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ADP Pay Stub Template

Relationships between employers and workers should be as much transparent as possible, regardless of the place where the business is located. The key to success for employers is to provide their employees with all the required documents from the start: a contract and payroll stubs (also called pay stubs).

Many organizations use the services of ADP, or Automatic Data Processing, Inc. This company was founded in 1949 and provides digital services that help employers to generate pay stubs for their workers and count salaries and wages with ease. In this review, we will outline details about ADP Pay Stub Template — a template that can be created quickly with our form-building software.

It is a simple one-page document that explains how much a certain worker should get in a certain period, what amounts are deducted, what benefits are received by the worker, and what is a net sum given to the worker. Besides, an employer can leave important notes about the salary or special events in the company.

Apart from the data mentioned above, each such template must contain:

  • The employer’s name, address, and signature
  • The employee’s name, address, and social security number (or SSN)
  • The period for which the calculation is made.

When the ADP Pay Stub Template is ready, the employer issues it to the worker. The paper will help the worker to understand clearly what they have received and what has been deducted. The employer will need to store all copies of all pay stubs — they will serve as proof of the money given to workers.

If you have never seen a template like this, check out our guide in the following part: we will explain what to include in the form and how. For workers, this guide is also useful because it helps to understand how to read the figures properly.

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Filling Out and Reading the Template

The template must be filled out by an employer, and one copy should go to a concerned worker. The employer has to store the form in their document archives to have proof of payment with the description of the work done.

While ADP provides businesses with a special software where you, as an employer, can create all pay stubs, we also offer our advanced form-building software right here. You can draw your own ADP Pay Stub Template in a moment using our site.

Below, we will tell you how to make the form step by step. If you are a worker who has never seen any ADP pay stub ever, these guidelines may also be useful for you because we will explain what each line means. Employers, in turn, can read these instructions to define what details they should add to the form.

Insert Business Details

Look at the top of the page, left-hand side. Here, you should insert your business’s info: name and full address (with a postal code).

step 1 insert business details filling out adp pay stub template

Add the Period

On the right, you have to state the period for which your worker gets this particular form. Enter the date when the period ends and when you plan to pay your employee.

step 2 add the period filling out adp pay stub template

Identify the Worker

Below the period, enter the worker’s name and address. On the left, define their social security number (SSN), taxable marital status, and other details on taxation.

step 3 identify the worker filling out adp pay stub template

Describe the Earnings

You must include all appropriate types of earnings here: regular, overtime, tuition, and holiday. Each category has four columns to fill out: “rate,” “hours,” “this period,” and “year to date.”

Complete them with the worker’s earnings: add their rate per hour, how many hours they were working during the stated period, and multiply these numbers to get “this period” result for each line. At the bottom of the “this period” column, enter the total gross sum. In the “year to date” column, write the sum to receive by the worker since the year has started.

step 4 describe the earnings filling out adp pay stub template

Add Info about Deductions

Below the “Earnings” chart, you will see a chart where you should describe deductions from the worker’s earnings. Line by line, enter all taxes that apply, payments that are transferred to retirement plans, insurance payments, loans, and other costs you deduct as the employer.

Count the total costs. Take the gross pay from earnings above and subtract the total costs. You will get the net sum the worker should receive. Enter the number in the “Net pay” section.

step 5 add info about deductions filling out adp pay stub template

Include Other Benefits and Information

On the right, there is a chart called “Other benefits and information.” Complete this section with details if it is relevant for you and the worker in question. Here, you can add info about perks to pay while the worker was sick or on vacation, for example.

step 6 include other benefits and information filling out adp pay stub template

Add Important Notes

Below, you can add important notes that the worker has to read and know about. For one, here, you can notify workers about any changes that will happen soon with their wages. Another news you can add here is about starting new activities in your organization, including those requiring workers’ financial participation. If you have nothing to write in this section, you can leave it blank.

step 7 add important notes filling out adp pay stub template

Fill Out the Check

Under all charts with calculations, you can see a payroll check itself. You have to fill it out, too, if you use paychecks to pay your workers.

Duplicate your entity’s name and address on the right. On the left, write the check number, the date of payment, and the worker’s SSN.

Enter the payee’s name and the sum written in words. Then, write the sum in numbers on the right. Below, on the left, your bank’s details should appear (its name and address).

step 8 fill out the check filling out adp pay stub template

Then, print the form and sign the check in the appropriate line. If you can sign electronically, you may not print anything and send the form to your employee digitally. You, as an employer, also should keep a copy of the form in your records.