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Citibank Direct Deposit Form

The Citibank Direct Deposit Form is a document Citibank account holders use to set up an automatic deposit of funds into their bank account. This form is typically provided to the account holder’s employer or other entities that may issue regular payments, such as pension disbursements or social security benefits. The form requires the account holder’s bank details, including the account number and routing number, and personal identification information to ensure that the deposits are made correctly and securely into the specified account.

The purpose of the Citibank Direct Deposit Form is to facilitate the electronic transfer of funds, bypassing the need for physical checks and manual deposits. This ensures that funds are available more quickly and securely, as direct deposits eliminate the delays and potential security risks associated with paper checks. Direct deposit is a more efficient and cost-effective payment process for employers and other payers.

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How to Fill Out the Citibank Direct Deposit Form

To generate and download the needed form, use our top-notch PDF file-building online tools. Get the latest version of the Citibank Direct Deposit Authorization template and fill out the form instantly. We recommend you following our illustrated guide and make the process easy and effortless:

Identify the Employee

Use the first box to enter the employee’s name. Ensure to leave it blank until the document is printed out. Enter your name in handwriting.

step 1 identify the employee filling out citibank direct deposit form

Submit the Tax Identifier

Enter your SSN or employee identifier. Complete the heading section by submitting your business phone number available during working hours.

step 2 submit the tax identifier filling out citibank direct deposit form

Specify the Percentage of Funds Transacted

Up next, you need to clarify how much payment you expect to be transferred via direct deposit. You are welcome to select from the following:

  • Full amount
  • Specific Amount
  • Specific percentage

Also, you can specify the exact parameters for the selected alternative.

step 3 specify the percentage of funds transacted filling out citibank direct deposit form

Submit the Citibank Account

Once the payment details are cleared, the preparer needs to enter the banking account number and the account type.

step 4 submit the citibank account filling out citibank direct deposit form

Select the Citibank Branch Office

Here, the employee should fill in the Citibank branch address. Enter the street and branch details in the upper box. Specify the city, state, and ZIP code details below.

step 5 select the citibank branch office filling out citibank direct deposit form

Provide the Citibank ABA Routing Number

The routing number assigned to your Citibank branch contains nine characters and is located in the bottom left corner of your check. Should you have no check or the receipt misses the number, you are empowered to consult a Citibank assistant on the official bank’s web portal.

step 6 provide the citibank aba routing number filling out citibank direct deposit form

Authorize the Payer

Next, the recipient needs to enter the legal name of the person or agency who is expected to carry the credit and debit transactions to your Citibank account.

step 7 authorize the payer filling out citibank direct deposit form

Acknowledge the Form

To finalize the authorization, the potential recipient should append their signature and place the current calendar date. Once all required data are entered, attach the form to the check and serve it to the authorized payer for further operations.

step 8 acknowledge the form filling out citibank direct deposit form