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SSA Form SSA-561-U2

SSA Form SSA-561-U2, known as the “Request for Reconsideration,” is a form used by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to formally request a review of an SSA decision. This form is crucial for individuals who disagree with the SSA’s initial determination regarding their benefits, such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). It provides a structured way for claimants to challenge decisions concerning non-medical and medical determinations, including benefit amounts, eligibility decisions, or overpayment claims. Filling out this form is the first step in the appeals process, allowing individuals to seek a second evaluation of their case based on the evidence and documents provided.

Using SSA Form SSA-561-U2 is essential for those who believe that an error was made in the handling of their original claim or that new information might influence the decision. When completing the form, claimants can specify the parts of the decision they are disputing and provide additional details or new evidence that supports their position. The submission of this form triggers a complete review of the previous decision by different SSA personnel, which can potentially lead to a different outcome that could be more favorable to the applicant. It represents an important right of claimants to ensure fair treatment and accuracy in the administration of their benefits.

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How to Fill Out the Form

You can either fill the form out by yourself or ask a representative to complete the process for you. It can be whoever you want: your spouse or any other family member, one of your close friends, your lawyer, or an agent hired specifically for this task. SSA and other governmental offices understand that each claimer has a different situation, so there is an opportunity to fill out the template with your representative’s help.

It does not matter if it is you or your legal representative who creates the record; both of you may feel confused once you see the form template for the first time. We have provided thorough instructions below to avoid complications and get the best result in one take.

Every legal document creation in the United States begins with seeking a valid template. Since you are already on our website, try using our form-building software right here to generate the Form SSA-561-U2 immediately. Nowadays, it is unnecessary to go through a time-consuming procedure of looking for templates on the official public authorities’ websites.

After you have obtained the template, you may proceed to the guidance below.

Write Your Name, SSN, and Claim Number

On the first page’s top, there are three blank fields for a claimer to insert their name, social security number (or SSN), and claim number (only if it does not coincide with a claimer’s SSN). Write all of these in the designated boxes.

step 1 write your name, ssn, and claim number filling out a form ssa 561 u2
Name the Issue

Next, you should specify what you are filling this form out. You must write the main reason and then accompany it with details. Among the main reasons are a lack of SSI, medical or financial support, or SVB; problems with a retirement plan, overpayment, and others.

By filling out the lines below, you state that you disagree with the SSA decisions and ask to reconsider. Explain the reasons here.

step 2 name the issue filling out a form ssa 561 u2
Pick a Suitable Option

In the next step, you have to define a way to appeal. There are three options: case review (all cases), informal conference (cases with certain exceptions), and a formal conference (again, some exceptions exist). Read each option’s description carefully and mark the relevant box with a tick.

Besides the listed exceptions, these ways are different because, in some cases, you will have to meet a decision-maker for your reconsideration in person.

step 3 pick a suitable option filling out a form ssa 561 u2
Add Your Contact Info

Here, you have a chart split into two halves. In the one on the left, you have to leave your signature (it is an optional field) and indicate your mailing address below. Then, write your phone number so social services can reach you and insert the current date in the field nearby.

On the right-hand side, your representative who helps you complete the form (if you have any) may add their data. The required info is the same: mailing address, phone number, and the current date.

step 4 add your contact info filling out a form ssa 561 u2
Do Not Fill Out the Following Section

Below phone numbers and dates, you will see a warning written in bold: the form’s next part is for the SSA use and completion, not yours. Leave all fields here blank and scroll to the template’s second page, where you can see a list of initial decisions made by SSA that could have affected your benefits or payments.

On this page, there is nothing to fill out. Read the notes to determine what decisions services may use against applicants and go to the third page.

step 5 do not fill out the following section filling out a form ssa 561 u2
Copy the Information from the First Page

The third page’s completion will be easy because you have already done Page 1 and the content here is the same. It is a copy that will be given to you after SSA representatives fill their sections out.

Enter your name, SSN, claim number; mark a suitable option among three; sign, add your address and phone number and date the form. If you have a representative, they may complete their section in the chart.

step 6.1 copy the information from the first page filling out a form ssa 561 u2
step 6.2 copy the information from the first page filling out a form ssa 561 u2
Again, below this chart, you will see a section that SSA workers will complete. Do not write anything in there.

Read the Additional Information

The form’s last page contains info about the people who can help you with the form completion and additional records you might need to submit. Also, it offers you to read the privacy act statement according to which public authorities can collect and process applicants’ personal information.