TSBPE Plumbing Inspector Examination

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TSBPE Plumbing Inspector Examination

If you are in the plumbing business, becoming a plumbing inspector may become one of the paths to embark on for personal and career development. In Texas, this position is quite lucrative but requires passing a certain exam. To work legally, you need to get a license from the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners (TSBPE).

Below, we will tell you about the main functions and obligations of people in this position and the peculiarities of the Examination process you need to go through.

Who Is a Plumbing Inspector?

A plumbing inspector is a certified specialist engaged in inspecting pipes and related gear in dwelling units and commercial buildings. The inspector decides on the equipment’s compliance with the accepted standards. Such professionals can work as:

  • Independent contractors working under a contract;
  • Employees of government organizations.

In any case, they need to take and pass a particular exam. It is important to note that if you choose to work for a government organization as an inspector, you will not be able to have any additional financial interests in an independent plumbing company.

Eligibility Requirements

You cannot just decide that you want to become a plumbing inspector and get hired. All candidates must meet certain requirements regarding:

  • Combined experience;
  • Previous licensing.

You do not have to be suitable for all the suggested points; only the ones indicated in the list below would be enough; thus, the perfect candidate should:

  • Have a license of Master or Journeyman Plumber in Texas;
  • Have a license mentioned in the previous line but issued in other State and pass the exam in Texas;
  • Availability of the required Inspector’s license in the state where the requirements are the same as in Texas;
  • Have a Texas professional architect or engineer license;
  • Experience in the amount of 500 hours.

Concerning the availability of experience, there is a whole classification of the required combination of hours. For a complete breakdown of the hours, see the TSBPE website.

Other Requirements

In addition to the above-mentioned requirements regarding the licenses and working experience, the candidate must:

  • Provide Plumbing Inspector Examination Application (below we will tell you how to fill out this form correctly);
  • Pay a fee of $55;
  • Provide a copy of your photo ID;
  • Provide a copy of the high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma;
  • Be a US citizen or have a work permit in the country.

Other Texas Forms

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Examination Process

It is not enough to fit the qualification requirements. All candidates must also pass the exam.

It consists of 258 questions, where you need to choose the correct option from the proposed ones and fill in the pipe sizing charts. Questions related to installing a gas pipeline, rules for working with plumbing equipment, and so on.

It is highly recommended to use the study guide from the exam commission’s website to prepare for the exam and pass it successfully. But you can also take one of the commission-approved courses in preparation.

You can take the test daily (check the website) at the Texas Board of Plumbing’s offices. They are located in Harlingen, Austin, and El Paso. You can choose an office that is closer to you.

If you fail the exam, you can try again (paying the fee again) through:

  • 30 days after the first attempt;
  • 60 days after the second attempt;
  • 90 days after subsequent attempts.
  • These days are given for training.

How to Fill out Plumbing Inspector Examination Application

Before taking the exam, you will need to fill out an application. You can use our form-building software to create the document. We also recommend that you use our illustrated step-by-step guide that you see below.

Set the Filing Date

Start filling out the application by indicating the date of filling.

step 1 set the filing date filling out tsbpe plumbing inspector examination

Identify Yourself

Print your full legal name (either in handwriting or type it in on your PC).

step 2 identify yourself filling out tsbpe plumbing inspector examination

Enter the Address

Please enter your mailing address where the agency can file papers in response.

step 3 enter the address filling out tsbpe plumbing inspector examination

Provide Contact Details and Date of Birth

You need to write:

  • ZIP code;
  • Birthdate;
  • Age (full years);
  • Home and mobile telephone numbers;
  • Email address.

step 4 provide contact details and date of birth filling out tsbpe plumbing inspector examination

Fill in Employer’s Data

Indicate the name and contact phone number of your employer.

step 5 fill in employer’s data filling out tsbpe plumbing inspector examination

Fill in the Details of Your Documents

In the next paragraph, you need to indicate the numbers:

  • Driver’s license or ID;
  • SSN.

step 6 fill in the details of your documents filling out tsbpe plumbing inspector examination

Fill in the Political Subdivision Data

You need to provide:

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • Contact person name
  • Phone number

step 7 fill in the political subdivision data filling out tsbpe plumbing inspector examination

Give License Details

Indicate the number of your license. If you do not have one, check the required box.

step 8 give license details filling out tsbpe plumbing inspector examination

Answer the Question

Answer whether you have ever been charged with a crime and check the box next to the appropriate “Yes” or “No” answer. If you have been convicted, you also need to provide the Supplemental Criminal History Form and other papers to the required package of documents.

step 9 answer the question filling out tsbpe plumbing inspector examination

Mark the Boxes

As you attach the required documents to your application, mark the boxes:

  • Examination fee;
  • Copy of Diploma or GED;
  • Proof that you are a US citizen or are eligible to work in the country;
  • Copy of ID with photo;
  • Additional documents if you had a criminal record.

It is worth mentioning that at this point, you will need to mark whether you have served in the army (or are currently serving in the armed forces).

step 10 mark the boxes filling out tsbpe plumbing inspector examination

Sign the Document

By putting your signature, you certify the correctness and authenticity of all the information you provide. Submitting false information may result in a license revocation or a large fine.

step 11 sign the document filling out tsbpe plumbing inspector examination

To Sum Up

So, if you decide to become a plumber inspector, you need extensive knowledge and compliance with various requirements. There are many opportunities in Texas to apply for this position. Choose the way that will cause you less difficulty and move in that direction.

After filling out the applications and collecting all the necessary documents and knowledge, go to TSBPE to take the exam. We wish you good luck!