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USCIS Form I-134

Form USCIS I-134 (also called the Affidavit of Support) is commonly created by United States citizens and residents who have a green card when they want to become a sponsor of an individual planning to stay in the United States on a short-term visitor visa, typically as a tourist.

It can also apply to other short-term types of visas, including fiancé(e) visas. This may reassure the American state that the foreign individual arriving in the United States will not become a financial liability. The person will become the liability of the sponsor if they require financial assistance instead.

Who Can Create the Form USCIS I-134?

Only citizens of the United States or green card holders can submit this form. The sponsor should note that they may need to prove that they have sufficient funds to support the person planning to arrive in the United States for the time of their visit. This only applies to short temporary visits.

Why May Somebody Need the Form USCIS I-134?

Many visitors, including relatives and fiances of American citizens, or their friends willing to visit the United States for tourism, sometimes may not have sufficient funds to prove that they can support themselves, especially in risky situations. The notion of “public charge” has been present in the law since the Immigration Act of 1882. The “public charge” term refers to immigrants who get classified as likely to become a liability to the state. A public charge is a liability to the state. Public charge concerns can lead to a visa being denied to a person because they lack economic funds, for example.

A person with friends or relatives in the United States may sometimes be considered a potential public charge. They may benefit from their connections when it comes to arranging a trip to the United States. They can discuss with an American citizen or a green card holder that they will agree to act as their sponsor for the trip. Becoming somebody’s sponsor for visa-related purposes is a common practice in many countries, and the United States is not an exception.

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How to Fill Out USCIS Form I-134

The USCIS I-134 form is a complex legal tool, so you must fill it out carefully and with concentration. Make sure you have all the necessary information at hand. The sponsor will need to include:

  • Their identification and contact information
  • Their employment status
  • Information about their income
  • Details of their dependents

You are welcome to take advantage of our form-building software, which will make the process much easier and quicker. Follow our detailed guide on how to fill Form I-134 out to avoid any mistakes.

  • Identify Yourself

State your full name.

step 1.1 identify yourself filling out a uscis form i 134
If you have been known by other names throughout your life, include them in this section too. The maiden name should be listed here, for example. It also means you should include your aliases or nicknames if you have had any.

step 1.2 identify yourself filling out a uscis form i 134
Use the additional space in “Part 7” of the Form USCIS I-134 if there is not enough space for all your names.

  • Write Down Your Mailing Address

This part is mostly straightforward, but the field “3.a” may cause some confusion. The “In Care of Name” section is filled out in case somebody will receive the mail on your behalf. Leave it blank if it is not the case.

step 2 write down your mailing address filling out a uscis form i 134

  • Provide Your Physical Address (If Applicable)

Say if your mailing and physical addresses are different, and fill out “Section 5” if they are. Otherwise, proceed to “Section 6.”

step 3 provide your physical address filling out a uscis form i 134

  • Fill Out Your Birth Information

State your date of birth and place of birth.

step 4 fill out your birth information filling out a uscis form i 134

  • State Your Alien Registration, Social Security, and USCIS Online Account Numbers

The Alien Registration Number is a number given to noncitizens while the USCIS Online Account Number is issued by the USCIS online filing system.

step 5 state your alien registration, social security, and uscis online account numbers filling out a uscis form i 134

  • Identify Your Citizenship or Residency or Status

Check the appropriate box denoting your status in the United States.

  • Finish the “Information About You” Section

Here, state your age and how long you have resided in the United States.

step 7 finish the “information about you” section filling out a uscis form i 134

  • Provide Information About the Beneficiary

Include the names, dates of birth, gender, country of citizenship, and marital status of the beneficiary. Also, state their A-Number if they have one. Finish the section by specifying their relationship to you (the sponsor).

step 8 provide information about the beneficiary filling out a uscis form i 134

  • Include the Beneficiary’s Physical Address

This is a standard section of the form where you should state their full physical address.

  • Provide Information About the Beneficiary’s Spouse and Children (If Applicable)

Include their names, dates of birth, and gender. If you need more space, use “Part 7” of the form.

  • Include More Information About the Sponsor

State if you are employed and, if yes, who is your employer.

step 11.1 include more information about the sponsor filling out a uscis form i 134
If you are self-employed, use field “1.b” to specify what your job is.

step 11.2 include more information about the sponsor filling out a uscis form i 134

  • State the Employer Address

Fill out this section only if you are employed.

  • Provide Information About Your Income

Here, state your annual income, savings account balance, the value of your personal property, and the market value of your stocks and bonds. Also, say if you have life insurance, how much it is, and the cash surrender value.

step 13 provide information about your income filling out a uscis form i 134

  • Say If You Own Any Real Estate Property

If you own real estate or have a mortgage, state the value and its address here.

step 14 say if you own any real estate property filling out a uscis form i 134

  • Fill Out the “Dependents’ Information” Section (If Applicable)

If you have any dependents, state here their names, dates of birth, relationship to you, and in what manner they are dependent on you by checking the appropriate box.

step 15 fill out the “dependents’ information” section (if applicable) filling out a uscis form i 134

  • State the Details of Other Individuals You Have Submitted Affidavits of Support or Visa Petitions For (If Applicable)

Provide their names and if it is not applicable, say “None” in the space for the name below.

step 16 state the details of other individuals filling out a uscis form i 134
If you have submitted visa petitions for somebody, state their relationship to you and the date of filing.

  • Specify If You Intend to Make Contributions to Support the Beneficiary

If you check “intend,” describe the type of contribution.

step 17 specify if you intend to make contributions to support the beneficiary filling out a uscis form i 134

  • Provide the Sponsor’s Statement

Before filling out this section, read the “Penalties” section of the instructions for Form I-134. The statement explains whether you can read and understand English or if you have required assistance in translating or preparing it.

step 18 provide the sponsor’s statement filling out a uscis form i 134

  • Provide Your Contact Information

Here, include your daytime telephone number, mobile number, and email address (if you have one).

  • Sign and Date the Form

Here, the sponsor signs and dates Form I-134 after carefully checking it and reading the certification section.

  • Provide the Interpreter’s Details

“Part 5” of the form includes the main information about the interpreter. First, include their names and the name of their business or organization.

step 21 provide the interpreter’s details filling out a uscis form i 134

  • Include the Interpreter’s Contact Information

State their full contact address, phone numbers, and email address (if they have one).

  • Let the Interpreter Certify that They Have the Authority to Translate

Here the interpreter certifies that they are fluent in English and the other language they work with.

  • Let the Interpreter Sign the Form

The interpreter also needs to sign and date the form.

  • Include the Details Of the Preparer (If Applicable)

“Part 6” describes the person who has created the affidavit if that is not the sponsor. Include the name of that person and the organization they work for, their mailing address, and contact details.

  • Let the Preparer Read the Statement and Identify Themselves

Here, the preparer needs to state if an attorney acts on their behalf. If so, specify whether the representation of the sponsor extends to other matters. If this is the case, they may need to complete another form in addition to this one.

step 26 let the preparer read the statement and identify themselves filling out a uscis form i 134

  • Let the Preparer Sign the Form

Finish “Part 6” by signing it if you are the preparer. Include the date of signing.

  • Provide Additional Information (If Applicable)

“Part 7” of the form may be left untouched unless there is information that has not been included in the earlier sections of the form because of the lack of space. Identify the page, part, and question numbers to which your answers refer.

step 28 provide additional information filling out a uscis form i 134