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Lyft Inspection Form

Ordering a taxi or car in the modern world is easier than ever. Prices have also become as affordable as possible for customers. You can call the car with just a few clicks from your smartphone or computer. This is all thanks to platforms like Lyft.

This service connects people and companies who need rides with drivers who will be happy to provide them. It is a democratic and friendly platform that is convenient for both customers and drivers.

What Is Lyft?

Initially, this service was created as more casual when compared to its most direct competitor — Uber. Passengers would often sit in the front seat and chat with the drivers, and the cars were decorated with pink mustaches. The mustache is gone, but passengers still often communicate with the drivers. Although if the client wants to be in silence and sit in the back seat, no one will force them.

The passenger can call different classes of cars depending on their preferences or price. Below we will tell you about the vehicle requirements applicable in the company.

The ride’s price depends on many factors, from road congestion to the duration of the trip. The passenger sees the approximate cost immediately before ordering. The final cost is debited from the bank card through the application.

The passenger can leave a tip to the driver (also through the application). All 100% of the tip will go to the driver, and the service does not take a commission for this.

Rating System

The service has a rating system for both drivers and passengers. The highest score is five stars. The lowest is one star.

Before the ride, the client can see the rating of the driver, just like the driver can see the rating of the passenger.

Drivers are degraded if they drive poorly, wander on the road, or fail to comply with the passenger’s reasonable wishes.

Passengers can also get a lower rating if, for instance, they left trash or behaved inappropriately.

Vehicle Requirements

The priority of the company is the safety of passengers and drivers. Therefore, special attention is paid to the requirements for the safety standards of vehicles allowed to use the platform. All cars comply with the safety requirements of the state in which they operate.

Before being admitted to work, all vehicles must pass an inspection. Below we will explain how to do this and provide instructions for completing the form.

The main requirements that cars must meet:

  • Suitable age — This figure differs depending on the city or state. For instance, in Los Angeles, a vehicle cannot be older than 20 years, and in New York, it cannot be older than eight years;
  • The presence of 4 doors;
  • The presence of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 seatbelts (including the driver’s seat);
  • Not a subcompact vehicle — For the clients’ convenience, the service does not support work with some models of such vehicles; you can see the full list on the website.

If the drivers do not have their own car but they want to cooperate with the platform, then there is an option for such a case. For such drivers, the Express Drive program is available, which allows them to rent a car for work.

Vehicle Inspection

Service wants to be confident in the safety of vehicles. So they require vehicles to pass Lyft’s vehicle inspection at least once a year. Without the appropriate document, the driver and the car will not be allowed to work. Moreover, the driver must always keep this document with them.

Drivers can visit a dedicated Lyft HUB to get the car inspected. Inspection there will often be free of charge. Also, if there is no HUB nearby, they can go through an inspection at any nearby auto repair suggested by the service.

During the inspection, a special form is filled out, which serves as a certification document and is necessary for working with the platform.

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How to Fill in the Inspection Form

To fill out this and many other documents, you can use our form-building software.

We also recommend using the illustrated guidelines for filling out the Inspection Form.

Enter Driver’s Name

Please include the driver’s full name and email address.

step 1 enter driver’s name filling out lyft inspection form

Fill in Vehicle’s Details

Next, enter:

  • License plate number
  • VIN
  • Vehicle make, model and year

step 2 fill in vehicle’s details filling out lyft inspection form

Put Driver’s Signature and Date the Form

Next, the driver must sign and leave a contact phone number.

Also, the specialist must set a date for passing the inspection and filling out this form. As a reminder, the document is valid only for a year. Then a new inspection is required.

step 3 put driver’s signature and date the form filling out lyft inspection form

Fill in the Item About Foot Brakes

In most items, you just need to put a check next to one of the options: “pass” or “fail.” In this line, you must also put such a mark and indicate the measurements of each of the brakes.

step 4 fill in the item about foot brakes filling out lyft inspection form

Complete Items 2-16

In all these questions, the specialist should mark one of the options: “pass” or “fall.”

step 5.1 complete items 2 16 filling out lyft inspection form

step 5.2 complete items 2 16 filling out lyft inspection form

Enter the Tires Details

In this matter, the specialist puts not only a mark on the passage or failure but also the size of each tire.

step 6 enter the tires details filling out lyft inspection form

Check the Applicable Options at 18-19

The specialist notes the appropriate option regarding the rearview mirrors and safety belts.

step 7 check the applicable options at 18 19 filling out lyft inspection form

Deliver the Final Decision

Based on all the indicators, the specialist decides on the passage of the car inspection.

step 8 deliver the final decision filling out lyft inspection form

Enter the Inspector’s Data

At the end of filling out the form, the inspector fills out the last paragraph and enters the following data:

  • Inspector name
  • Signature
  • Date
  • Company name and address
  • Vehicle mileage

step 9 enter the inspector’s data filling out lyft inspection form

After successfully passing the inspection, the driver must save the received document. Along with the rest of the necessary documents, they will need to upload the Inspection Form photo to the app. Also, the driver must always have this form when driving with Lyft.