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Blank Resume Template

Many of us know that looking for a job sometimes can be a laborious process even if you are a pro and have plenty of skills. The hardest part is finding a person or an organization that will be interested in you and invites you to the interview. One of the most crucial things when looking for a job is, of course, your resume.

We often hear stories about websites that offer jobs but employers who place those jobs barely answer or check a job seeker’s resume and say nothing. Human resources (HR) departments worldwide look through millions of resumes every day. Many of those resumes are declined because they do not look like a standard document that a person sends when they apply to a particular position. In our review, we will show you how to draw your resume, so you do not forget anything and include all the details demanded by HR personnel.

Probably, there is no need to explain widely why a resume is vital for everyone who is currently looking for a job. You have to make an excellent first impression and tell all the main things about yourself in one or two sheets. In most cases, a resume is the first thing HR gets from you — even before you talk to the organization representatives or exchange text messages with them. The decision about inviting you to the interview will be made based on your resume.

The resume’s structure is quite simple. Generally, you should add:

  • Your name, contact details (maybe links to social network accounts, but it depends on the position you are applying for);
  • Details about your education level;
  • Info on your work experience;
  • Description of your skills (language, computer, and others).

Remember to add as much detail as possible but do not make your resume too long. You should highlight your advantages and skills to make your potential employer interested in you as a perfect candidate. Once they like your resume, the only thing left for you to do will be to impress them in a job interview.

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How to Create a Full Resume Line by Line

We will explain now how you can create your own resume step by step. Apart from a comprehensive guide, we also offer a template on which the guide is based so that you could fill it out effortlessly. Use our form-building software to download the form with all the sections described below.

When you fill out this template, be honest and add only truthful details and facts about you. Your potential employer must know the truth because otherwise, a huge disappointment and failure may follow.

For one, if you state in your resume that you are fluent in a foreign language that you actually barely know, you will face a shameful situation when any of the employers ask you to speak the language. The rule applies to all your skills (ability to drive a car, computer skills, skills based on your previous experience, and so on).

So, download Blank Resume Template using our software, and let’s get started.

Enter Your Name

On the top of the first page, insert your name and highlight it in bold. Choose a bigger font here than for all text you will write below.

step 1 enter your name filling out blank resume template

Add City (or Town) and Contact Info

Below your name, you have to indicate the town or city where you currently live (with the state, if you are in the US). Next to the location, write your phone number and email address. You can also add a link to your profile on LinkedIn (if you have one).

step 2 add city (or town) and contact info filling out blank resume template

Describe Your Education

Add info about all degrees that you have obtained. For each, write the educational institution’s name and location, your specialty, and the year when you graduated.

step 3 describe your education filling out blank resume template

Provide Details on Your Work Experience

Here, you can include all workplaces you have ever had. However, it can be too many; in this case, describe only those you consider significant or enumerate the most recent. Whatever you decide to write, remember that you should start with the most recent place anyway.

For all places, indicate the business’s name and location, your position in the organization, the period when you were working, and your duties. Try to add as many details as possible so a potential employer knows what you can do and what tasks you have undertaken before.

step 4 provide details on your work experience filling out blank resume template

Write about Your Internships (If Any)

You may have completed an internship or two before you started working. Describe the internship(s) the same way you have done with your workplaces. If you have had no internships, do not include this block in your form.

step 4 provide details on your work experience filling out blank resume template

Outline Your Volunteering Experience (If Applicable)

If you have ever participated in any event as a volunteer, you shall include this experience in your resume, too. Give basic info about the event (name and location), your position, and duties.

step 4 provide details on your work experience filling out blank resume template

Include Your Extracurricular Activities

In many educational institutions, students can find an activity that is not a mandatory part of their studying program but can become a significant point in their resume in the future. There are various clubs, sports teams, and other organizations that students join.

If you have had such an experience during your studies, reflect it in your document. Describe your duties and provide details on the club, team, or organization you have participated in. Remember to add the dates when you were active there as well.

step 7 include your extracurricular activities filling out blank resume template

Talk about Honors and Awards

If you have received any awards or honors during your studies or career, insert info about them in the following section. Add the date of receiving to each award or honor you list.

step 8 talk about honors and awards filling out blank resume template

Determine Your Language Skills

You have to add info about all languages excluding English. Besides the language itself, indicate your skill level (whether you can speak and write in it fluently).

step 9 determine your language skills filling out blank resume template

Describe Your Computer Skills

Finally, the last block is for defining your computer skills. You can add various programs’ names here and describe your level (whether it is basic or professional). You may use descriptive words that the template suggests: “familiar,” “knowledge,” “proficient,” “intermediate,” or “beginner”). Outline details about all programs you use and can work with.

step 10 describe your computer skills filling out blank resume template

When you have created the document, it is important to save it on your laptop and name it correctly. You should not print your resume and bring it with you because, normally, hiring organizations review the printed version by themselves and already have a copy when you arrive at the interview. So, name your file in an appropriate manner so that potential employers could quickly identify you. For example, “First Name Last Name — Resume.”

It is also useful to always have your resume at hand (saved in your email inbox or anywhere as a link, so you can quickly pass it to someone who is interested in hiring you). You never know when an amazing job opportunity will wait for you, and a request to send a resume can be totally unexpected. So, it is always a good idea to be prepared. Even if you are not looking for a job right now, it is a smart move to keep your resume updated just in case.