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AIA A305 1986

The A305 template is one of the numerous official forms and questionnaires applied by AIA to coordinate mutual relations between the owners and the contractors. These forms cover various situations that may occur during the construction project’s implementation and serve to guarantee the quality and suitability of the results.

As the A305 Form is filled out and submitted under oath and must be notarized, it certainly contains authentic, detailed, and truthful information. It should be noted that the correct and comprehensive filling out of this form always plays a decisive role in getting a contract by the executor. To ease the task, we recommend using our form-building software for this purpose.

What Is AIA?

The American Institute of Architects is one of the largest, well-known, and honorable organizations, integrating highly educated professional architects and representatives of the relevant sphere. It has a long over 150-year history and currently includes about one hundred thousand members of different status.

The main goal of this professional organization is to support the development of art and architecture and to achieve the highest level of quality in this field. For that purpose, the Architectural institute adopted a professional ethics Code to correspond to the higher standards in all professional activities.

Therefore all the members of AIA must follow these qualification rules, and every client of this structure can certainly be sure to obtain a perfect result in his construction project. To achieve that, the background and professional competence of every executor are carefully checked by the Institute of Architects through filling out various questionnaires.

When to Use This Form?

Even a person completely unfamiliar with the construction industry certainly admits that it is not an easy task to build anything. For the best result, first of all, you must form a team of reliable and experienced professionals. The owner of any architectural project is entirely responsible for this process.

Therefore it’s no wonder that the customer needs as complete and profound information about the future supplier as it is possible. The list of requirements usually includes the following:

  • professional experience;
  • financial stability;
  • positive feedback from the former clients;
  • successful projects in the background;
  • and many other decisive factors to analyze.

Furthermore, the owner must get acknowledgment that this information is authentic and honest. Form A305 was especially drawn up by the experienced architects to help the project owner in making the correct choice. As long as this document is not only signed by the contractor but also notarized, it represents a reliable and legally certified document.

What This Application Consists of?

This contractor’s competence questionnaire consists of eight pages and comprises the following main sections:

  1. General information about the provider and the constructing organization he represents.
  2. Legal acknowledgments, certificates, or licenses for carrying out certain activities.
  3. Relevant experience of work in the construction field, positive and negative, if any.
  4. The third parties’ guarantees and affirmations.
  5. Profound description of the financial position.
  6. The sign of the supplier and the certification of the notary.

As this form is rather long and obviously complicated, especially the financial part of it, it is advisable to complete this important document with the help of our multifunctional online PDF editor.

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  • AIA A305 1986
  • How to Fill Out This Form?

    Indicate the Names and Addresses of Both Parties Here

    step 1 - indicate the names and addresses of both parties here - filling out aia a305

    This front page of the document is assigned for the names of the supplier and the customer and their full addresses. The full legal names of the participants are required here. Mark the correct box with the type of your main office. Read the information on the right side of this page attentively, because it is important, and you may need to use it at the end of this form.

    Define Your Main Type of Work

    step 2 - define your main type of work - filling out aia a305

    Write down the title of the project you apply to if you already know it.

    Here you should also determine the kind of work your company mainly specializes in. Choose the correct box and mark it.

    Answer Some Questions about the History of Your Organization

    step 3 - answer some questions about the history of your organization - filling out aia a305

    On the second page of the form, you must answer how long your organization has operated as a provider. If the name of your company sometimes changed, mention it too.

    Designate the Organizational Form of Your Company

    step 4 - designate the organizational form of your company - filling out aia a305

    Choose the correct organizational form your company can be attributed to, and answer all the following questions related to various types of organizations.

    Describe Your Qualification and Experience

    step 5 - describe your qualification and experience - filling out aia a305

    In paragraph two, you are asked to mention all the fields of activities your company has a legal right to be involved in and write down the numbers of official documents you have in this regard.

    Paragraph 3 allows you to list all the types of work your company is capable of doing independently.

    Characterize Your Failures in Previous Contracts

    step 6 - characterize your failures in previous contracts - filling out aia a305

    In this paragraph, you have to answer whether you have ever been unable to fulfill the obligations taken. You should also mention if any of your personnel had some problems of the kind when he worked in another organization. Point out if there are any claims or suits against your company or its workers at present. The same information is needed for the period of the previous five years.

    Tell about the Main Building Projects of Your Organization

    step 7 - tell about the main building projects of your organization - filling out aia a305

    This is the largest section of this form where you must tell about your projects in the most comprehensive manner. It means to describe all the projects that are in progress now, as well as the contracts already completed within the past five years. It is recommended to use a particular sheet of paper for every question because you have to present detailed information concerning every project. Complement this section with a profound report about the working skills and involvement in projects of the key members of your organization.

    Point out Any Guarantees for Your Company

    step 8 - point out any guarantees for your company - filling out aia a305

    In section four, you are offered to name any companies and their representatives who can guarantee your reliability and confirm your experience. These recommendations can certainly make a serious contribution to the assessment of your company by the customer.

    Describe the Financial State of Your Business

    step 9 - describe the financial state of your business - filling out aia a305

    The next paragraph of this document is completely devoted to your financial situation and needs serious work and calculations. You will have to attach several latest financial documents, and it is advised to audit them beforehand. If any other organization has prepared this financial declaration for you, specify it too.

    Sign, Date, and Notarize the Document

    step 10 - sign, date, and notarize the document - filling out aia a305

    Paragraph 6 of the questionnaire is used for signing and dating this form. When you have filled it out completely, write down the date, your name, and position, as well as the name of your structure. Finally, the notary must certify your sign and confirm your swear.

    Recount Any Inclusions and Removals from the Form

    step 11 - recount any inclusions and removals from the form - filling out aia a305

    You can use the last page of this form in case you made any corrections in the original text so that it could remain valid. If you fill out this part of the form, it must be notarized too. When you don’t need it, leave this section of the document empty.

    In the case you are not sure how to fill out this page, use our multi-functional form building software; it will make your task easy and successful.