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Myers Briggs Compatibility Chart

Why Is Decent Self-Analysis So Important?

Self-reflection is vital for everybody nowadays. A better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses helps establish a high-quality relationship with yourself, cooperate with others effectively, and boost your career. However, it might not be as simple of a task as it sounds because one typically has to search for a credible self-evaluation tool.

The History of MBTI

MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) was developed in the middle of the previous century by two women who got inspired by Carl Jung’s theory of personality types. Right after the first version of the test was developed, Myers and Briggs began to present it to close friends and family members. They seemed to approve that the chart works, and MBTI has become one of the most reliable self-reflection instruments since then.

It is essential to add that the “test” is not exactly what we normally mean by this word. It does not imply that some answers are better than the other or correct and incorrect. Each option you will choose while completing the process of your personality type indication is valuable.

The Structure

There are four core elements of personality that are tested by the questionnaire:

  • The way you tend to interact with others

The statement does not actually imply being either sociable or quiet. An extrovert is understood as someone who prefers to get energy in the outer sources, including being around people, while an introvert is someone who recharges when being alone.

  • The way you perceive new information

Myers and Briggs believed that individuals get new info through sensing or intuition. The first tend to be more thoughtful and practical. The second is prone to use imagination and abstract theories.

  • The way you solve problems and make decisions

Depending on the answers you give, you will be categorized into a thinking or feeling type.

  • The way you view the outer world

A person will turn out to be flexible and easy to adapt, or more likely to structuralize everything and judge others.

It is apparent that no one is 100% any type representative, although each of us probably has dominant features. The questionnaire is about to reveal them.

Other Charts and Tables

Check various other charts and tables PDFs readily available for editing through our software. Moreover, do not forget that it is possible to upload, fill out, and edit any PDF form at FormsPal.

How to Determine Whether You Match?

Please, use our form-building software to complete the questionnaire. Depending on your answers, you will be identified as one of the 16 types of personality (for instance, INFP). Then, you are welcome to see whether you are compatible with another individual or not. It might be a romantic or professional relationship, as well as other types of interaction. The colors will represent how successful your cooperation can turn out to be.

Red Color Interpretation

Obviously, it is quite a complicated relationship to manage. You will probably not understand each other because of substantial differences, which will lead to never-ending conflicts.

step 1 red color interpretation filling out myers briggs compatibility chart

Yellow Color Interpretation

The relationship marked with this color would be a standard one. You will not probably become very close with your partner, but still, it can work out for you.

step 2 yellow color interpretation filling out myers briggs compatibility chart

Light Green Color Interpretation

It seems that one person will be more into another one.

step 3 light green color interpretation filling out myers briggs compatibility chart

Green Color Interpretation

This one seems to be a stable and healthy relationship, as you have a lot in common.

step 4 green color interpretation filling out myers briggs compatibility chart

Blue Color Interpretation

If your compatibility is blue, it means that your interaction will be almost flawless.

step 6 blue color interpretation filling out myers briggs compatibility chart

Do not forget that the chart does not provide an entirely trustworthy result but is developed as a quick estimation of whether the relationship might work or not. All people are unique. Apart from the characteristics mentioned above, you have values and individual personality features obtained through life experience.