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DA Form 5960

Performing military service is an exceptionally responsible and tough job. Thus, this is apparent that the government provides special benefits for those individuals who have chosen to become members of the armed forces of the USA. Each of them is eligible for basic allowance for quarters and/or variable housing allowance. To start, adjust, or terminate your entitlement to receive these benefits, create and submit the DA Form 5960.

What Are the Submission Rules?

In case any of the changes below happen to you, mind informing the FAO/HRO:

  • Divorce;
  • Marriage;
  • Death;
  • Legal Separation;
  • Birth of Child;
  • Living in Government Quarters;
  • Other Similar Circumstances.

You are required to complete and submit three copies of the document. Please use our form-building software to obtain a template.

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How to Fill the Form Out?

Like any other governmental fillable paper, DA Form 5960 is relatively complicated, although not very long. That is why it might be a good idea to use professional assistance while completing the document. Ensure to have completed all the fields to avoid nonpayment.

  • Input Essential Data

step 1.1 input essential data filling out a da form 5960
Begin by providing your surname, first name, and middle initial.

step 1.2 input essential data filling out a da form 5960
Proceed to insert your SSN (Social Security Number), which will serve to identify you as a military personnel member.

  • Indicate Professional Details

step 2.1 indicate professional details filling out a da form 5960
Enter your current rank in the armed forces.

step 2.2 indicate professional details filling out a da form 5960
In “Type of Action,” check the corresponding box to establish the reason you are completing the form.

step 2.3 indicate professional details filling out a da form 5960
The duty location, including station, name, city, state, and zip code, is provided thereafter.

step 2.4 indicate professional details filling out a da form 5960
The effective date of action (year, month, date) has to be filled out then.

  • Family Info

step 3.1 family info filling out a da form 5960
Depending on whether you are dwelling in the unit with or without dependants, check the box indicating your situation. If you are not in a legal relationship but providing child support according to the court’s decision, mark “Partial.”

step 3.2 family info filling out a da form 5960
Insert information about your spouses and minor children. If you are married, divorced, or legally separated, you will be asked to enter the (former) spouse’s SSN, duty station, and the date you have made your current relationship status effective.

Choose whether your child’s custodian is a member of the armed forces, spouse, former spouse, or other (prepare DD Form 137 to establish dependency if you have checked the last box therein). It is required to provide more details if your child’s custodian is a current military member.

  • Quarters Assignment/Availability

step 4 quarters assignment or availability filling out a da form 5960
Define whether your dwelling unit is adequate, inadequate, transient, or not available, and input more quarters-related info.

  • Sharers

step 5 sharers filling out a da form 5960
If you are living together with your spouse, children, or other dependents, you need to enter their full name, complete address, your relationship, and the children’s date of birth if applicable.

  • Certification of Dependent Support

step 6 certification of dependent support filling out a da form 5960
An applicant, being sound of mind, must write their initials in the boxes to affirm that they are able to provide adequate support for the dependents mentioned above and that none of that information has changed to affect the entitlement.

  • Requesting VHA

step 7.1 requesting vha filling out a da form 5960
VHA stands for variable housing allowance and is released if an applicant proves they necessitate this benefit. If you are applying for VHA, refer to what the request is based on:

  • Your permanent duty station;
  • Your dependent’s location;
  • Or both of these.

step 7.2 requesting vha filling out a da form 5960
The first part of this section is dedicated to your monthly expenses, as well as the dependents’. Herein you should insert the amount of money in US dollars you spend on mortgage or rent, insurance, or other needs. Enter the total number thereunder.

step 7.3 requesting vha filling out a da form 5960
Provide the sharer/lease info in the second part.

step 7.4 requesting vha filling out a da form 5960
Input the landlord’s name, address, and mobile number in part three. Make sure that all the data you are submitting is true and correct, as making false statements may result in a fine, imprisonment, or both.

  • Authorization

step 8 authorization filling out a da form 5960
Sign and date the document on the last line. Then, deliver the form to the certifying officer, who will also need to append their signature and indicate the date your form was accomplished.