Lack of this form can lead to a number of problems. For instance, problems with the delivery of goods, violation of terms, loss of goods. Which can lead to non-payment and loss to your business and reputation.

The document is attached to the outside of the product packaging. Place the paper in a waterproof transparent wrap. Mark that you have attached the Packing List.

Shippers will use the information from the paper to determine the volume and weight of your shipment. This is very important for the complete set of cargo transportation.

It is best to attach multiple copies of the document, as services can take a copy for themselves for reporting.

Information Contained in the Document

Before filling out the document, make sure you have all the necessary information. It is very important to indicate everything correctly because incorrect data can lead to interruptions in the delivery.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Sender and recipient data;
  • Description of items;
  • Dimensions of each package;
  • Weight of each container;
  • The total number of product places;
  • Additional information that may affect the transportation (for instance, an indication of the fragility of the goods or monetary amount).

Other Charts and Tables

If you want to find more charts and tables documents that you could edit and fill out here, listed here are several of the more popular forms among our users. Additionally, do not forget that you can easily upload, fill out, and edit any PDF form at FormsPal.

How to Fill Out Packing List

There are various forms of this document. We suggest you use our form-building software. It is a reliable tool for creating the right form. Below we present you with our illustrated step-by-step guidelines to help you provide all the information you require.

Specify the date

In the upper left corner, indicate the date of the document.

step 1 specify the date filling out packing list

Give Contact Information

It is necessary to enter all the requested data regarding the shipper and consignee (the recipient of the shipment). You indicate:

  • Tax ID/VAT
  • Name and company
  • Full address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Check the dates indicated carefully. Through these contacts, you will be contacted in case of questions.

step 2 give contact information filling out packing list

Provide shipment information

Indicate the data regarding the entire shipment:

  • Shipment and invoice number
  • PO number
  • Number of packages
  • Shipping weight

step 3 provide shipment information filling out packing list

Give Package Details

Enter the details of the package:

  • Name
  • Tracking number
  • Weight

step 4 give package details filling out packing list

Describe the Goods

Enter a detailed description of the goods to be shipped at the table, give their measurements, quantity. At the bottom, you can also make all the necessary notes.

If the list of goods does not fit on one sheet, add as many as you need. Do not forget to number the sheets below. In this case, it is less likely that one of the services will lose some of the information. Clip the sheets together and make several copies.

step 5 describe the goods filling out packing list

Attach the Document

After you have printed the paper in several copies, attach them to the container with the goods in a transparent waterproof file.

Check with your customs broker and freight forwarder how many copies they need and where it is best to attach them. You can also send an electronic copy of the document to the recipient of the shipment.

How to Avoid Shipping Delays

Always check the correctness of the specified data several times. The cargo is carefully weighed, measured, and checked not only at the port of departure but also at arrival. And if the specified data diverge from reality, this will cause unwanted delays and proceedings. Downtime at the port can cost not only time but also extra money.

If you are sending B2B, it is also important to indicate the monetary amount for all goods. Using this data, the customs service will estimate the cost and check the number of items and the required duties.

To Sum Up

Even if the Packing List is optional for your shipment, we recommend that you attach this document. It is not so difficult and time-consuming to draw it up, but you will have another reporting document. This paper can be used to reconcile the shipment, to prove it in the insurance company, or simply for your reporting.

Freight transport is an integral part of the functioning of the modern world. And it is in your power to do everything so that your transportation arrives on time and without any particular difficulties.