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Packing List Template

A Packing List Template is a detailed document or form used by individuals or businesses to outline all the items that need to be packed for a trip, shipment, or delivery. This template typically includes sections for item descriptions, quantities, weights, and dimensions, which helps ensure that nothing is overlooked and that all contents are accounted for during packing. For businesses, a packing list is crucial for managing inventory and facilitating the shipping process, ensuring that the correct items are sent and received. For personal use, such as travel or moving, it assists individuals in organizing their belongings, making the packing process more efficient and less stressful.

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How to Fill Out Packing List

There are various forms of this document. We suggest you use our form-building software. It is a reliable tool for creating the right form. Below we present you with our illustrated step-by-step guidelines to help you provide all the information you require.

Specify the date

In the upper left corner, indicate the date of the document.

step 1 specify the date filling out packing list

Give Contact Information

It is necessary to enter all the requested data regarding the shipper and consignee (the recipient of the shipment). You indicate:

  • Tax ID/VAT
  • Name and company
  • Full address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Check the dates indicated carefully. Through these contacts, you will be contacted in case of questions.

step 2 give contact information filling out packing list

Provide shipment information

Indicate the data regarding the entire shipment:

  • Shipment and invoice number
  • PO number
  • Number of packages
  • Shipping weight

step 3 provide shipment information filling out packing list

Give Package Details

Enter the details of the package:

  • Name
  • Tracking number
  • Weight

step 4 give package details filling out packing list

Describe the Goods

Enter a detailed description of the goods to be shipped at the table, give their measurements, quantity. At the bottom, you can also make all the necessary notes.

If the list of goods does not fit on one sheet, add as many as you need. Do not forget to number the sheets below. In this case, it is less likely that one of the services will lose some of the information. Clip the sheets together and make several copies.

step 5 describe the goods filling out packing list

Attach the Document

After you have printed the paper in several copies, attach them to the container with the goods in a transparent waterproof file.

Check with your customs broker and freight forwarder how many copies they need and where it is best to attach them. You can also send an electronic copy of the document to the recipient of the shipment.