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AQHA Transfer Form

Those who are interested in horses’ breeding, racing, purchasing, and selling, may be familiar with the American Quarter Horse Association, usually called AQHA, for convenience. As you may guess from the name, this organization specializes in the American Quarter Horses’ breeding and registering along with gathering members who own such horses or want to buy them.

The association was founded in 1940 and is based in Texas. Its main goal is to maintain the American Quarter Horses breed and develop all related aspects (from perks for members to horses’ training). The organization often proposes various events and contests for people who are keen on everything linked to such horses.

If a sales transaction occurs between an American Quarter Horse seller and its new owner, a horse is registered in the association, and a new owner is a member of the association or willing to become one, the AQHA Transfer Form should be completed and filed to the organization. This document proves the fact of ownership transaction, and the organization keeps it in its records.

How to Transfer Ownership for an American Quarter Horse

You must accomplish a set of straightforward steps in order to transfer ownership for a horse with AQHA.

In the beginning, you should ensure that you have the registration certificate. If not, you can consult with the association about getting a certificate’s duplicate. You will need to submit a specific form for that: it can be downloaded from the association’s website.

After you have either ensured the certificate’s presence or gotten its duplicate, download the AQHA Transfer Form and fill it out. You can either get it from our website (right here) or try finding it on the association’s website.

Then, complete the template following our thorough instructions below together with another party who conducts a deal with you. The process is quick, and you will fill the form out in just a few minutes if all the needed data is known.

When the paperwork is done, you have to submit the document and the certificate to AQHA. The association currently accepts documents only via regular mail. You cannot file the papers online.

Again, if you have concerns about your forms before submitting them, you can always ask the association managers for help.

How Much Does the Transfer Cost

Regardless of your membership, each transfer costs 20 US dollars. Those who plan to become AQHA members have to pay an additional fee (in a range between 40 and 75 US dollars; depends on the applicant’s age).

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  • AIA A305 1986
  • How to Fill Out the AQHA Transfer Form

    Filling out this form is an easy and quick process. Basically, you have to provide details about a horse and both parties. Below, you can see the instructions we have prepared for you.

    • Find a Template

    We have provided you with exemplary form-building software that you can use to generate the correct AQHA Transfer Form template. You do not need to leave the page and go the AQHA’s website: the required file is already waiting for you here. Download it and scroll to the following step.

    • Read the Instructions Regarding the Form

    The template begins with a set of instructions for signatories that mostly tell you about filing the form after you fill it out.

    You should note that the details you add to the record must coincide with those stated in the Certificate of Registration. The certificate itself will be needed to complete the registration, too. The horse’s merchant should be the person indicated in the certificate. Then, you should confirm that the horse that is being sold is registered in AQHA.

    step 2 read the instructions regarding the form filling out an aqha transfer form

    • State If the Horse Is Gelded

    If the horse you sell (or purchase) is gelded, mark an empty “YES” box with a tick. If you know the date when the gelding occurred, insert it as well.

    step 3 state if the horse is gelded filling out an aqha transfer form

    • Identify the Horse

    Write the horse’s name and its registration number issued by AQHA (this number consists of eight digits).

    While all horses for which you create the form should be registered in the association, there is an exception: if you transfer a foal that still has no number, you should add its date of birth along with sire and dam registration numbers (sire and dam are the foal’s parents).

    step 4 identify the horse filling out an aqha transfer form

    • Write the Date of Sale

    Insert the date when the horse’s sale took place.

    step 5 write the date of sale filling out an aqha transfer form

    • Identify the Purchaser

    Add the purchaser’s AQHA ID number, their name, valid phone number, and email address. If the purchaser has changed their address recently and the information was not updated in the association’s records, fill out the suitable blank lines.

    step 6 identify the purchaser filling out an aqha transfer form

    • Ask the Seller to Sign

    Then, there is a blank line for the seller’s signature.

    step 7 ask the seller to sign filling out an aqha transfer form

    • Include the Seller’s Data

    You need to add their ID number in AQHA, email address, phone number, and address (again, only if it has changed recently).

    Sometimes people sell their horses to participate in an auction. If this is your case, it is obligatory to write the company’s name (who will get your horse to present it at an auction), its mailing address, and the date when the auction is scheduled.

    step 8 include the seller’s data filling out an aqha transfer form

    • Choose the Fees to Pay

    As a new owner, you have to cover several fees set by AQHA. You can see the full list in the template. If you are already a member of the association, you need to pay 20 US dollars. For non-members, the fee increases: either to 40 US dollars if the potential member is a minor or to 75 US dollars for adults. There is a branch of AQHA for minor members called AQHYA (“Y” stands for “youth” here).

    On the right-hand side, you can see optional fees. When you have defined what fees you should pay, put a tick near all the chosen options and proceed to the next step.

    step 9 choose the fees to pay filling out an aqha transfer form

    • Select the Payment Method and Enter Your Bank Account Info (If Applicable)

    You have to choose the payment method for the fees that is the most comfortable for you. You may pay by check, money order, or bank card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express).

    If you pick paying by card, you must enter your bank card’s information so the association can charge you. Choose the payment system, write the card’s number and expiration date. Add the cardholder’s name and valid telephone number. Add your signature and postal code.

    Unfortunately, you cannot cover your AQHA fees with cash.

    step 10 select the payment method and enter your bank account info (if applicable) filling out an aqha transfer form

    • Point Your Interests Out

    On the next page, you will see a set of interests that AQHA members have. You, as a current or potential member, should also choose what interests you. Among the options are multiple competitions for adults and minors, breeding for ranch work, racing, riding, or showing, becoming an instructor, being a racing fan, and others. Mark those applicable to you.

    Then, state if you breed the American Quarter Horses by yourself. If your answer is yes, explain why you do that: for recreational riding, racing, showing, or ranch work.

    step 11 point your interests out filling out an aqha transfer form