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DD Form 1351-2

The USA is always ready to financially support those citizens who perform government service, whether this is being a member of the army forces or some other types of duties. Among the benefits one can count on, you can get a special travel voucher (or subvoucher). This serves to evince that you should receive reimbursement for the expenses that you had while traveling with the government. However, to receive it, you obviously are required to complete a particular document, DD Form 1351-2, where you will submit the necessary information about your itinerary, means of travel, expenses, and so on.

How Can You Obtain the Template?

You may choose to download the form from any source page you consider reliable enough and complete with a pen or ink (using a pencil is not allowed). To create a personalized document containing all the info you have to provide, use our form-editing software.

What Do You Have to Attach?

The form itself is comparably short — there is only one page with fillable fields. The second one will be completed with additional info about the items and services you purchased while traveling. Pay attention to the page where you will see the privacy act statement, penalty statement, and some specific instructions. According to the data in the last section, you must provide the following set of papers together with the completed form:

  • Travel authorizations and amendments;
  • The dependents’ travel authorizations (if applicable);
  • Secretarial approval of travel (a photocopy);
  • GTR, MTA, or the tickets (photocopies);
  • All receipts stating that you have spent $75 or a larger sum on any service or item.

Do not hesitate to contact the company issuing your travel orders for special assistance to avoid undesirable errors.

Remember to deliver the tickets you have not used to the T/O or CTO.

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How To Complete This Form?

  • Payment

step 1 payment filling out a dd form 1351 2
Opt for checking the EFT box if you are a military member or a civilian employee unless your travel is not an invitational order (or you know that you will travel with the government very seldom). In this case, choose Payment by Check.

  • Split Disbursement

step 2 split disbursement filling out a dd form 1351 2
Check the box and write down the exact amount of monetary funds you are supposed to receive on your GTCC.

  • Provide Your Name

step 3 provide your name filling out a dd form 1351 2
In this box, you have to input your last name, first name, and middle initial.

  • Indicate the Grade

step 4 indicate the grade filling out a dd form 1351 2
This has to be completed by those who perform military service for the US. If you are, write in your current rank. However, civilians should not leave the field blank as well — enter “C” herein.

  • Insert the SSN

step 5 insert the ssn filling out a dd form 1351 2
Your social security number has to be provided in this box in full, which implies writing down a complete nine-digit code.

  • Choose the Type of Payment

step 6 choose the type of payment filling out a dd form 1351 2
There are several options here to choose from. You have to check the boxes that say “TDY” and “Member/Employee.”

  • Enter the Address

step 7 enter the address filling out a dd form 1351 2
Your complete mailing address is required—print or type the house number, street, city, state, and zip. Also, please do not forget to indicate your email — that is of utmost importance, as it will be the main means of communication in the event any corrections have to be made.

  • Submit the Phone Number

step 8 submit the phone number filling out a dd form 1351 2
The daytime telephone number, along with the area code, is inserted in this box.

  • Provide Your Travel Order/Authorization Number

step 9 provide your travel order or authorization number filling out a dd form 1351 2
You will find the number in the top left corner of the TPS, in box 22 of the DD Form 1610, or, if you have an invitational order, the number is printed clearly therein.

  • Indicate Previous Government Payments/Advances

step 10 indicate previous government payments or advances filling out a dd form 1351 2
If you have already received any money, compensating for the travel you are initiating, print or type the exact amount in the box. Do not write anything here if you are unsure about the issue.

  • Complete the “For D.O. Use Only” Box

step 11 complete the “for d.o. use only” box filling out a dd form 1351 2
Submit your D.O. voucher number, sub voucher number, and the institution that has provided the payment for your travel. In computations, write the details about your annual leave taken while on TDY travel. In “e,” you will have to calculate the summary of the payment.

  • Name the Organization and Station

step 12 name the organization and station filling out a dd form 1351 2
In this box, enter the name of a company you work for.

  • Input Data about the Accompanying Dependents

step 13 input data about the accompanying dependents filling out a dd form 1351 2
You have to choose whether you have been accompanied by dependents or not, checking the corresponding box. If yes, insert their complete names, relationship to you, and date of birth (or marriage).

  • Enter Dependents’ Addresses

step 14 enter dependents’ addresses filling out a dd form 1351 2
If the dependents were authorized on TDY travel, insert their mailing addresses, together with states and zip codes.

  • Choose Whether Household Goods Have Been Shipped or Not

step 15 choose whether household goods have been shipped or not filling out a dd form 1351 2
Normally, you will opt for a “No,” as shipping goods happens really rarely. If this is your case, explain relevant details in remarks.

  • Complete the Itinerary

step 16 complete the itinerary filling out a dd form 1351 2
The next step is a detailed description of all the places you visited and stayed at in chronological order. Block “a” has to be filled out with the date you were traveling on. Block “b” will contain every stop of your duty location. Keep in mind that it is obligatory that your final stop is a PDS or a HOR. The other blocks have to be provided with the types of transport you used, reasons why you stopped at the location, lodging cost, and POC miles (if applicable).

  • Specify Whether You Travel by POC or Not

step 17 specify whether you travel by poc or not filling out a dd form 1351 2
Military members have to choose a box to claim if they were operating a type of transport or traveled as passengers.

  • Indicate the Travel Duration

step 18 indicate the travel duration filling out a dd form 1351 2
Choose the option among the three provided.

  • Create an Expenses Report

step 19 create an expenses report filling out a dd form 1351 2
Provide details about the items you spent money on. Write down the dates of purchases, each nature of the expense, and if the cost was $75 or more, attach appropriate receipts. Be very attentive about the dates, as only those items which were bought during your TFY travel will be compensated.

  • Input Deductible Meals Info

step 20 input deductible meals info filling out a dd form 1351 2
If you have dined in a government facility, you will receive compensation.

  • Sign the Form

step 21 sign the form filling out a dd form 1351 2
Please, be exceptionally careful about the signature. The form will be returned for corrections unless you append the signature. Date the paper in “b.”

  • Hand In the Document to Your Reviewer

step 22 hand in the document to your reviewer filling out a dd form 1351 2
A reviewer is either your commander or supervisor, who has to prove that the info submitted is, to their knowledge, true and correct. They must print their name, sign the paper, provide the phone number, and then date the form.

  • Get the Approving Official’s Authorization

step 23 get the approving official’s authorization filling out a dd form 1351 2
They also should print their name, sign, date the form, and indicate the phone number.

  • Deliver the Form to a Finance Officer

step 24 deliver the form to a finance officer filling out a dd form 1351 2
Do not write anything in blocks 22-28, as they are completed by a professional.

  • Complete the Remarks

step 25 complete the remarks filling out a dd form 1351 2
The second page is supposed to contain the data about those items that you have indicated in Block 21a.

Remember that submission of false and fictitious claims is considered a crime and will lead to severe penalties. Review the form prior to handing it in, and make sure you have not left any of the fillable spaces blank (unless deliberate). Failure to provide requested data may result in the paper returned for correction or denial of the amount claimed.