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Western Union Form

If you need to financially support your loving ones who live far away but do not have a bank account, Western Union empowers you to send monetary funds via their service. The company appears to be one of the biggest names among transfer networks. Like any company in the sphere, Western Union has its merits and flaws. Let’s consider some of the essential parameters:


  • Being one of the greatest networks, Western Union allows to send and receive money almost in every part of the world.
  • Impressive history and Background — the company has been conducting monetary transfers since 1871.
  • Speed — traditionally, the recipient gets the payout within 3-5 days after the operation is established. Still, if you need a faster transaction that takes only up to 10 minutes, some extra charges are being collected.
  • Variety of transfer options — the sender is allowed to choose the most preferable method of transaction and payout type, including cash, bank account, mobile wallet, credit or debit, wire transfer, and more.
  • Mobile app available both for Android and iOS users


  • The fee percentage is rather high. Nearly any transaction method demands the customer to pay extra fees for the service. The good news is that you are welcome to use coupons (if any) to redeem the charges. Still, be prepared to provide additional payments for the service.
  • Unfavorable exchange rates — in case you send money in one currency and the recipient expects to withdraw the sum in another coin, be ready for the unpleasant moment of losing some value due to exchange rates that are rather weak in Western Union. On average, Western Union exchange policy can be up to 20 percent worse compared to mid-market parameters.

How Does Money Transfer Work?

Before you start sending the money, you are expected to register within the service’s system. All operations can be conducted online, in person, or via the official Western Union mobile app. Enter the system and create an account to start sending you financial support to the close ones.

Some people, however, prefer personal contact and face-to-face assistance. If this is your case, ensure to follow these instructions to complete the transfer operation:

  1. Select the preferable Western Union Center. There are around 42,000 locations in North America by now.
  2. Submit your contact data and legal name to create an account and enter the WU database.
  3. Validate your account by using the code (or link) sent to your email or mobile.
  4. Fill out the sending info and the payment methods
  5. Specify the recipient
  6. Provide verification data for the recipient to withdraw the money.

All inherent info, including the tracking details, can be found on the transaction receipt. You are welcome to supervise the tracking by using the money tracking control number recognized as MTCN. Go online, seek assistance from a WU representative, or obtain the needed info by phone. All you need to provide to verify the qualification are:

  • The sender’s (or the recipient’s) name and phone number
  • Country of destination
  • Value sent
  • Date of transfer

Also, be ready to comply with the service’s charges for the money transfer.

What Are the Transfer Fees?

Western Union fee policy depends on several factors that eventually form the final charge payment for almost any transaction. Consider the below-listed merits to understand the algorithm of establishing the fee:

  • Destination location

Under the company’s strategy, all locations make a different rate. Thus, for example, sending money to Europe creates 20 percent markups, while sending funds to India will only make 1.99 percent of extra fees.

  • Payment and receiving methods

Different payment (or receiving) methods have various markups, too. Sending money via a credit card appears to be the most expensive strategy that can build up to 34 USD per transaction. Also, you need to consider your card provider’s fee policy, which can also withdraw some charges. When receiving the money, claiming cash will be more expensive compared to banking account transfers.

  • Exchange rates

Following the company’s policy, exchange rates are based on the currency type and transfer method.

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How to Fill Out Western Union Form

Generate and download the needed Western Union PDF file template in high quality via our form-building software: complete, print out, and use it instantly. You are welcome to follow the tips of the guide below to avoid any troubleshooting while preparing the document.

The form consists of three main parts, including the client’s identification block and two transaction alternatives to choose from, relying on whether you plan to send or receive payments. Submit the parts, subsequently entering the valid data to avoid any unfavorable situations and money loss.

Identify the Western Union Customer

In the first spare field, the client should enter their full legal name in a printed manner, the exact way it is stated on their ID document (either passport, driver’s license, or proof of age card).

step 1 customer’s name filling out western union form

Provide the Customer’s Contact Details

Here, you need to select the right box to submit your contact data. If you are an existing customer and your name is included in the database, follow the instructions of the upper box and enter your mobile phone number and Western Union customer ID.

If you are new to Western Union service, make sure to fill out the lower box and disclose the info as follows:

  • Apartment or suite number and street
  • City or Suburb
  • State and postal code details
  • Country of citizenship
  • Birthdate and country of birth
  • Mobile phone number

Ensure to avoid P. O. Box address, as Western Union does not accept these data as a mailing location.

step 2 customer’s personal details filling out western union form

Once the heading part is completed, proceed to fill out the next appropriate section. Select the green-color part if you plan to send payments. If you expect to receive funds, choose the yellow-color section.

Prepare the “Send Money” Part

Here, the customer is expected to enter the following info regarding the procedure:

  • To specify the transaction details, insert the country and currency of destination and either the amount to be sent in dollars or payout value.

step 3.1 transaction details filling out western union form

  • Select optional services (if applicable). Here you need to clarify if you want the payment to be transacted to the bank account or a mobile number.

If the customer chooses a bank account, let them specify the bank name, code (BIC), and location. Also, disclose the account name and account number (IBAN).

step 3.2 to a bank account filling out western union form

If you wish to proceed with the transaction to a mobile, specify the country code and a phone number.

step 3.3 to a mobile filling out western union form

  • To identify the receiver, submit the person’s full legal name as indicated in ID documents and living address, including the street, suite number, city, state (province), country, and postal data. Do not use the P. O. Box as a contact address because it is not accepted by the service.

step 3.4 id the receiver filling out western union form

  • Provide the test question and answer to protect the funds from inappropriate withdrawals. Make sure to inform the recipient about the test details, so they can claim the payout without encumbrance.

step 3.5 test protection filling out western union form

Complete the “Receive Money” Section

If you are the person to claim the payout, skip the green part and complete the following data in the corresponding section:

  • Define the transaction details by entering the money transfer control number and amount to be withdrawn

step 4.1 control number and value filling out western union form

  • Country of the payment originator
  • Sender’s full legal name

step 4.2 sender’s data filling out western union form

  • Recipient’s signature and calendar date of withdrawal

step 4.3 sign and date filling out western union form

Leave the Black Section Blank

The final part of the document should be completed by the Western Union service representative. Leave the section blank before you submit the form.

step 5 completed by wu representative filling out western union form