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IRS Form W-7

The Internal Revenue Service regulates all tax-related matters in the USA and, apparently, deals with an enormous number of documents, helping the agency’s professionals keep correct records. To communicate with the service staff effectively, one should provide required private info about themselves and their households — names, current addresses, SSNs, and other details. But what if, due to various reasons, an individual cannot submit the data requested?

What is IRS Form W-7?

All US citizens, as well as permanent or temporary residents, are issued a unique nine-digit code — Social Security Number (or SSN). This code assignation is obligatory — SSN is an essential governmental tool to track each person’s lifetime income, grant special benefits, and prevent money-washing. You need to provide this code while dealing with tax reports.

However, there exists a number of cases when an individual is not eligible to get an SSN, though has to identify themselves as a taxpayer. These reasons are representing one of the following types of applicants:

  • A foreigner permanently residing out of the US, experiencing a necessity to get an ITIN to claim tax treaty benefit;
  • A foreigner permanently residing out of the US, filing a federal tax return;
  • A foreigner permanently residing on the territory of America filing a federal tax return;
  • A foreign student or employee of an educational institution permanently residing out of the US, filing a federal tax return;
  • A non-resident alien’s (possessing a valid visa) dependent or spouse.

In case you fit into any of the categories above, you must fill out Form W-7 and get or renew an ITIN. Critical: use this paper for federal tax purposes only.

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Filling Out the Form

This document consists of several sections presented on one page. You may decide to find the template anywhere on the Net or use our form-building software to create your own Form W-7 form online.

Choose Application Type

step 1 choose application type filling out an irs form w 7
You will begin by checking a corresponding box in the top right corner. Indicate whether this is your initial ITIN application or you are willing to renew the code you have already received.

Select the Reason for Submission

step 2 select the reason for submission filling out an irs form w 7
Eight options are presented herein. Choose one unless yours is other — exceptions are described in the detailed set of instructions that you can look into on the IRS official web page.

Provide Additional Data (Boxes D and E)

step 3 provide additional data (boxes d and e) filling out an irs form w 7
If you have checked box d, enter the complete name (last name, first name, and middle initial) and SSN or ITIN of the US citizen or resident alien. Input the date when they have arrived in the USA (unless several exceptions). If you have checked box e, providing the US citizen or resident alien’s full name and SSN (ITIN) will be enough.

Provide Additional Data (Boxes A and F)

step 4 provide additional data (boxes a and f) filling out an irs form w 7
Enter treaty country and article number if you have chosen boxes a or f.

Insert the Name

step 5 insert the name filling out an irs form w 7
You are required to fill the fields out with your last, first, and middle names, if applicable. In the cases when your current name differs from the one given at birth and written on the birth certificate, complete line 1b. If you are renewing your ITIN and your name has changed since your last application, attach proof.

Enter Mailing Address

step 6 enter mailing address filling out an irs form w 7
Fill in the address you are expecting to be mailed back — the IRS will return your original papers there.

Submit Foreign Address

step 7 submit foreign address filling out an irs form w 7
Even if the address you have indicated above is the same, complete line 3. In the event of having left your previous residence to move to the USA, enter the last foreign address where you used to live.

Write Down Birth Info

step 8 write down birth info filling out an irs form w 7
The date and place of birth are provided herein. Select appropriate sex in the “Male/Female” box.

Complete Other Data (Lines 6a-6c)

step 9 complete other data (lines 6a 6c) filling out an irs form w 7
First, establish each of the applicant’s citizenships. Then, if applicable, insert the foreign tax ID number that belongs to you and details about your current US visa.

Complete Other Data (Line 6d)

step 10 complete other data (line 6d) filling out an irs form w 7
Check the box that shows what original documents attached serve to prove your identity. Provide more info about them.

Complete Other Data (Lines 6e-6g)

step 11 complete other data (lines 6e 6g) filling out an irs form w 7
Indicate whether you have ever received ITIN or IRSN and enter these codes, if yes. In case you study or work for an educational institution in the US, write down what it is called and input its address. Remember to establish the expected duration of your stay.

Sign the Form

step 12 sign the form filling out an irs form w 7
Applicants append their signatures, affirming that they have been notified: making false statements and providing misleading information may lead to penalties. Date the paper and submit your contact phone number herein as well.

If you are representing the applicant, indicating some details about you is required.

Input AA’s Info

step 13 input aa’s info filling out an irs form w 7
The fields of this section are filled out by an AA only.

Some More Details

You will not be able to get social benefits after receiving an ITIN. It also does not anyhow affect your immigration status or your work permit. If you are Mexican or Canadian, your spouse and/or dependents will not be required to prove their US residence. Some extra rules exist for family members of those persons who are currently serving in the armed forces.