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IRS Form 211

Though US laws always warn the employed residents about tax liabilities, some non-compliant citizens and business entities manage to conceal the income and target at outfoxing the law. Therefore, IRS has generated a whistleblower program to spot the trespassers and reward the “detectives.”

The focal aspect of the program sounds as follows: IRS Whistleblower Office refunds the individuals who identify people and organizations who fail to pay taxes. All disclosed data is accurately examined as the claimant should mandatorily provide proof, including official documents like ledgers and books. If the office deems the disclosed data correct and authentic, the whistleblower is rewarded up to 30 percent of the extra tax amounts, interest gains, and penalty amounts the government raises from the irresponsible taxpayer.

To avoid personal relationship issues and guesses, the IRS Whistleblower Office relies on verified data and serious Federal tax issues. Non-compliant whistleblowers who desire to settle the score with prior business partners or employers will be banned from the program’s privileges.

How to Participate in the Program?

The benefit is regulated by the IRS Section 7623 (a), and the participants must meet the demands of the Informant Claims Program. Potential claimants should prepare and serve to the IRS an official application for award 211 form, providing all required verifications and proof. The destination address is stated in the application itself. Use the second page to understand the privacy terms and the filing address details.

There are two categories of rewards:

  • If the gain and interest amounts exceed 2 million USD for the business organizations or 200,000 USD (yearly gross income) for individuals, the claimant might get from 15 to 30 percent of the amount collected.
  • If the interest and penalty gains do not meet the 2 million USD (for entities) or 200,000 USD (for individuals) threshold, the claimant is likely to get up to 15 percent and not more of the amounts collected.

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How to Fill Out and File IRS Form 211

Application for Award for Original Info 211 Form covers one page. You are welcome to browse for the valid document on the IRS portal. To save time and effort, we encourage you to use our advanced template-building online tools and generate an up-to-date PDF file. Enter the inherent info instantly and be ready to file the form within minimum time.

Before you begin completing the document, ensure to leave the upper right section blank. This part is executed by the IRS representatives.

step 0 leave the upper right section blank filling out irs form 211

The form consists of two parts. Section “A” covers info regarding the non-compliant individual about whom the preparer provides the report. Section “B” is dedicated to the preparer’s personal data. Follow our illustrated guidelines to submit the required details.

Specify If This Is the First Submission

In Unit 1, the preparer should define if the report regarding the business or individual is created for the first time. If positive, check the corresponding box and proceed to the next statement. If there are previous submissions, enter the claim numbers assigned by the revenue service.

step 1 specify if this is the first submission filling out irs form 211

Indicate the Entity’s (Individual’s) Tax Identification

In Unit 2, the preparer needs to specify the taxpayer’s data. For individuals, enter the SSN. Entities and proprietorships require TINs or EINs. You need to enter only the last four characters of the tax ID number.

step 2 indicate the entity’s (individual’s) tax identification filling out irs form 211

Complete the Taxpayer’s Personal Data

In Units 3 through 5, the whistleblower should identify the taxpayer. Make sure to enter the below-listed info:

  • Taxpayer’s name

Include the legal name and any aliases. Also, add individuals who relate to the breach committed.

  • Living address, including unit and apartment number, street, city, state, and ZIP details
  • Taxpayer’s birthdate

If you, as the preparer, are not sure about the trespasser’s date of birth, enter their estimated age.

step 3 complete the taxpayer’s personal data filling out irs form 211

Clarify the IRS Representative Info

In Unit 6, you should enter the IRS representative’s name and contact info (if known) to whom you have reported the tax trespassing originally. Besides, you need to enter the employee’s title.

step 4 clarify the irs representative info filling out irs form 211

Describe the Tax Violation

Units 7 and 8 contain info about the tax violation committed by the individual or business identified in Unit 3. The section covers several types of tax law violations. Choose the correct one. If none is applicable, select the “Other” box and provide inherent details.

Next up, you are encouraged to provide extra details and describe your assumptions of the act of violation. Use section 8 to fulfill the task.

step 5 describe the tax violation filling out irs form 211

Explain the Info Source

In Unit 9, the preparer is supposed to clarify how they have learned about the tax law breach. You are empowered to use additional sheets if needed and file the attachments together with Form 211.

step 6 explain the info source filling out irs form 211

Specify the Preparer’s Relationship with the Taxpayer

In Units 10 through 12, the preparer should clarify their relation to the taxpayer identified in Unit 3. Describe the character of your business communication and if it continues.

step 7 specify the preparer’s relationship with the taxpayer filling out irs form 211

Submit If There Is a Current Proceeding

In Units 13-14, the preparer needs to clarify if the preparer and the taxpayer are involved in any legal proceedings jointly. If you select “Yes,” please, provide details in Unit 14 or attach an extra sheet with a detailed explanation.

step 8 submit if there is a current proceeding filling out irs form 211

Submit the Tax Amount Owed and Tax Period

In Unit 15, you are encouraged to provide details regarding the tax amounts owed by the trespasser. Here, you should submit proof, including ledgers, books, or other official documentation. If extra space is required, use attachments to describe the aspects.

In Unit 16, provide specific amounts per each tax period at issue.

step 9 submit the tax amount owed and tax period filling out irs form 211

Introduce the Preparer

Use Units 17 through 19 to submit details about the claimant. Disclose info as follows:

  • Legal name
  • Birthdate in a month-day-year format
  • Preparer’s SSN or TIN — enter only the last four characters of the tax identification.

step 10 introduce the preparer filling out irs form 211

Specify If the Claimant is IRS-Related

In Units 20 through 23, the claimant should disclose any professional relation to IRS. Select and checkbox the appropriate variant.

step 11 specify if the claimant is irs related filling out irs form 211

Submit the Preparer’s Address

Use Units 24-26 to disclose the claimant’s contact data. Enter the info as follows:

  • Living address, including the state and ZIP code
  • Phone number, including the area code details
  • Email

step 12 submit the preparer’s address filling out irs form 211

Authorize the Form

Conclude the form by appending your signature and current calendar date. Read attentively the data disclosed and sign if everything is correct and true. Remember that any knowingly false statement will not only damage your reputation but involve penalties for perjury.

step 13 authorize the form filling out irs form 211

File the Paperwork

Compile Form 211 and all attachments (if any) and send the application for the award set to the address indicated on the second page of the respected claim form.