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Before we provide an overview of the order form, let us first introduce Welp Hatchery to you. Located in Iowa, it provides a variety of high-quality chickens. Although the subject of their specialization is Cornish Rock Broiler chickens, it is possible to book different poultry types, waterfowl (like ducklings and goslings), and game birds (such as pheasants and guineas). Iowa is not the only location from which chickens are sent. Welp Hatchery has shipping points in Minnesota, New Mexico, and Wisconsin as well.

If you intend to make an order, there are several options for you:

  • you are encouraged to make use of the online shipping cart;
  • you can make an order by phone ( just call 800-458-44-73 );
  • you can send a special order form, which is provided in the Welp Hatchery catalog.

When to Use the Form?

Welp Hatchery raises different breeds of chickens and other poultry for you to meet various personal or commercial needs. Customers make orders and complete the form primarily for getting eggs and meat from their chickens, turkeys, and other fowls, but also for feathers. No matter if you are interested in commercial production or domestic poultry breeding, you are welcome to submit the form to orders@welphatchery.com.

Ordering Requirements

Before you download the form, look through the list of the main order requirements, you need to consider when making an order:

  • Minimum Amounts. Read the section “Order Information” in the catalog, in which you will find the list of fowl types and the minimum number of birds you should write in your form for your order to be accepted. You can combine various breeds of the same type to meet the minimum requirements.
  • Extra Services. You are also welcome to protect your fowls from predators and vaccinate them. You can also order the “Mark Head” service to identify the sex of your poultry.
  • After your chicks arrive, notify Welp Hatchery agents within 48 hours if there are some delivery problems.

You will find more information on this issue in the catalog. Besides, the Welp Hatchery guide will also help you to prepare for your chicks’ arrival and provide the best tips on how to ensure perfect conditions for raising your fowls.

Other PDF Forms

Check out a few other PDFs available for editing through our editor. Additionally, remember that it is easy to upload, fill out, and edit any PDF form at FormsPal.

How to Fill Out the Welp Hatchery 2020 Form

First and foremost, you need to consider the issue of obtaining the form. It will not require much time and effort as the necessary template is available online. To get it in a few seconds, make use of our form-building software. We ensure that the template version you will get is the most relevant one.

The form contains only one page and is preceded by a comprehensive guide on various chick ordering issues. For your better understanding of the ordering process, we provide a brief overview of the essential sections in the form. Make sure that you complete all of them properly. There are four sections in total, in which one is required to provide clear, detailed information. Let us enumerate steps one needs to take when they are in the process of completing each section of the document.

  • Add Mailing Information

The first section we are dwelling on is the one that requests the physical address of the ordering customer. As the acquirer, you are to provide clear details that are necessary for your chicks to be sent to the right place and reach the addressee. Start with your full name and proceed to the address itself, including state, city, and postal code.

step 1 add mailing information filling out a welp hatchery

  • Provide Contact Information

In case you happen to be contacted by Welp Hatchery agents, they need to know your phone number and email address. It is necessary for both parties to go over the ordering details and correct possible mistakes in the form.

step 2 provide contact information filling out a welp hatchery

  • Set the Ship Date

In this section, you are to specify the date your poultry should be sent away. You will have to wait about two or three days before your fowls arrive. Keep in mind that you don’t have to pay for the shipping services. All you are to pay for is your chicks. In case there is some failure in shipping initiation on the requested date, add an alternative date.

step 3 set the ship date filling out a welp hatchery

  • Insert Order Details in the Table

In this part of the document, you are provided with a table containing five columns. In the first column, specify the number of chicks of each type you want to purchase. In the second one, write the breed’s name or any other product you want to buy from the Welp Hatchery. Moving forward, specify whether your chicks are male or female. It is also mandatory to write the price per chick and the total price for each breed’s requested number of chicks. Check out the correct name of the breed you need in the Welp Hatchery catalog preceding the form.

step 4 insert order details in the table filling out a welp hatchery

  • Add Extra Services (If Needed)

In the table mentioned in the previous paragraph, there is a section for special services. If you want to have your chicks vaccinated, marked (necessary for differentiating males from females), or protected from coccidiosis (this service can be applied only to Cornish Rock Broilers), specify it in the table. Write the number of chicks for which you order all these services and insert the total cost.

step 5 add extra services (if needed) filling out a welp hatchery

  • Provide Payment Information

Welp Hatchery provides several payment options, including online payment and money order. You can also send your credit card information along with the order details. The last section in the document requires that you write the number, the expiration date, and the verification code of your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover). For orders paid by check (do not forget to insert the check number) or money order, select the necessary box. Remember that you cannot order chicks and services before you pay for them or without attaching your credit card details.

step 6 provide payment information filling out a welp hatchery

  • Sign the Paper

After you have checked the submitted order and payment information several times, place your signature on the bottom left-handed side of the document. By signing the paper, you can prove the validity of the form.

step 7 sign the paper filling out a welp hatchery