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Tanzania Visa Application

Tanzania Visa Application is a form visitors use to apply for a visa to enter Tanzania for various purposes such as tourism, business, or transit. This application requires detailed personal information, travel details, and specific information regarding the applicant’s accommodations and activities planned during their stay. Applicants must also provide passport details, proof of travel insurance, and sometimes vaccination records, depending on the country of origin and current international health regulations.

Tanzania Visa Application is used to screen individuals entering the country and ensure they meet all legal requirements for entry. For travelers, obtaining a visa is crucial to gaining permission to enter Tanzania and enjoy its many attractions, including safari tours, historical sites, and beautiful beaches.

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How to Fill Out a Tanzania Application Form

Applying for the visa on arrival is a good idea for those who do not have enough time to wait for the e-visa. We encourage you to use our form-building software, which will enable you to create the application form within a few minutes, even right before your departure time. The form is one page long, so it is not very complex to complete. All the instructions are clear.

There is a section for officials that you do not need to fill out in the upper-left corner of the form. Let us review parts that you do need to complete.

  • Enter Your Full Name

First and foremost, identify yourself and write your first name, surname, and former or maiden name (only if it differs from above).

step 1 enter your full name filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Add Your Birth and Nationality Details

Now you can proceed to Sections 2-3. Write the date of birth first and go forward. Indicate whether you are a male or female. Add the place and country of birth. It is important to write what nationality you are now and what nationality you were born.

step 2 add your birth and nationality details filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Identify Your Marital Status

In the next section, you are provided with several boxes. Select the appropriate one.

step 3 identify your marital status filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Enter Your Passport Info

The form demands that you provide the following information: passport number, the date of issue and expiration, the place where it was issued, and the authority it was issued by. It is necessary to prove that your passport is valid for six months from the date of arrival.

step 4 enter your passport info filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Input the Type of Occupation

Indicate your employment status and specify what profession you have. Add your employer’s address.

step 5 input the type of occupation filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Provide Contact Information

Specify your residence address. Write your phone number, e-mail, and fax that the officials can use to reach you.

step 6 provide contact information filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Enter Travel Information

In Section 10, specify the date you plan to come or have come to Tanzania and the date you intend to leave the United Republic. Write the total number of days you are going to stay. Remember that it should not exceed 90 days.

step 7 enter travel information filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Determine the Type of Your Visa

Choose one of the boxes provided: travel or transit visa. The following sections are necessary to fill out to determine the type of visa you will be granted. State the purpose of your visit by selecting the box. Indicate the number of times you are going to enter the country. If you apply for a transit visa, let the officials know if you have a Pass for the final destination point.

step 8 determine the type of your visa filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Prove Your Financial Independence

Provide information concerning your budget available for your maintenance.

step 9 prove your financial independence filling out a tanzania visa application

  • Authorize the Form 

Once you have filled out the necessary parts, double-check the information. Make sure that everything is correct. Place your signature and specify the date of signing.

step 10 authorize the form  filling out a tanzania visa application