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Shark Tank Application

Shark Tank Application is a detailed form entrepreneurs and inventors use to apply for a chance to pitch their business ideas or products on the television show “Shark Tank.” This popular program features a panel of potential investors, known as “sharks,” who consider whether to invest in the presented business propositions. The application requires comprehensive information about the business or product, including its concept, market potential, sales figures, and the unique selling points that differentiate it from competitors. Additionally, applicants must disclose their desired investment amount and how they plan to use the capital to grow their business.

Appearing on “Shark Tank” provides a potential financial boost from investors and valuable publicity that impacts the growth and recognition of featured businesses. This application is the first step for entrepreneurs looking to benefit from the platform’s reach and resources.

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Filling Out the Shark Tank Application

Begin completing your Shark Tank template by generating a PDF file. The pack contains several documents that any applicant should thoroughly read, complete and authorize.

Below you can find an illustrated step by step guide to filling out the required contracts:

  • Short Application
  • Audition Release
  • Submitted Materials Release
  • Intellectual Property Release

This document is required if the applicant’s video was executed by another person.

You are welcome to create the necessary application form using our advanced technologies.

  • Introduce Yourself

The applicant(s) need to enter their legal name, business name, and official business website on the corresponding lines. Should the candidate apply for the position as a participant of any group or business community, they need to include the names of their co-creators.

step 1 introduce yourself filling out a shark tank application

  • Submit the Contact Data

During the next step, the applicant should enter the mailing address, including the street, city, state of residency, and ZIP.

Also, you need to enter your phone contact information, including home, work, cell, and fax numbers. Print or type your email address as an extra means for reaching you.

step 2 submit the contact data filling out a shark tank application

  • Specify Your Personal Info and Background

Here, you are expected to fill out your personal data and background, including the following:

  • Date of birth in a preferred manner — make sure to submit the day, month, and year.

Country and state of residence

  • Gender — circle the applicable alternative
  • Place of birth and childhood
  • Employment details, including the place of work
  • Educational experience — please, make sure to enter the degrees and years of graduation.

step 3 specify your personal info and background filling out a shark tank application

  • Describe Your Project

Here, you get several spare lines to describe the essence of your creative business project or the product you wish to manifest.

step 4 describe your project filling out a shark tank application

  • Specify the Monetary Assistance You Expect to Get

Explain your business strategy regarding the investment. Enter the needed sum in USD and the equity percentage you plan to offer. Remember to fill out real reasonable sums, supported by calculations. The tycoons will unlikely enter the project based on vague numbers.

Explain how you are going to spend the invested money on the spare lines further.

step 5 specify the monetary assistance you expect to get filling out a shark tank application

  • Answer the Questions About Your Business

Specify the details and record them. You should provide the info about the present stage of your business project. Please, follow the questionnaire and fill out the requested data. Speak about the following:

  • The state your project is in at the present moment (circle the appropriate alternative)
  • Investments already made
  • When you started the project
  • Total sales during the whole period
  • The previous year Gross profits
  • Net profits during the previous period
  • Sales anticipation for the running year
  • Sales anticipation for the upcoming year

step 6 answer the questions about your business filling out a shark tank application

  • Describe Your Attempts to Develop the Business

Use the spare lines to explain your attempts to develop your project and get money assistance from other companies, programs, and people.

step 7 describe your attempts to develop the business filling out a shark tank application

  • Specify Your Purposes, Strong Points, and Hardships

Explain your point regarding the aforementioned criteria — what your business goals, hooks, and uniqueness are. Also, you are welcome to be open about the hardships you had to face and the way you managed to fight the challenges.

step 8 specify your purposes, strong points, and hardships filling out a shark tank application

  • Speak About Your Business Achievements

The following two questions are aimed to reveal your professional achievements:

  • Associations or clubs you belong to
  • Awards you were honored to get for your business and creative strategies

step 9 speak about your business achievements filling out a shark tank application

  • Submit Your Experience With the Shark Tank Series

Explain how you learned about the show. Also, let the company know if you have applied to participate in the series before.

step 10 submit your experience with the shark tank series filling out a shark tank application

  • Submit Any Interaction With the Sharks Beyond the Show

Should you ever communicate, present the product under discussion, or work for any of the Sharks, you need to submit the data on the corresponding lines. Answer these two questions fairly to avoid disqualification or any unfavorable situations.

step 11 submit any interaction with the sharks beyond the show filling out a shark tank application

  • Specify Your Legal Background and Potential Privileges

The section is vital to be filled out honestly and accurately. If there are any factors that allow you to claim privileges due to physical condition, please describe them on the lines.

Also, answer the questions about your legal background, potential lawsuits, or other offensive factors you might have in the past.

step 12 specify your legal background and potential privileges filling out a shark tank application

  • Read and Acknowledge the Audition Release (AR) Part

Once you learn the terms of the Audition Release, proceed to sign the contract. Append your initials after Section 7 of the AR.

step 13 read and acknowledge the audition release (ar) part filling out a shark tank application

  • Sign the Audition Release

After the applicant has read the 15 sections of the Audition Release, they need to certify the document by providing the following:

  • Date
  • Name
  • Signature
  • Date of Birth
  • Business data, including the entity name, title, and authorization by the owner

If the participant has any aliases, they should register this info on the corresponding line. Also, list the co-creators or your LLC (Inc) co-owners.

step 14 sign the audition release filling out a shark tank application

  • Read and Acknowledge the Submitted Materials Release (SMR) Part

Begin with dating the document right below its title.

step 15.1 read and acknowledge the submitted materials release (smr) part filling out a shark tank application
This certificate covers the applicant’s consent to allow the producers to use any media data attached and include them in the Shark Tank Series.

Read the paper attentively and acknowledge the SMR paper:

  • Enter the initials under Section 9
  • Submit your identity, LLC (Inc) data, collaborators, and your signature at the bottom

step 15.2 read and acknowledge the submitted materials release (smr) part filling out a shark tank application

  • Complete the Intellectual Property Release (IPR)

This part is devoted to gathering the applicant’s consent to manipulate any of their intellectual property introduced during the show in any manner. Learn the contract details, and provide the necessary authorization:

step 16.1 complete the intellectual property release (ipr) filling out a shark tank application
At the bottom of the page, the applicant needs to date the document of consent, print their name, and append the signature.

step 16.2 complete the intellectual property release (ipr) filling out a shark tank application