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T-Shirt Order Form

A T-Shirt Order Form for Stage Door Conservatory is a specific document used by this organization to handle orders for custom t-shirts related to its programs, events, or productions. This form enables participants, staff, and supporters to choose and purchase t-shirts that often feature logos, dates, or unique design elements commemorating a specific play, musical, or event hosted by the conservatory. It includes options for sizes and sections for personal information and payment details.

This form helps to manage the distribution and sale of apparel that promotes and celebrates Stage Door Conservatory’s artistic projects and community spirit. By using such a form, the conservatory ensures that everyone can obtain a memento from their experience while streamlining administrative tasks and reducing errors in order fulfillment.

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Choosing the Right T-Shirt Size

The complexity of the bulk order lies in the choice of the required quantity of each size. It is simple if you are planning a small event, and you can ask each participant about their size. In this case, you just make a table and buy T-shirts according to the received data. But what if your event has more than 100 or even more than 30 participants? Let us break it down for you in plain sentences.

First of all, you shall not waste your precious time polling each participant or guest. There is no need for this; we are here to help you not only create an order form but also determine the size distribution.

Tip 1: Better Avoid Guesswork

Of course, one can simply order the same quantity in all sizes. But in this case, there will most likely be several outcomes:

  • The T-shirts you need will run out very quickly;
  • Some sizes will remain virtually untouched. And this will not have the best effect on the environment, and you will have to look for a place in the warehouse.

Yes, some people will happily choose to wear an oversized T-shirt and even make it look pretty. But what if only small sizes remain, and your audience is slightly larger?

This situation can be especially offensive when you sell merch at a gig. You could sell a lot more products if you did not run out of sizes so quickly. And so you will be left with an unnecessary product, but at the same time, you will not fully satisfy the needs of buyers. Everyone is out of work.

Tip 2: Remember to Turn to Statistics

You are most definitely familiar with the sizing charts and definitions. The thing is, the sizes might look slightly different in various countries (the European and American ones differ greatly, for instance). If we talk numbers (or better say letters, in this case), this is how the top size charts for T-shirts bought in the USA look like:

  1. L
  2. M
  3. XL
  4. XXL
  5. S

At the same time, the United States leads in sales of XXL T-shirts among all countries.

Now, let us see how the sales percentage is distributed size-wise. The distribution will look like this (in proportion to all sales in the country):

  • L — 30%
  • M — 28%
  • XL — 20%
  • XXL — 12%
  • S — 7%
  • XXXL — 2%
  • XS — 1%

You can see that most of the T-shirts bought in the USA come in large and medium sizes. But it does not mean that most people wear these sizes. It only means that often customers are too lazy to divide the order by size, and they take the entire batch in one or two sizes.

If we talk about the more real sizes of people, we would recommend sticking to the following breakdown of the dimensional grid:

  • L — 30%
  • XL — 25%
  • M — 20%
  • XXL — 12%
  • S — 10%
  • XXXL — 2%
  • XS — 1%

As you can see, the main idea here is to add more large sizes.

What to Pay Attention to Before Ordering

Dry statistics alone will not be enough for deciding on an order. Also, you should think about the specifics of the event.

If you order t-shirts for the beer festival, then think about more extra large sizes. If you are shopping for a conference of yogis or adherents of healthy eating, then the smaller sizes are more likely to be popular.

Always pay attention to your target audience. Think about whether there will be more women or men; what kind of lifestyle they lead. This measure will make it easier for you to compose a portrait of your consumer and estimate the size of the grid.

Another important point is the composition of the fabric and its shrinkage. T-shirts made from polyester combined with cotton have less shrinkage than 100% cotton products. Check with the seller before buying.

Also, pay attention to the style. T-shirts can be either oversized or more fitted. With oversize, you will be less worried. Plus, it is trendy.

The Ratio for Calculating T-Shirt Sizes in Your Order

Diagrams are great, but we have also prepared a formula for you that is much easier to remember. You can focus on it when ordering, shifting some quantities in the direction you need.

If we take the number 10 as a basis, then the formula will be as follows:

S + M + L + XL + 2XL = 1 + 2 + 3 + 3 + 1

All you need is to split this out by the number of items you are purchasing. For example, let’s say you need to buy 200 T-shirts for a book conference. We suggest the following size breakdown:

20 (S) + 40 (M) + 60 (L) + 60 (XL) + 20 (XXL) = 200

You can add some XS or XXXL T-shirts, but in general, this is not necessary.

How to Complete T-Shirt Order Form

To fill out this or any other document, you can use our form-building software and customize the papers online. Here are the steps to complete a T-Shirt Order Form.

Identify Yourself

Fill in the information by which it will be easy to identify your order and contact you in case of questions:

  • Name
  • Date of the order
  • Your address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

step 1 identify yourself filling out t shirt order form

Fill in the Dimensional Grid

Fill in the dimensional grid based on your needs. You can order several different designs. In this case, put them in the line above. Insert the required number of T-shirts for each size and design.

step 2 fill in the dimensional grid filling out t shirt order form

Choose Distribution Plan

There are various options to choose from, for instance:

  • Delivery of the entire order to the specified address;
  • Delivery of the order for the event itself, where the participants will pick up the T-shirts themselves;
  • Other parameters.

It depends on the company where you order the T-shirts. If you are that company, then you can provide your customers with various options to choose from.

step 3 choose distribution plan filling out t shirt order form