US Courts Form 271

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US Courts Form 271

US Courts Form 271 is a legal document used in the United States Bankruptcy Court to finalize the administration of a debtor’s estate. The form is titled “Final Decree” and signifies that all necessary actions regarding the estate have been completed. It confirms the distribution of the required deposits according to the plan, the discharge of the trustee from their duties, and the closure of the bankruptcy case.

The form requires the district, case number, debtor’s details, trustee’s name, and the date. The purpose of Form 271 is to officially conclude the bankruptcy process, documenting that all obligations have been met and that the involved parties are released from further responsibilities related to the case.

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How to Fill Out the Form

If you want to get the idea of how the 271 Form is filled out, we have added the instructions here. They also might be useful for court personnel, especially workers who have just started their careers.

  • Download the Proper Template

Of course, you can visit the official United States Courts’ website and look for the template there. But why doing that if you are already here? Generate the 271 Form (or Final Decree) using our form-building software: it is extremely easy to use.

  • Indicate the Court’s Location

In the first blank lines the clerk sees on the page, they have to insert the court’s location (district).

step 2 indicate the court’s location filling out a us courts form 271

  • Name the Debtor

The court clerk has to write the debtor’s full name and then insert their SSN (or social security number’s) last four digits. If the debtor has EID (or Employer’s Tax Identification), the clerk must include it as well, below the inserted SSN.

step 3 name the debtor filling out a us courts form 271

  • Write the Case Number

Each case in court has its number for simple identification. The following step is adding the specific case number in the relevant blank line (on the right-hand side).

step 4 write the case number filling out a us courts form 271

  • Indicate If the Deposit Has Been Distributed

If the required deposit has been distributed to the lenders, the clerk marks the suitable blank box.

step 5 indicate if the deposit has been distributed filling out a us courts form 271

  • Describe the Orders

There are three options that the court clerk may mark in the following section:

  • Trustee’s discharging

If the trustee responsible for estate managing in the case is discharged with this final decree, the clerk shall mark this option and add the trustee’s full name.

  • The case closure

By final decrees, bankruptcy cases are usually closed; so, the clerk will tick this option and state the case’s type (Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and so on).

  • Other provisions (if needed)

If the clerk wants to enter additional provisions, they can do it here. If not, the field can be left blank.

step 6 describe the orders filling out a us courts form 271

  • Date the Form

The 271 Form should be dated. The clerk must put the date of signing in the designated line.

step 7 date the form filling out a us courts form 271

  • Ask the Judge to Sign

The form must be signed by the judge. After the template is finished, the clerk will ask the judge to verify the record by signing it. The judge also can date the document instead of the clerk.

step 8 ask the judge to sign filling out a us courts form 271

  • Add More Details (If Any)

There is a tiny statement with additional instructions below the signature and date. According to them, the clerk should write all names used by the debtor in the last eight years (both individual and business names). Besides, if the debt is joint, the social security numbers of all obligors must be included in the form.

step 9 add more details (if any) filling out a us courts form 271