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DD Form 149

DD Form 149, known as the “Application for Correction of Military Record Under the Provisions of Title 10, U.S. Code, Section 1552,” is utilized by service members and veterans seeking to correct any errors or injustices in their military records. The form is processed by the respective service’s Board for Correction of Military Records (BCMR). Applicants must clearly state the specific changes they believe are necessary and provide supporting evidence or documentation to justify their request. The corrections can include changes to discharge status, evaluations, awards, and enlistment records. This form is crucial for rectifying errors that may impact a veteran’s benefits, career opportunities, and legal rights, thus ensuring that their military record accurately reflects their service and conduct.

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Recommendations for Filling Out the DD 149 Form

It takes approximately thirty minutes to complete the DD 149 form. You can find the current version of the form on the DFAS official website, or you can simply use our latest software tools and development to build the form and fill it out online. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to do it properly.

  • Read the Official Instructions

We suggest you start by reading the DFAS information requirements thoroughly. You will find specific guidelines on filling out the form indicated on the second page of your DD 149 form.

step 1 read the official instructions filling out a dd form 149

  • Enter the Applicant’s Personal Data

In this section of the form, the applicant will need to insert the following information: his or her full legal name, branch of military service, present or last date of grade payment, service number (if applicable), and Social Security Number.

step 2 enter the applicant’s personal data filling out a dd form 149

  • Indicate Your Current Military Status

In these respective boxes, you need to enter your current status regarding military service, insert type and date, and report the release from the active-duty date (if applicable).

step 3 indicate your current military status filling out a dd form 149

  • Describe the Subject Error or Injustice

Hereunder, you may describe the essence of your complaint. Please try to be as specific as possible and provide factual information.

step 4 describe the subject error or injustice filling out a dd form 149

  • Provide Reasoning

Keep in mind that your reasoning should be convincing. The success of your complaint depends on it. You may as well refer to your military merits to be more persuasive.

step 5 provide reasoning filling out a dd form 149

  • Indicate the Organization

In the blank box, provide information on the organization where the mistake has occurred originally.

step 6 indicate the organization filling out a dd form 149

  • Confirm Information on the Statute of Limitations

Indicate the date you discovered the mistake in your military records and make sure it is not past the 3-years expiration date.

step 7 confirm information on the statute of limitations filling out a dd form 149

  • Provide Supporting Papers

You need to file supporting documents along with your application. There is a whole section for you to enter the description of all submitted supporting papers. You may write a summary followed by “See the attachment” to refer to them.

step 8 provide supporting papers filling out a dd form 149

  • Establish Your Desire to Appear before the Board

Check the corresponding box if you want to appear in person before the deciding Board members in Washington D.C.

step 9 establish your desire to appear before the board filling out a dd form 149

  • Enter Counsel’s Information

If you have asked for legal assistance, you will have to provide the contact information of your counsel. It would be helpful for prompt communication on your case matters.

step 10 enter counsel’s information filling out a dd form 149

  • Provide the Applicant’s Contact Information

Enter the applicant’s valid physical address, E-mail address, and fax number (if applicable).

step 11 provide the applicant’s contact information filling out a dd form 149

  • Place Signature and Date

The applicant shall append a signature in Box 15 and the current date in Box 16. If you file the application on behalf of a deceased military service member, you shall place the signature instead and indicate your relationship in Box 12.

step 12 place signature and date filling out a dd form 149

  • Leave Remarks

In this section, you can leave your comments and remarks regarding the case. You may leave this field blank if you do not have any.

step 13 leave remarks filling out a dd form 149