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YMCA Member Cancellation Letter

If you currently are a member of the YMCA club but would like to terminate your membership for some reason and do not know how to do it, this piece is just for you. Hereunder, we will share essential information on filing the YMCA Member Cancellation Letter with you.

What Does the YMCA Stand For?

YMCA, once Young Men’s Christian Organization, and now a multi-faceted social Christian fund nearly for everyone who shares the ideals and values of the respected society is striving to provide a healthy environment for body and spirit. The center is located in Mankato, Minnesota, and represents a modern facility club. YMCA contains a swimming pool, aerobic studios, a gym, cycling areas, mind and body classes, and much more.

Today the company’s name is often recognized as “Y,” and its mission covers such social programs as:

  • Youth Development;
  • Healthy Lifestyle;
  • Social Responsibility.

You can find all the necessary information about the studios and schedules on the Y’s official website. Its intuitive layout and design provide fast navigation and convenience for various age categories.

YMCA Membership Plans

Being a multi-faceted development portal, YMCA offers several membership plans to meet the demands and experiences of various categories of clients:

  • Young people (under 18);
  • Adults;
  • Senior clients (62 and over);
  • Senior couples (62 and over);
  • Family plans.

All plans are free to enter, while monthly charges start from 15 USD. All related info is present on the Y’s official website.

YMCA offers financial assistance and discount programs. You can apply for one and enjoy the perks. The center also develops distant membership programs to meet the demands of time and people who cannot visit the club in person. Virtual memberships are available during the COVID-19 pandemic at the cost of 20 USD monthly.

Cancellation Membership With YMCA

YMCA takes the cancellation issues seriously. Though the community makes everything possible to let their members continue the programs, there are cases when clients cannot hold the membership permanently. The company offers two cancellation strategies:

  • On hold

The hold request allows one to freeze the membership plan if the client is unable to visit the club actively for a certain period.

  • Permanent cancellation

In case of permanent membership cancellation, the person should notify the community’s administration not later than 15 days before quitting. The YMCA community does not provide refunds for overdue notifications and emphasizes that the club members are in charge of any late notification liabilities.

Those individuals who are registered for the program but decide to quit will be subject to non-member charges. That is why you must complete a particular document recognized as the YMCA Member Cancellation Letter to cancel the plan. The form will confirm your intentions and provide the billing specifications.

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Filling Out the YMCA Member Cancellation Letter

The letter contains mandatory information the applicant should enter to meet the demands of the cancellation request. Please remember that you need to provide the Cancellation Form 15 days before the next payment charge off. Otherwise, the company will prolong your membership plan by default, and no refund policy will be applied to you.

The YMCA cancellation letter is straightforward enough, so all you need to do is download a PDF file and follow these guidelines not to miss a thing. YMCA emphasizes that the company isn’t liable for unsuccessful and overdue membership cancellations. You are welcome to use our advanced software tools to generate the requested document.

  • Skip the Staff Only Box

When you open the cancellation letter, avoid filling out the first box in the form’s top right corner. It is designed for YMCA administrators only.

step 1 skip the staff only box filling out a ymca member cancellation letter

  • Introduce Yourself

Enter your last and first name, including middle name initials. Also, you should indicate your membership type and place the current calendar date.

step 2 introduce yourself filling out a ymca member cancellation letter

  • Specify Your Contact Details

This section requires the applicant’s contact data. You are encouraged to enter your domiciliary and email addresses, including the city, state, and ZIP code. Also, indicate your date of birth and a daytime phone contact number.

step 3 specify your contact details filling out a ymca member cancellation letter

  • Define the Payment Method

Here, you are encouraged to specify the way you used to pay for the membership plan. Check the box with an appropriate alternative and proceed to the next step.

step 4 define the payment method filling out a ymca member cancellation letter

  • Define If You Have a Specific Membership Plan

Provided you have a representative (an employer, a parent, or guardian) to support your membership plan, you will need to enter the organization’s title or the guardian’s name in one of the corresponding lines.

step 5 define if you have a specific membership plan filling out a ymca member cancellation letter

  • Specify the Reasons for Cancellation

The letter suggests that you name the reasons for leaving the YMCA club. Hereunder, you should checkbox the applicable option and give your feedback on the decision. This section is not compulsory to complete. However, the details you provide will help the organization improve itself.

step 6.1 specify the reasons for cancellation filling out a ymca member cancellation letter
Among other reasons, there is one describing the lack of finances to afford to attend the club. YMCA Family provides supporting membership programs on financial assistance. If you find this info essential, make sure to checkbox the “Yes” alternative.

step 6.2 specify the reasons for cancellation filling out a ymca member cancellation letter

  • Provide a Completed Questionnaire

To help improve the service you can answer some related questions. Give your feedback next to each question.

step 7 provide a completed questionnaire filling out a ymca member cancellation letter

  • Rate the Services Provided by YMCA

Here, you are empowered to give a rating valuation of the services provided by the YMCA club. Use numbers from 1 to 5 to express your point. Note that “one” is the lowest score, while “five” indicates your total encouragement.

step 8 rate the services provided by ymca filling out a ymca member cancellation letter

  • Certify the Cancellation Letter

First, you should read the two alternatives and select the applicable statement by checking the corresponding box. If you decide to choose the second statement, please provide a cancellation letter at least two weeks before the next payment. The overdue period may vary. That is why you need to check out the relevant info on the company’s official website.

Once you complete all the sections, you can append the signature and place the current calendar date.

step 9 certify the cancellation letter filling out a ymca member cancellation letter

  • Certify the Good Standing Status

The last section of the cancellation letter is dedicated to the acceptable standing policy. You should enter your name, the beginning of your membership period, and the date of the last payment made in the corresponding slots to confirm you are a prompt payer and have no existing liabilities.

step 10 certify the good standing status filling out a ymca member cancellation letter