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Rochdale Village Application

For those who seek cheap apartments in New York City, there is a good option – Rochdale Village (in the borough of Queens) housing cooperative. This neighborhood offers affordable apartments for small and big families. This independent community has a lot of sports facilities (playgrounds, fitness centers, tennis and basketball courts), several shopping malls, community centers, senior centers, etc. To become a member of this co-op community, you need to submit an application form.

Requirements for Applicants

You have to meet certain requirements if you want your application to be successfully accepted. Some of them are listed below:

  • All applicants should pay an application fee (25 US dollars);
  • Applicants’ credit and tenancy record history shouldn’t have inconsistencies. Otherwise, their application will be rejected;
  • Those who are eligible for veterans’ preferences must provide completed Form DD214 (check the requirements and the full list of documents on the official website of Rochdale Village).

Other Application Forms

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Steps to Complete the Rochdale Village Application Form

As Rochdale Village owners are deeply concerned about the security issue, all potential

cooperators are to complete an application form and provide detailed information of different kinds. Read the section below till the end to learn about the details cooperators are to reveal.

The application form consists of six pages, three of which include instructions for an applicant. Thus it is not very time-consuming to complete the document. However, our instructions (you can find them below) will help you avoid problems and confusing situations.

We highly recommend you make use of our form-building software to generate and download an updated version of the template. With our advanced program, you will be able to complete it online and correct the inserted information at any time in case you make a spelling, factual, or any other kind of mistake.

Read the Instructions

The first half of the document includes clear instructions regarding the submission process, fee payment, eligibility requirements, and veterans’ preferences. Make sure to read them carefully. They are all straightforward and clear.

Write the Date

First and foremost, start with inserting the date you apply for an apartment. It is important to specify the date as when you are put on the waiting list, it will be easier to calculate the approximate wait time.

step 2 write the date filling out a rochdale village application
Complete the Survey

To find out where their cooperators are coming from and get feedback from their customer base, Rochdale Village asks you to participate in a survey and answer the “How did you hear of us?” question. Specify whether this cooperative community was recommended by your friend or you watched a promotional video on social media sources. Let Rochdale Village improve their process of attracting tenants.

step 3 complete the survey filling out a rochdale village application
Indicate the Size of the Apartment

We are moving forward to the essential parts of the document. In this section, you are provided with several boxes. Choose the necessary one. There are seven options in total: from a one-bedroom apartment without a dining area to a three-bedroom apartment with a terrace. When you choose the size, make sure that your income allows you to meet all the financial requirements.

step 4 indicate the size of the apartment filling out a rochdale village application
Add Personal and Tenancy Information

In this section, you are to provide your personal information, including the full legal name, physical address, state, county, and city. The address is provided along with the postal code.

step 5.1 add personal and tenancy information filling out a rochdale village application
Proceed to the next lines and specify the period of time for which you are going to occupy this or that apartment. Write the amount of money you are to pay for rent or mortgage (in US dollars).

step 5.2 add personal and tenancy information filling out a rochdale village application
If your address has changed over the last two years, write the previous address and insert the same details as you write for your current address (including city, state, and zip code).

step 5.3 add personal and tenancy information filling out a rochdale village application
In case you need to be contacted by Rochdale Villiage community owners, leave your home phone number and/or business telephone.

step 5.4 add personal and tenancy information filling out a rochdale village application
Provide Household Members’ Details

Fill out the table: enumerate and describe household members who are going to live on the premises of the residential unit. Enter the full name of each resident, state the type of relationship with the head of the household, indicate the age, specify whether the resident is male or female, employed or unemployed. Enter the resident’s security number. Tick the box if the resident is attending school and if they are eligible for veterans’ preferences.

step 6 provide household members’ details filling out a rochdale village application
Insert Employment and Income Info

You, as an applicant, must gather the information about each resident who can make their financial contribution to the maintenance of the household. This information includes details regarding their current employment status: the name of the employer or organization, the current employment position, the number of years they are employed in this service, their annual income, and taxable earnings for the previous year.

step 7 insert employment and income info filling out a rochdale village application
Define Extra Sources of Income

If any of the potential residents have other sources of income, they should be indicated in the blank lines below the previous section. Additional income may include money received from odd jobs, reimbursements for money already spent, etc.

Calculate the total amount of additional and household income. In the section “Subtotal,” write the gross amount of money available in the budget of the family.

step 8 define extra sources of income filling out a rochdale village application
Specify the Income Source For Equity Payment

Now you can proceed to the last section of this part. Let Rochdale Village owners know from where you will get money for equity paying. If there are several sources, indicate each of them.

step 9 specify the income source for equity payment filling out a rochdale village application
Read the Statements

Before you place your signature and let other applicants sign it, you are to read the statements and make sure that you agree with all of them.

  • You are reminded that after your application is accepted, you will become a shareholder rather than the owner of the apartment.
  • You are to attend at least one orientation session and give consent to the full credit and tenancy record investigation.
  • You are not allowed to own domestic animals (cats and dogs) on the premises of the unit unless they are service animals and certain technical appliances.
  • You may need to provide your own stove and refrigerator.

Sign the Paper

Once you have accepted all the conditions and checked the information you have provided, sign the paper. The document is to be signed by each applicant. Notarization is not needed.

step 11 sign the paper filling out a rochdale village application