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IRS Form 6744

IRS Form 6744 is a tax document known as the Volunteer Assistor’s Certification Test. It is used by individuals who volunteer to assist taxpayers with preparing their tax returns through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program or the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) program. Form 6744 is a test booklet with various scenarios and questions to assess volunteers’ competency and readiness to prepare tax returns. This form includes various questions and scenarios covering topics related to tax law and tax preparation, such as:

  • Filing status and exemptions,
  • Income sources and adjustments,
  • Deductions and credits,
  • And tax calculations and forms.

This form helps ensure the quality and accuracy of tax assistance provided through the VITA and TCE programs, ultimately benefiting low- and moderate-income taxpayers who rely on these free tax preparation services.

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How to Fill out Form 6744

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This form is not a typical IRS one, which has to be completed with your personal details and money or tax-related data. It consists of more than 250 pages. You should prepare to answer the test questions shown in the sections described below:

Get Acquainted with the Volunteer Standards

Study the introductory information and answer the questions presented herein. All of these are multiple-choice.

step 1 get acquainted with the volunteer standards filling out irs form 6744

Review the Intake/Interview and Test Questions

This section also consists of ten multiple-choice questions. You will have to look through the materials you got at the training to answer.

step 2 review the intakeinterview and test questions filling out irs form 6744

Learn the Coordinator’s Test Questions

This part contains 15 questions of different types. You do not have to complete it unless you are a designated coordinator.

step 3 learn the coordinator’s test questions filling out irs form 6744

Analyze the Basic Course Scenarios

Various cases are shown in this section. You must analyze the first five of them and choose the correct options for the corresponding test questions. The applicant or preparer should study the sixth, seventh, and eighth cases carefully in order to complete the tax returns. Proceed to answer some of the further questions, as shown below.

step 4 analyze the basic course scenarios filling out irs form 6744

Read about Advanced Course Scenarios

This part is very similar to the previous one, though you will have to deal with more complex cases in this section. Please pay attention to the info you submit.

step 5 read about advanced course scenarios filling out irs form 6744

Learn about Qualified Volunteer Cases

Look into the presented scenarios and choose the best answers. Then, calculate and insert tax returns where needed.

step 6 learn about qualified volunteer cases filling out irs form 6744

Provide Answers on Military Course Scenarios

This section is dedicated to working with the army members’ taxes specifically.

step 7 provide answers on military course scenarios filling out irs form 6744

Answer the International Course Test Questions

You will need to manage the out-of-US individuals’ tax issues in this part.

step 8 answer the international course test questions filling out irs form 6744

Learn More about the Federal Tax Law Updates

All of the questions in this section are based on calendar-year taxpayers. The whole section is represented by a Test for Circular 230 Professionals. Get acquainted with it and fill out the answers (if necessary).

step 9 learn more about the federal tax law updates filling out irs form 6744

Take the 2020 VITA/TCE Foreign Student Test

And yet there is another test for beginning volunteers to take. Here, you will need to work with two forms and 50 online questions.

step 10 take the 2020 vitatce foreign student test filling out irs form 6744