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Trader Joe's Application

Trader Joe’s is a chain of grocery markets found throughout the USA. Being first opened in 1967, the company has become an outstanding quality food provider. Trader Joe’s does not supply its clients with well-known branded goods but is mostly aimed at presenting a range of unique products, along with some day-to-day basics in the company’s label. The chain store pays special attention to each product’s quality evaluation, leaving the prices affordable for each customer coming by.

You will not find special offers, sales, coupons, and loyalty programs in Trader Joe’s, as one of the key policies of the company is remaining accessible for everyone.

What They Offer Potential Team Members

The company cares about the conditions under which their future staff is going to work. As they are highly interested in creating a close-knit professional community satisfied with their work, the following benefits and opportunities are offered:

  • First, there is always room for becoming better-paid, as the performance of each worker is evaluated at least twice a year;
  • Crew members are able to buy all the products presented in the stores with a 20% discount;
  • All the staff who are eligible to receive medical and dental health care treatment are offered to get a substantial part of these expenses covered by the company;
  • Trader Joe’s prioritizes the professional growth of their crew members, who are responsible for a variety of tasks;
  • Products tastings are organized on a regular basis in order to introduce the goods to the team and let its members know more about the new supplies;
  • There exists a working retirement plan that will not leave you confused about your future.

How can I apply for a position?

A list of vacancies can be found on the company’s official website. Choose the one you are sure to be suitable for and either send information about yourself or plan a visit to the local store not far from your place. Once an hr-manager has looked through your application, you will receive feedback letting both sides understand how you can cooperate further ahead.

Other Application Forms

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How to Fill Out the Application

1. Basic Info

step 1 basic info filling out a trader joe's application
In the top right corner of the paper, you will see the date your application was received, the number of the store, and the name of the manager who has processed your application. The CMID might be indicated, as well.

2. Personal Data

step 2 personal data filling out a trader joe's application
Begin completing the paper with your last and first names, along with the middle initial if you have one. Provide your current residential address, including city, state, and zip code, your telephone number (one or more), and an e-mail. If you have happened to live at another address before, write it down herein, too. Input the name you prefer to be called, confirm that you are legally authorized to work in the US, and check the box indicating whether you are more or less than 18 years of age. Those applicants who had already experienced working in Trader Joe’s in the past should indicate that.

3. Employment History

step 3 employment history filling out a trader joe's application
If you have worked in other places before, you will have to provide information about each company’s name, the dates of employment, your job position, and describe the responsibilities you had there. Do not forget to provide the reason why you chose to leave that workplace.

4. Education and Skills

step 4 education and skills filling out a trader joe's application
Write down the last educational institution you attended, your field of study, and the highest grade or degree you own. If you are still getting an education, check the corresponding box.

5. Explain the Reason Why You Are Applying For Job

step 5 explain the reason why you are applying for job filling out a trader joe's application
Sharing your views on why you wish to become a crew member is going to be a separate section to fill out. Explain the reasons you are interested in working for Trader Joe’s clearly.

6. Job Interest

step 6 job interest filling out a trader joe's application
The company needs to know how many hours per week you plan to work, so establish your expectations herein. Also, write down the best time for the hr manager to contact you.

7. Your Availability

step 7 your availability filling out a trader joe's application
You will have to tell the soonest date you plan to begin working and write down a detailed description of your schedule, keeping in mind that, normally, the shift at the store starts at 4 a.m. and finishes at midnight.

8. Terms of Hire

step 8.1 terms of hire filling out a trader joe's application
Initially, the applicant should confirm to have provided true and correct personal information and state that the application is willful and voluntary by appending their signature and dating the paper.

step 8.2 terms of hire filling out a trader joe's application
Review the rules that have to be followed by the employers of Maryland and Massachusetts. If there are no violations, sign and date the application.

step 8.3 terms of hire filling out a trader joe's application
Pay attention to Trader Joe’s presenting themselves as an equal opportunity employer. The company claims not to discriminate against its staff members upon race, gender, sexual orientation, political views, medical condition, or any other status.

9. Self-Identification

step 9 self identification filling out a trader joe's application
Trader Joe’s offers to provide your self-identification disclosure optionally to keep records about their crew members. If you choose to submit this info, it will remain confidential. You may input your name, date, gender, and race therein.