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Wedding Ceremony Script

Entering a legal relationship is one of the most memorable moments in one’s life. No surprise, each of us dreams of an immaculate wedding, full of pleasure and joy shared with our loved ones. However, sometimes an excited bride or groom may forget that their perfect day begins with a detailed plan — you do not want to think about finding extra chairs for the guests who unexpectedly arrived at your ceremony. So, what has to be planned in advance? The essentials include:

  • Theme
  • Venue
  • Outfit
  • Flowers
  • Decor
  • Make-up and Hairstyle
  • Number of Guests
  • Type of the Event

The list can be transformed and prolonged. And if you wish to have a traditional religious wedding, it is apparent that you will also have to prepare a wedding ceremony script.

What is a Wedding Ceremony Script?

A wedding ceremony script serves as an outline that leads you through the marital event. Depending on your beliefs, this may contain religious or faith-neutral values. A typical script consists of:

  • Greeting
  • Parents’ Blessing
  • Vows
  • Rings
  • Unity Candle
  • Pronouncement
  • Recessional

However, it may be modified the way you wish. We have already prepared a great script for your ceremony and recommend using our form-building software to customize it.

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Parts of the Script

Two examples of the paper are introduced below.

Sample 1

The first one is dedicated to celebrating the marriage of the protestant bride and groom.

  • Greeting and Prayer

step 1 sample 1 greeting and prayer filling out a wedding ceremony script
The ceremony is opened up with greetings and prayer. The pastor is thanking God for gifting the future spouses to each other and reminds that marriage is as blissful as responsible.

  • Giving Away

step 2 sample 1 giving away filling out a wedding ceremony script
Then, the pastor is asking who the parents of the bride are.

  • Parents’ Blessing

step 3 sample 1 parents’ blessing filling out a wedding ceremony script
As you might view the marriage not only as joining a bride and a groom but also joining two families together, the parents are offered to bless their children to enter this relationship. They may opt for reading the script, prayer, sing, or express their emotions otherwise. However, this part is optional.

  • Statement of Intent

step 4 sample 1 statement of intent filling out a wedding ceremony script
The intention statement is one of the most sentimental parts of the service. The bride and groom are holding each other’s hands and confirm that they have decided to marry under no coercion.

  • Vows

step 5 sample 1 vows filling out a wedding ceremony script
The vows may be written by both partners in advance, stating whatever they feel should be said or simply repeated after the pastor at the event.

  • Exchanging Rings

step 6 sample 1 exchanging rings filling out a wedding ceremony script
Giving and receiving rings symbolizes eternity and the duration of the commitment you are making. Traditionally, they are made of gold — to signify the purity of the relationship you are about to enter.

  • Finalizing the Ceremony

step 7 sample 1 finalizing the ceremony filling out a wedding ceremony script
Lightning, the unity candle, and prayer of blessing go thereafter. Eventually, the pastor pronounces that you have created a family and introduces you to the guests as the newlyweds.

Sample 2

The more extended version of the service known as the Pastor’s Service Manual for EFCA will be described hereunder. Keep in mind that not all of its parts are obligatory but mostly serve as a source of ideas. You are welcome to discuss which components of this type of ceremony you wish to include.

  • Call to Worship

step 8 sample 2 call to worship filling out a wedding ceremony script
The pastor reads several verses as an introduction, reminding all the participants of the service that God is Love.

  • Invocation and Welcome

step 9 sample 2 invocation and welcome filling out a wedding ceremony script
After that, they invite God’s presence and ask to sanctify the ceremony.

  • Statement on Marriage

step 10 sample 2 statement on marriage filling out a wedding ceremony script
Marriage is sacred, given to all of us by Christ for welfare and happiness. The pastor proclaims how important the spousal relationship is and reminds us that both spouses have to get ready to cherish and support each other no matter what life brings.

  • Statement of Intent

step 11 sample 2 statement of intent filling out a wedding ceremony script
Two different types of vows will be announced during this service, the first of which is each future spouse’s declaration to wholly accept the other partner and spend their lives forever.

  • Giving Away

step 12 sample 2 giving away filling out a wedding ceremony script
At this point, the father (or guardian) of the bride is supposed to kiss her and lead her to the platform.

  • Vows

step 13 sample 2 vows filling out a wedding ceremony script
The bride and groom may choose to prepare the vows before the service, speak from their hearts, or repeat the pastor’s words.

  • Rings

step 14 sample 2 rings filling out a wedding ceremony script
Exchanging rings is sealing the vows you have given. The precious metal of the rings serves to remind you of the precious possession you have in the marriage. The round shape is a symbol of eternity.

  • Unity Candle

step 15 sample 2 unity candle filling out a wedding ceremony script
This is an optional component of the service. Some couples choose to light the candle to signify that their individuality has become a family relationship, full of mutual love and respect.

  • Prayer of Dedication

step 16 sample 2 prayer of dedication filling out a wedding ceremony script
At this point, the pastor addresses the Lord and asks to send his blessings upon the bride and groom.

  • Pronouncement

step 17 sample 2 pronouncement filling out a wedding ceremony script
Pronounced to have become spouses, the husband is welcomed to kiss his wife, celebrating their newly-born marital relationship.

  • Benediction

step 18 sample 2 benediction filling out a wedding ceremony script
The pastor finally introduces the family to all guests.