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Tanzania Visa Application

Tanzania has rather strict rules concerning the entering procedure. However, it is a visitor-friendly country — although you have to apply for a visa, to get one is very easy. A U.S. citizen doesn’t fall under a category of the referral visa, meaning a visa that requires an online application if you are a refugee, a stateless person, or from one of the countries listed in the section “Referral Visa Cases” (check out the official site of Immigration Department). It means that American citizens are allowed to complete the Tanzania Visa Application form both online and on arrival at the airport. It is worth noting that you cannot fill out this form on any other website.

Tanzania Visa Types

People decide to visit Tanzania for different reasons. Some want to spend a family holiday there and enjoy natural landscapes and fauna. Others are sent there on a business trip. Depending on the purpose of your visit, there are several visa types that you have a right to obtain. Here is the full list:

  • Referral Visa

See the paragraph above to find out what this term means. The list of countries includes Iran, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and 26 more. Applicants who belong to this category are recommended to apply for the document in advance as they have to get special approval and be questioned before they obtain a visa.

  • Travel Visa

This type has two subtypes: an ordinary visa (for a single entry) and a multiple-entry visa. The first subtype can be used for 90 days before it expires. A single entry visa is granted to you not only if you want to travel throughout the country but also if you want to pay a visit to your family, to get healthcare services, to participate in volunteering or charity events.

A multiple entry visa is valid for a year. Keep in mind that you cannot stay in the country for twelve months in a row — you have to leave it every three months. You can be granted this type of visa if you are married to a Tanzanian resident or citizen. Visit the official website to learn about other cases. If you are a citizen of the United States intending to go on holiday to Tanzania, select the box with the multiple entry type when applying online.

  • Business Visa

If you come to the country to deal with business-related tasks and arrangements, run training courses, fix equipment or machines, you will likely get this visa type. Like an ordinary visa, it can be used for only three months.

  • Transit Visa

If your purpose is to get to another destination by going through the United Republic, apply for this type. Make sure that your transition does not last for more than seven days. Prepare a ticket to prove that your final destination point is not Tanzania.

  • Student Visa

The name speaks for itself. Those who come to the United Republic to do research work, participate in an international exchange program, or volunteer work are eligible for this type of visa. It is valid for two years.

  • Gratis Visa

Such visas are normally granted to diplomats, officials, and those who are officially invited to Tanzania.

The Process of Applying

As we have already mentioned, there are two ways of applying for a Tanzania visa: visiting the official website and filling out the form at the airport on arrival. No matter what way you choose, when you come to Tanzania, you have to meet a few requirements: you need to have a passport valid at least for six months after applying for a visa, a Pass or a Residence Permit, and a valid visa.

We will dwell upon the online procedure first as it is a better way to save your time when you come to the United Republic. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to apply for the document in advance:

  1. Go to the official Tanzania Immigration website.
  2. Find the part “E-services.”
  3. Click the “e-Visa Application Form” button and start tailoring the form, taking all the instructions into account.
  4. Attach all the necessary papers (for a travel visa — your passport copies, two passport-like photos, a copy of your return or onward ticket). Check the requirements for each type of visa beforehand.
  5. Pay the charges.
  6. Wait for the approval (it takes ten days). Check your email to get information about the visa status.
  7. Print a copy of your letter confirming the approved application.

Other Application Forms

If you want to check more application PDFs you can edit and fill in online, listed below are a number of the more popular forms among our users. Also, remember that you are able to upload, fill out, and edit any PDF at FormsPal.

How to Fill Out a Tanzania Application Form

Applying for the visa on arrival is a good idea for those who do not have enough time to wait for the e-visa. We encourage you to use our form-building software, which will enable you to create the application form within a few minutes, even right before your departure time. The form is one page long, so it is not very complex to complete. All the instructions are clear.

There is a section for officials that you do not need to fill out in the upper-left corner of the form. Let us review parts that you do need to complete.

  • Enter Your Full Name

First and foremost, identify yourself and write your first name, surname, and former or maiden name (only if it differs from above).

step 1 enter your full name filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Add Your Birth and Nationality Details

Now you can proceed to Sections 2-3. Write the date of birth first and go forward. Indicate whether you are a male or female. Add the place and country of birth. It is important to write what nationality you are now and what nationality you were born.

step 2 add your birth and nationality details filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Identify Your Marital Status

In the next section, you are provided with several boxes. Select the appropriate one.

step 3 identify your marital status filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Enter Your Passport Info

The form demands that you provide the following information: passport number, the date of issue and expiration, the place where it was issued, and the authority it was issued by. It is necessary to prove that your passport is valid for six months from the date of arrival.

step 4 enter your passport info filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Input the Type of Occupation

Indicate your employment status and specify what profession you have. Add your employer’s address.

step 5 input the type of occupation filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Provide Contact Information

Specify your residence address. Write your phone number, e-mail, and fax that the officials can use to reach you.

step 6 provide contact information filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Enter Travel Information

In Section 10, specify the date you plan to come or have come to Tanzania and the date you intend to leave the United Republic. Write the total number of days you are going to stay. Remember that it should not exceed 90 days.

step 7 enter travel information filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Determine the Type of Your Visa

Choose one of the boxes provided: travel or transit visa. The following sections are necessary to fill out to determine the type of visa you will be granted. State the purpose of your visit by selecting the box. Indicate the number of times you are going to enter the country. If you apply for a transit visa, let the officials know if you have a Pass for the final destination point.

step 8 determine the type of your visa filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Prove Your Financial Independence

Provide information concerning your budget available for your maintenance.

step 9 prove your financial independence filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Authorize the Form 

Once you have filled out the necessary parts, double-check the information. Make sure that everything is correct. Place your signature and specify the date of signing.

step 10 authorize the form  filling out a tanzania visa application