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Employee Availability Form

Employee Availability Form is a legal document that will design and shape the schedule of the workers of any company. It is also frequently called a ‘success of a business. That is all because the wise distribution of workforce and work time leads to the best results concerning the efficiency and quality of the work. Moreover, for some shifts, it is necessary to have special skills and personal characteristics. If one (the employer) is unable to find the proper workers for the proper job position due to inaccurate availability data, then they will face several issues: the enterprise will most probably go bad.

Not only should one fill out the Employee Availability form, but one also should keep those forms up-to-date and fill them out accurately. Thus, if each worker will complete the form, the employer gets to know exactly who and exactly where can work on the shift. This way, the employer would be able to construct a schedule for a more or less long-term perspective to ensure the best result in the workflow process.

Another important feature of such a document is that it will help to find out and handle undisciplined and problematic workers before such workers somehow negatively influence other workers of the company and the business in general.

The key point is that you definitely do not want to miss this extra important step in a workforce planning process, so make sure to fill out this legal document!

Why is Employee Availability Form Important

The main aim of any organization is to be successful and have a lot of revenue. Therefore, it is extra crucial to be aware of the work fluctuations. And detailed employee availability templates help to manage the labor and predict the possible losses and gains connected to the business.

By this, we mean that while constructing a working schedule, it is needed to be fully acknowledged about the time when your employee can work or the periods when your employee is unable to work. By the way, each time you accidentally place your employee on a day or shift on which they are unable to work, the costs are crucial! As a result, your workers may either be reluctant to accept this shift distribution, which will result in an extremely dissatisfied employee. This, in turn, most likely leads to their eventual retirement. Or, the employer may simply not know that they have a shift and do not come to work. What will you do then? The lack of staff affects the spirit of your team workers and the reputation of your business, and, of course, the profits of the employer.

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How to Fill Out Employee Availability Form

It is extremely significant to make sure you are doing everything right when things come to writing out legal forms. Sometimes, it might be really complicated to fill out a form, and a visit to the attorney is way too expensive. That’s why we present you with our new form-building software. You can use it to ensure the best result while completing any needed legal document. The Employee Availability Form is not an exception, and below, one can find a couple of simple steps for successful form completion:

Add Personal Info

First of all, fill out the lines about the personal information of the employee:: include full name, cell phone number, and e-mail address;

step 1 add personal info filling out employee availability form

Fill out the General Availability Part

Secondly, write out the general availability section. Here you can see seven days of the week. You can choose any format you like to mark the selected days;

step 2 fill out the general availability part filling out employee availability form

Add info About Days off the Job

Then, fill out the next part that includes information about the days of the week and (or) hours in which the employee can not work;

step 3 add info about days off the job filling out employee availability form

Fill in the Subsequent Field

Afterward, if you have any notes, then you can fill out the subsequent field. The future adjustments can also be placed right there. This field is crucial because the employees at your company can place a reason for choosing a chosen day or shift, and this very note or reason can help the employer to distribute and assign the shifts fairly;

step 4 fill in the subsequent field filling out employee availability form

Put a Date and Sign

Finally, date the document and put your signature on the lines placed on the lower left part of the template.

step 5 put a date and sign filling out employee availability form