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IRS Notice 1392

Purposes and Main Demands

Almost every business owner and even individuals face such a problem as filling out and filing tax returns. In the United States, any business activity, in addition to strategies, plans, and business models, is related to the tax sphere regulated by the Tax Service and other specialized structures. As for individuals, citizens and non-residents of the United States must also make tax payments.

In general, a tax return is an official document of a taxpayer, which contains information about all objects of taxation, its regular income, and expenses, and other features. The tax return may include information and explanations, depending on the specific situation. The calculation of a tax or fee is a procedure for determining the exact amount required for transfer and subsequent payment to an authorized person. It is a legal requirement of the state.

This tax form is an official document regulating tax payments and compensation of non-resident foreigners in the United States. If you are a non-resident foreigner, follow the step-by-step instructions when filling out this application. In general, this form applies exclusively to non-US citizens (non-residents), and there are specific indicators for determining this status.

Non-residents are legal entities and individuals operating in one state but permanently registered and residing in another. This category also includes foreign citizens and stateless persons with a residence permit who do not regularly live in the United States. Different taxation rules apply to this category of population than to residents. Generally, you are a US resident if you have a green card or a substantial presence test. These two indicators determine your status in the United States.

Where to Find This Form?

As noted earlier, tax forms are a controlled mechanism of the Internal Revenue Service and other tax structures in the United States. As a rule, everyone may find the forms on the official websites by downloading them to a pdf file. The second option is to place an order for these forms, and they will be delivered to you by mail. In any case, the methods of filling out and sending tax documents are convenient. There are no complicated schemes and unnecessary actions.

What is the Amount?

Compensation paid to an employee of the “non-resident alien” status if a person performs some services is subject to gradual deduction. This amount usually includes scholarships and scholarship grants to the extent that personal services are performed. A non-resident alien fills out an additional application, considering the recommendations and requirements of the tax authorities. Next, the employer withholds a specific amount as federal income tax.

However, there are a few exceptions to this form. Read them carefully before filling out the documents. It will allow you to avoid misunderstandings and miscalculations, and it will also save you time.


  • A non-resident alien is exempt from this tax if the salary is not more than $ 3000. Also, this person is in the United States for no more than 90 days during the tax year.
  • Compensation is paid to the crew of foreign vessels.
  • Compensation is paid to residents of Mexico and Canada working in the transport sector.
  • Payments are made to the controlled territories of the United States.
  • Payments are made to foreign agricultural workers who are in the United States on special visas.

By the way, if you want to get an exemption from paying taxes under the contract, do not fill out this form. In this case, apply additional form, and in some circumstances, application 1040-NR. If you have any questions or difficulties, contact your tax professional or Customer Support for help. These authorities explain to you all requirements, rights, and obligations.

Another significant point is the compensation deduction formula. Indeed, unlike Americans, non-resident foreigners cannot claim the standard tax deduction. In this case, employers deduct an additional amount from the salaries of such persons.

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How to Complete This Application

Any tax documentation requires an understanding of the financial and legal subtleties, so carefully read each item. Do not rush and do not lie, as false information leads to fines and lawsuits.

Specify Personal Data

Like any other form, this tax return asks for information about you. Enter your first and last name, as well as the rate of your social security. If you do not have this number, contact a specialized institution to get it. This number allows you to identify yourself as an individual and facilitates the maintenance of tax registers.

Moreover, depending on your situation, choose the appropriate item (independent or joint filing of the declaration with your spouse). This approach ensures the transparency and openness of your data.

Thus, summing up the result:

  • first and last name
  • address
  • social security number
  • joint with the spouse or self-submission of the form

Mark Multiple Tasks

The second section is about several of your jobs. If you don’t have more than one job, then don’t fill out this section. By the way, keep in mind that non-resident foreigners must submit their documents separately. Therefore, it is not necessary to account for the activities of the spouse.

You must also provide the details if you are filling out a return for multiple tax agents. If filled in correctly, the deduction of the amount will be accurate.

Add Information about Dependents

Under US rules, only non-resident foreigners from Canada, Mexico, India, and South Korea are eligible to claim a child tax credit or a dependency loan. In particular, non-resident foreigners cannot receive educational loans and other similar payments. For more information, please use the data on the official website of the tax authorities. If you fill out this section, specify the total number of credits.

Specify Additional Items

This section is optional. However, if you want the tax to be withheld from your other income, fill out all the items. Do not include any income from any work or self-employment. Based on your situation, you may request payment adjustments and itemized deductions. A tax specialist will help you fill out these lines.

Thus, filling out tax documents is not a momentary process. Sometimes this requires knowledge, time, and the help of specialists. Don’t put everything off until the last moment.