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Lyft Inspection Form

The Lyft Inspection Form is a document that every driver must complete before they begin driving for the rideshare company. This form assesses the safety and operational condition of the vehicle to be used for Lyft services. A certified mechanic or a similarly qualified inspector usually conducts the inspection, ensuring the vehicle meets specific company and regulatory safety standards. The Lyft Inspection Form checks the following aspects of a vehicle:

  • Brakes and brake lights,
  • Turn signals and headlights,
  • Steering mechanism,
  • Windows and windshield wipers,
  • Tires and horn,
  • Tail lights and interior lights.

Completing the inspection form is a critical measure that helps protect the driver and passengers by minimizing the risk of accidents due to vehicle malfunction. Additionally, regular vehicle inspections are necessary to comply with local vehicle standards and to continue operating as a Lyft driver.

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How to Fill in the Inspection Form

To fill out this and many other documents, you can use our form-building software.

We also recommend using the illustrated guidelines for filling out the Inspection Form.

Enter Driver’s Name

Please include the driver’s full name and email address.

step 1 enter driver’s name filling out lyft inspection form

Fill in Vehicle’s Details

Next, enter:

  • License plate number
  • VIN
  • Vehicle make, model and year

step 2 fill in vehicle’s details filling out lyft inspection form

Put Driver’s Signature and Date the Form

Next, the driver must sign and leave a contact phone number.

Also, the specialist must set a date for passing the inspection and filling out this form. As a reminder, the document is valid only for a year. Then a new inspection is required.

step 3 put driver’s signature and date the form filling out lyft inspection form

Fill in the Item About Foot Brakes

In most items, you just need to put a check next to one of the options: “pass” or “fail.” In this line, you must also put such a mark and indicate the measurements of each of the brakes.

step 4 fill in the item about foot brakes filling out lyft inspection form

Complete Items 2-16

In all these questions, the specialist should mark one of the options: “pass” or “fall.”

step 5.1 complete items 2 16 filling out lyft inspection form

step 5.2 complete items 2 16 filling out lyft inspection form

Enter the Tires Details

In this matter, the specialist puts not only a mark on the passage or failure but also the size of each tire.

step 6 enter the tires details filling out lyft inspection form

Check the Applicable Options at 18-19

The specialist notes the appropriate option regarding the rearview mirrors and safety belts.

step 7 check the applicable options at 18 19 filling out lyft inspection form

Deliver the Final Decision

Based on all the indicators, the specialist decides on the passage of the car inspection.

step 8 deliver the final decision filling out lyft inspection form

Enter the Inspector’s Data

At the end of filling out the form, the inspector fills out the last paragraph and enters the following data:

  • Inspector name
  • Signature
  • Date
  • Company name and address
  • Vehicle mileage

step 9 enter the inspector’s data filling out lyft inspection form

After successfully passing the inspection, the driver must save the received document. Along with the rest of the necessary documents, they will need to upload the Inspection Form photo to the app. Also, the driver must always have this form when driving with Lyft.