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Cuddle Buddy Application

Cuddling is naturally related to one of the most effective methods of therapy involving both a sense of touch and emotional support. Therefore, more and more professional cuddlers appear across the US. People use mobile apps and websites to find a perfect cuddling partner. But what do cuddling services provide? Who are cuddlers? And how to become one? Let us dive into the matter and investigate the subject.

Who Is a Cuddler?

Following the definition, a cuddler is someone ready to cuddle in a 100% platonic way. Many people get confused about understanding the gist of this relaxation method. Cuddling doesn’t include any sexual activities. On the contrary, some people even practice it as a way of touch therapy and anti-stress techniques.

Cuddling is a mutual way of emotional and outer support, engaging both partners and aiming at pleasure. Registered professional cuddlers provide services to people regardless of age, sex, race, and lifestyle during the day working hours. Most clients appear to be lonely people who stand in need of a tactual sense and fight against emotional troubles or other traumas and disabilities.

Typically cuddlers may spend hours with their clients listening to music, watching movies, talking, drinking tea, hugging, holding hands, or spooning. It may be one of the reasons the National Cuddle Buddy Association has a spoon as its logo.

There is a massive number of amateur applications where people of all ages, beliefs, and backgrounds meet and treat each other following the principles of cuddling activity. However, being a professional cuddler demands a deeper understanding of the process and specific skills.

Reasons to Become a Professional Cuddler

Once the cuddling activity is rewarded, a person becomes a professional cuddler buddy. Following professional ethics, a cuddler should be positive and caring. This specific job offers solutions to help treat depression, anxiety, stress, and boost self-esteem. Besides, this technique is a primary human want.

Professional cuddlers can register with cuddling services and enter the base. It ensures their financial protection and provides safety and life security so that no one can abuse their rights and jeopardize the cuddler.

If you decide to become a professional cuddler, make sure you get pleasure in the cuddling process yourself. Doing something following the need, not the desire, will bring lots of frustration in a while. It will surely influence your emotional condition, and affect the client, aggravating their life situation.

However, if you feel enough strength to help other people cope with emotional distress and loneliness and get pleasure from emotional and outer contact, in that case, this unique profession is an excellent alternative to big cities’ boring offices.

To become a professional cuddler buddy, one should register with a cuddling association. To apply for the cuddling job, you can complete a cuddle buddy application template and serve the paper to one of the local cuddle buddy centers. They say professional cuddlers can make from 40 to 80 USD per hour and perks. Therefore, one’s natural cuddling skills can both positively affect people’s lives and make a pile.

The upcoming section of our review introduces a comprehensive cuddle buddy application guide. Follow the instructions to create and fill out the form.

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Filling Out a Cuddle Buddy Application Form

The Cuddle Buddy Application (CBA) template is relatively straightforward and can hardly present a challenge. However, we inspire you to use our advanced software to avoid struggle finding a relevant PDF file of high quality. Although the form is not a federal document and resembles a cute questionnaire, the CBA paper requires some personal information, an appropriate registration address, and the signatory’s authorization.

After filling out the form, you can serve it to the local National Cuddle Buddy Association (NCBA) centers. You can find them on college campuses and online. The NCBA has an official Facebook page. Follow our simple guide to cover the needed data and prepare an application.

  • Introduce Yourself

As a document, the CBA template is divided into several parts. Section one offers you to fill out the personal info about yourself. To complete this part, enter the last and first names and middle initial. You should also specify the birth date in a month-day-year format and appearance characteristics, including height and weight.

To complete the first part of the application, select the appropriate box to indicate your sex.

step 1 introduce yourself filling out a cuddle buddy application

  • Specify Your Contact Data

Enter your full address, including the street, city, residency state, and ZIP. Also, provide contact data to reach you via email and submit the phone number.

step 2 specify your contact data filling out a cuddle buddy application

  • Complete the Pet- or Nick-Names Section

The template offers you an opportunity to fill in the approved names you want to be called while cuddling. You can leave this part blank if you wish, as it is not mandatory.

step 3 complete the pet or nick names section filling out a cuddle buddy application

  • Specify the Preferred Outfit

The section is also optional and allows one to determine the type of clothes you or the partner should wear during the cuddling sessions.

step 4 specify the preferred outfit filling out a cuddle buddy application

  • Fill Out the Rating Section

Here, you are welcome to rate the described cuddling forms using numbers 1-4 to express each type’s importance. Use “1” to indicate the highest value, while “4” is the least powerful. Make sure to use each number only once.

step 5.1 fill out the rating section filling out a cuddle buddy application
You are also welcome to rate your cuddling experience and quality. Follow the suggested instructions: select “10” to show the highest appraisal.

step 5.2 fill out the rating section filling out a cuddle buddy application

  • Determine the Cuddling Position

In this part, you are empowered to specify your preferred way of cuddling. Use the spare lines to express your ideas in a free format.

step 6 determine the cuddling position filling out a cuddle buddy application

  • Append the Signature

Once all sections are completed, read the acknowledgment statement and append the signature.

step 7 append the signature filling out a cuddle buddy application

  • The Official Use Only Section

This part is designed for the association’s official representative to complete. Please, leave the section blank. The NCBA will let you know once your application is performed.

step 8 the official use only section filling out a cuddle buddy application