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USCIS Form I-589

Regardless of the country of residence and citizenship, each person has the opportunity to move to another country. However, people do not always move to another country on their own. There are situations when they are forced to leave their city due to war, armed conflicts, or political persecution.

Application for Asylum and Withholding of Removal is an official document intended for granting asylum in the United States or for withholding deportation. According to the UN Convention against Torture, everyone may submit this application with a request for protection. People usually submit this form if they are in the United States but are not citizens of that country.

Undoubtedly, this form regulates issues related to your children and spouse. Do not forget that you must provide all the documents for each family member included in this application. This is a mandatory requirement of the US government. If you have been granted asylum and your family is located outside the United States, you have the option to file Form I-730. This official document is also aimed at obtaining asylum for relatives of a refugee to receive similar benefits. In general, American law has thought through every detail.

Make sure that your application is submitted on time. According to US rules, you must submit an asylum application within one year of your arrival in this country. It is a mandatory requirement of American law. For more information, see the section about Additional Data.

Carefully read the information and step-by-step instructions for filling out the form. If you have any questions, you may ask for help from a highly qualified specialist or even a lawyer.

Who Can Apply?

Everyone in the United States, regardless of the immigration status, may get asylum and protection. It is best to do this within a year of arriving in the United States. Unfortunately, applying at an inappropriate time leads to rejection. However, there is an exception. If you may explain the reasons that prevented you from submitting the form within one year, your application may be considered. By the way, your employment also depends on it.

What else should you remember? Within the framework of American law, there are rules regarding an unaccompanied alien child. This official term means both children who enter the USA without their parents or legal guardian and children who have been separated from their parents for other reasons. In this case, the authority of the United States provides assistance and care to these children.

Nuances And Subtleties

Before applying, please read all consequences and nuances. It will allow you to avoid misunderstandings, confusion, and mistakes. So, there are several reasons why the authorities may reject your form:

  • illegally submitted application (in this case, you face deportation)
  • providing false information and documents
  • failure to show up for an appointment at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services without a valid reason or lack of biometric material

All these reasons sometimes have a negative impact on the acceptance of applications for asylum and protection. So take this case seriously.

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Instructions For Forms

So, filling out an official document is always a serious matter. However, do not worry ahead of time, and read the information and step-by-step instructions. Remember, to apply for asylum, and you need to prove that you are a refugee or a persecuted person for political reasons. Also, explain your position by indicating that you do not want to return to your country of citizenship. Further, if you get approved for asylum, all your family members listed on the application have the right to stay in the United States and work.

There are also a few good reasons why you should share the risk of deportation:

  • participation in genocide or Nazi activities
  • persecution of other people
  • a criminal record for a particularly serious crime and a danger to Americans
  • committing a serious crime outside the United States
  • represent a threat to US security

All information regarding the deportation is in the public domain. In general, to avoid deportation, you need to prove that your life or freedom is in danger. If you are denied deportation, you will not be forcibly removed from the United States, but you may move to a third country. Each family member should apply for such protection independently since such a decision does not apply to everyone. In this case, only the immigration judges and the Immigration Appeals Board deal with this matter and may delay or cancel the deportation.

You need to check the box at the top to apply for protection and withholding removal. This is the first page.

step 1 check the box at the top to apply for protection and withholding removal filling out a uscis form i 589

  • Biographical information

On the first page, in the section Part A.I, enter reliable information about yourself (questions 1-17). Do not provide false data because then your application will not be accepted. Enter your current address of residence in the United States (the eighth question) and the current name of the country where you were born.

step 2.1 biographical information filling out a uscis form i 589
Next, the nineteenth question is about another Form, if you entered the United States with an inspection. Specify the necessary data for this form, but if you did not receive it, check the box “NO.” Enter your passport details and check that the information is correct (20-25).

step 2.2 biographical information filling out a uscis form i 589

  • Data About The Spouse And Children

The second part regulates issues related to your children and spouse. If there are any, be sure to provide information about them. You may also include your spouse or children under the age of 21 who are unmarried but live in the United States in your application. Unfortunately, if your children are over 21 and married, submit a separate asylum application form.

When including family members in the form, provide three copies of documents about the marriage and the birth of children. If the US authorities refuse to grant you asylum, this decision applies to your children and spouse.

step 3.1 data about the spouse and children filling out a uscis form i 589

step 3.2 data about the spouse and children filling out a uscis form i 589

  • Your Background

The third part provides information about your past (the last five years). Provide comprehensive data in reverse chronological order.

step 4 your background filling out a uscis form i 589

  • The Essence of Your Application

This extensive section addresses questions about the reasons for applying for asylum and protection. Here you will find specific questions about the right to receive protection, refusal, and deportation. Therefore, carefully read this section and answer the questions very clearly and honestly. Describe in detail if you have ever been subjected to torture and cruelty.

step 5.1 the essence of your application filling out a uscis form i 589

step 5.2 the essence of your application filling out a uscis form i 589

  • Additional Data And Signature

Please indicate in this section (Part C) the circumstances that prevented you from submitting this application within one year of your arrival in the United States. Also, answer “yes or no.” If you choose “yes,” write an explanation.

step 6.1 additional data and signature filling out a uscis form i 589

step 6.2 additional data and signature filling out a uscis form i 589
Like any other official document, sign this application (Part D). Also, be sure to write down who helped you when filling out the form. Carefully check the completed information for accuracy. Unfortunately, if you knowingly provide false information, you will not be able to submit this form and receive similar benefits in subsequent times. It is a hard requirement in the United States.

step 6.3 additional data and signature filling out a uscis form i 589

  • Other Person

According to the requirements of this application, any person who helped you fill out the form must sign and provide the necessary information about themselves (Part E). Moreover, there are penalties for perjury and providing false information. Do not allow such incidents to occur to avoid legal proceedings and deportation. Unfortunately, a refusal to provide data and offenses will lead to criminal punishment.

step 7 other person filling out a uscis form i 589

  • Additional Signature

Part F and Part G regulate additional provisions regarding the application for asylum and protection in the United States. Do not sign them when filling out until you have passed an interview with an authorized person and a hearing with an immigration judge. After completing the steps, sign these parts.

step 8 additional signature filling out a uscis form i 589

What Else Do You Need To Know?

So, for filing this form, attach supporting documents:

  • the signed original of this application
  • the original and copies of additional materials
  • an extra copy of this Form
  • applications of each family member
  • two copies of the marriage certificate and birth certificates of children
  • passport photo and a photo of the family members specified in the form
  • two copies of passports and any immigration documents the USA

When filling out this application for asylum and protection from torture and persecution, use our software to fill out this form. Do not forget to check the application and sign it. Otherwise, you will miss the opportunity to get these benefits in the United States.