Dekalb County Water Application

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Dekalb County Water Application

All American states and counties try to provide citizens with safe, good-quality water. In DeKalb County (Georgia), you can fill out and submit the DeKalb County Application for Water/Sewer Service (or, simply said, the DeKalb County Water Application).

In DeKalb County, the drinking water for citizens comes from the river called Chattahoochee. The Scott Candler Water Filter Plant is responsible for filtering and cleaning water for the whole county.

The local public authorities care a lot about water quality and regularly control its safety. Every year, they check the water that citizens receive and then issue a report. If any citizen has a question regarding the water quality, they can contact the Scott Candler laboratory.

When to Use the DeKalb County Water Application Form

You should complete and submit this form each time you have to connect your real estate to the services that provide you with clean water and a properly functioning sewer.

For instance, this might happen if you are:

  • The realtor or manager of the property that is being sold or rented
  • The renter or owner of the property was previously disconnected from the county utility systems and services for some reason.

The DeKalb Water Application is brief and easy to complete. It consists of two pages: the checklist with all documents you need to apply and the form itself.

Who Can Complete the DeKalb County Water Application Form

The form can be completed and submitted by:

  • A property owner
  • A renter
  • A realtor
  • A management company representative.

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How to Fill Out the DeKalb County Application for Water/Sewer Service

If you worry about the correct completion of your application or face any uncertainties, check our guidelines below. We have added all steps you need to complete for successful document creation.

  • Find the Right Template

There is a relevant template for almost all legal forms in the United States. To begin completing the DeKalb County Water Application, you need the proper file. Our form-building software generates such files for you easily; we recommend using it when you need to create a document of any type.

  • Read the Checklist Carefully

As we have stated above, the form contains only two pages, and the first page is dedicated to the documents you need to gather so your application is valid.

The documents are categorized by the groups of people that can apply: realtors, real estate owners, tenants, or entities that manage real estate in DeKalb county. Find the relevant list and see what documents you need besides the application.

If you have any doubts regarding the records you have to add to your application, you may contact the DeKalb County office.

  • Proceed to the Second Page

After you have read the checklist and ensured that you have all the required records, continue with the application form.

At the beginning of the form, you will see a blank gray field. Leave it empty because the DeKalb County office’s representative should fill out this section.

step 3 proceed to the second page filling out a dekalb county water application

  • Insert the Applicant’s Details

Print the applicant’s full name (or C/O, if the applicant does not stay in the property regarding which the application is submitted). Define who the applicant is: a realtor, owner, renter, or property manager.

Then, write the service address (where you require the service), mailing address (if it is different), phone and cell phone number, valid email address, Social Security Number (or SSN) or Tax Identification Number, and driving license number (or a number of the applicant’s ID).

step 4 insert the applicant’s details filling out a dekalb county water application

  • State If the Applicant Wants to Use E-Billing System

E-Billing system allows people to get their receipts for water, gas, and other utility services electronically. Choose the suitable option by ticking the relevant box.

step 5 state if the applicant wants to use e billing system filling out a dekalb county water application

  • Specify the Applicant’s Previous Address (If It Belongs to DeKalb County)

If you have a previous address in DeKalb County and want to stop receiving utility bills, fill out this section. Also, write the date when the property should be disconnected from the services.

step 6 specify the applicant’s previous address filling out a dekalb county water application

  • Check the Following Statements

You have to read and accept the statements you see below the lines. In particular, with filing the application, the applicant will be obliged to pay the fee and the bills they will get when the property is connected. Place the applicant’s initials in the blank line and tick a box if they need to unlock the water meter installed in the property.

step 7 check the following statements filling out a dekalb county water application

  • Sign and Date the Application Form

After filling out the required sections and reading all the statements, the applicant has to sign the form and add the date of signing.

step 8 sign and date the application form filling out a dekalb county water application