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Medical Assisting Workbook Answers

Medical assistance is one of the ground forming practices that support efficient work at hospitals, covering a wide range of aspects. These indispensable medical crew members save people’s lives and deal with important healthcare and administrative issues, releasing strain and overburden of MDs. Follow our review to learn how one can become a qualified medical assistant. We also will dwell on extra resources that help candidates prepare and pass qualification tests efficiently.

To begin with, we should mention that MAs are traditionally not certified in the order of US state standards unless they are required to conduct blood draw procedures, x-ray routines, and some other practices that require special training and preparation. Still, most of the activities handled in clinics, hospitals, and medical offices demand that medical assistants acquire qualified education and undergo scrupulous exams to prove their competence. That is when obtaining an MA diploma or certification becomes necessary.

What Practices Are MAs Eligible to Perform?

In the US, each state advances its requirement to prepare professional medical assistants. Below you will find a list of practices that MAs are allowed to perform in the US. However, always check the updated info regarding your state of choice as some US territories may disqualify medical assistants from performing these or that routines. As a medical assistant, you may be honored to conduct such duties like:

  • Administrative routine, including phone calls and billing procedures
  • Assisting qualified doctors and medical attendants like positioning patients during hospital procedures
  • Measuring vital signs
  • Conducting ECG exams
  • Running aseptic routines
  • Drawing lab specimens
  • Ensure dialysis procedures
  • Distribute medication following the doctor’s prescriptions and instructions
  • Observing patients and preparing reports
  • Performing non-intravenous injections

As we have mentioned above, each state requests certain medical training to be accomplished while some territories allow only state-level or nationally-recognized certs, like Registered MA or Certified MA programs. Also, some US states will ask for extra medical education and practice verification to perform some routines. Be ready to comply with the requirements to find the dream-job.

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Steps to Acquire a Medical Assistant Profession

Traditionally government programs contain a list of requirements for each federal territory, and you are empowered to search the needed info on the official .gov or .org web portals. We have prepared a universal algorithm applicable to most regions. Follow this general guide to understand the steps you are expected to make on the way to your professional career.

Learn about and Comply with the State Requirements

Traditionally, medical certification requirements are outlined in the administrative code of each US state. If you are applying for a position in a different state, we highly recommend you learning about their local requirements and peculiarities. But, it will never hurt to refresh your knowledge if you are applying for an MA position in your state of residence.

Also, it is worth mentioning that most accredited programs offer state specifications related to the curriculum and degree the candidate selects.

Enter an Accredited MA Preparation Program

As medical assisting education programs are considered high rate self-accountable practices that demand a high level of responsibility, self-organization, and attentiveness, it is essential to enter a dependable program that provides a curriculum, general standards, and guidelines. Here are two licensed agencies that assist in preparing for the certification:

  • Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools
  • Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs

Completing the educational curriculum provided by these programs will cost you 10 months compared to other associates’ plans that demand up to 24 months of preparation and practice.

Traditionally MAs academic programs cover aspects as follows:

  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Medical office assistance
  • Pharmacology
  • Medical law
  • Terminology
  • Diseases of the human body
  • Insurance policy

Complete the Education and Obtain Certification

Pass your medical exam successfully. Learn how to prepare yourself for the evaluation test and have some additional self-practice in the following section of this review. However, the best advice is to study thoroughly!

Despite the national certs being a subject of choice and option, more employers are requesting proof of qualification. There are several degree programs that cover general and more specific aspects of a medical assistant’s duties and comprise such routines as ophthalmology, podiatric (either medical or clinical) assistance, and more.

Earn the Position You Like

Once you acquire certification, ensure to explore the employment options and always have your certs relevant. In most states, the credentials have an expiration date, and therefore don’t waste time and form your request strategies to apply for the position. As a newborn specialist, you have to be on top of your skills, have sufficient practice, and make good contacts for further career and development. Only practice will master your talents, ensure continuous professional growth and updated knowledge.

Pros and Cons of Using Answers to the Medical Assisting Workbook

Before you download and turn to a Medical Assisting Workbook Answers, we would like to emphasize that a life-sufficient and life-preserving profession of a medical assistant demands top-notch training skills and a high education level as the lives of patients and the hospital’s honor depend tremendously on this condition. Therefore, we recommend using this medical assisting guidebook only to self-evaluate your knowledge and double-check that you are aware of how to perform your duties. It is vital to understand that cheating in such a sensitive sphere as health care can cause inevitable and tragic events.

We empower you to use our PDF file-building software to generate the workbook. Also, you are welcome to learn about the merits and drawbacks of the manual to support your decent strategy for acquiring the certification.


  • Self-evaluation allows candidates to establish their level of medical and related knowledge and fix any missing spots to comply with the education requirements.
  • Pre-test practices esteem confidence and reduce unrest, which is beneficial and drives stress to lower levels during the actual exams.
  • Often assisting answer workbooks contain info that was left out during the preparation hours. It appears to be an additional stimulus to brush up on the theory and get prepared for real-life practices.


  • A relatively high temptation to cheat during the educational program leaves the candidate with blank spots instead of knowledge in case they give in.
  • Unfortunately, some aspects may be outdated or amended; therefore, using the workbook is not a 100 percent guarantee to pass the test effortlessly.