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VBA VA Form 21-4138

The Veteran Affairs Form 21-4138 is also known as the Statement in Support of Claim. The US citizens can use this particular form to ask for specific benefits and allowance from the Veterans Affairs Department, if necessary.

When Shall One Use This VA Form?

If you are a veteran in need of help, this statement will help you deliver the message to the Department and give them an idea of your specific case. Once they receive your claim, they will be able to take action and provide you with the help you need.

The US Veteran Benefits Administration is the authority that issues the VA 21-4138 forms. They are responsible for providing the veterans with the benefits and support they need. The form is also available for other people to use on behalf of the veteran. If you are aware of a veteran who requires additional help and care, and you obtain accurate and full information on the situation, you can also complete the VA 21-4138 form.

What Information Is Required to Complete the Form?

This VA form is very straightforward and, therefore, easy to fill in. Part of it looks like a blank piece of paper, and you do need to insert corresponding information there. You will need to prepare the following data before proceeding with your statement:

  • Full name of the subject veteran
  • The veteran’s Social Security Number (SSN)
  • The Veteran Affairs Department service number of the veteran
  • A written statement in support of the claim for benefits and support from the VA
  • The signature of the subject veteran
  • Current date (in handwriting)
  • The physical address of the subject veteran and his or her contact number

Under the US legislation, any veteran is entitled to the right to get assistance in housing, medical care, insurance, pension, disability allowance, life-long education, and training in case of a career path change from the government.

As stated above, the Veteran’s Affairs Department receives the claim and considers it to decide on each particular situation. The department’s specialists will require certain personal information of the beneficiary to make the decision. The VA may never disclose this information to third parties that are not involved in the decision-making process, as stated under the Privacy Act of 1974, as well as Title 38 (Code of Federal Regulations).

The US federal government annually allocates a certain amount of budget money to cover the VA programs, including compensation, education, training, pension, and rehabilitation matters. Therefore, certain federal authorities and services do get access to all your data, such as the Employment Records agency or Federal Register. The requested information is necessary to determine the maximum level of benefits a veteran can get under US law. The responses you receive from the Department are strictly confidential too.

VA Department needs these data to obtain evidence in support of your statement in support of the claim. It should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete this VA 21-4138 Form. Besides, the VA department cannot collect any personal information of the users without a valid Office of Management and Budget identification number.

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Guidelines on Filling Out the VA Form 21-4138

The latest template of the VA 21-4138 form is always available on the US Department of Veteran Affairs official website. You can download it, print it out, and fill it in by hand, or you can use our latest software developments and fill out the form online. It is much more convenient. Here are some recommendations and guidelines on filling out the 21-4138 VA Form.

  • Enter the Beneficiary’s Full Name

The first section of the form is dedicated to the beneficiary’s personal information. Start filling it out by entering the full name of the subject veteran (first name, middle name, initial, and last name).

step 1 enter the beneficiary’s full name filling out a vba va form 21 4138

  • Provide the Beneficiary’s SSN

In the second box, provide the Social Security Number (SSN) of the subject veteran.

step 2 provide the beneficiary’s ssn filling out a vba va form 21 4138

  • Indicate the VA Filing Number of the Claim (If Applicable)

Next up, you need to provide the claim number (if assigned). This identification number will help you keep track of your claim and see what stage it is currently at. Usually, it is the veteran’s SSN, but sometimes the Department assigns an 8-digit number to the file.

step 3 indicate the va filing number of the claim (if applicable) filling out a vba va form 21 4138

  • Enter the Beneficiary’s Date of Birth

In the following box, you must provide the accurate date of birth of the subject veteran. If you are filling out the form on someone’s behalf, you’d better clarify this information.

step 4 enter the beneficiary’s date of birth filling out a vba va form 21 4138

  • Indicate Veteran’s VA Service Number (If Applicable)

Enter the beneficiary’s Veteran Affairs Department service number, if any. If the subject veteran does not obtain a service number yer, just leave the box empty.

step 5 indicate veteran’s va service number (if applicable) filling out a vba va form 21 4138

  • Enter the Beneficiary’s Contact Number

In this box, you need to indicate the daytime and nighttime contact numbers of the subject beneficiary. You may provide one contact number as well, and that would be perfectly enough.

step 6 enter the beneficiary’s contact number filling out a vba va form 21 4138

  • Leave the Beneficiary’s E-mail Address

This box is optional to fill out. You may leave the beneficiary’s E-mail address for prompt communication with the VA department if you want to.

step 7 leave the beneficiary’s e mail address filling out a vba va form 21 4138

  • Fill in the Returning Physical Address

Indicate the full physical address of the subject beneficiary. The Department’s specialists will use it to forward a written reply to the statement in support of the claim.

step 8 fill in the returning physical address filling out a vba va form 21 4138

  • Complete the Statement in Support of Claim

The second section of the form is a rather large one, but it truly is the most important part of your claim. You should put your statement in here and indicate all the reasons why you need help or benefits from the Veteran Affairs Department. Make sure that your statement is very well thought through and persuasive enough.

step 9 complete the statement in support of claim filling out a vba va form 21 4138

  • Repeat the Veteran’s SSN

You must enter the veteran’s Social Security Number once again at the very top of the form’s second page.

step 10 repeat the veteran’s ssn filling out a vba va form 21 4138

  • Sign and Date the Document

The subject beneficiary must append a signature and the current date on the document at the bottom of the page (as shown below).

step 11 sign and date the document filling out a vba va form 21 4138
We strongly advise you to attach supporting documents to your claim if you happen to have any. Once you finish with the statement, double-check all the requested information, and sign the form, you must submit your application to the Department of Veteran Affairs office either by mail or by courier service.

Tips for Filling Out the Statement in Support of Claim

The statement section is the most important part of your VA Form. Therefore, we have worked out some useful tips for you in compiling your statement.

  1. You must keep in mind that your statement should be very comprehensive and thought out. It might be a good idea to create a draft of your statement before you start filling out the VA form. Thus, you will be able to go back and make sure you have included all the necessary information.
  2. Fill in all additional details in the form, especially if they are directly connected with the circumstances of your current disability. Make sure all parts of your story are factual and ensure your rights to veteran benefits and support.
  3. Try to add as many details and supporting documents as possible. Health examination opinions and existing medical records would be of great help to convince the VA department.

Once you’ve completed your final statement draft, you can either handwrite it in the second section of the VA form or type it on the computer and print it out. Please note that handwriting statements are preferable.