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Roofing Estimate Template

Estimate templates are great means of working process optimization. The focal purpose of such forms is to allow the service provider to pre-arrange and fill in the heading information, including the client’s data and some certain aspects, save the specialist’s time and the client’s money, as time is valuable.

A roofing estimate form is executed and completed by a roofing service provider who conducts the labor and draws invoices. In most cases, the templates are downloadable and can be customized to meet the demands of a certain client.

Pros of Using a Roofing Estimate Template

Unlike some other products, using a roofing estimate form is always beneficial both for the service provider and the customer. Consider the merits below to learn how advantageous these templates can be:

  • Ready-to-use templates demand minimal effort and save the provider’s time when estimating the object. All one needs to do is add the necessary amounts on location and authorize the disclosure.
  • Online tools provided by our website allow you to create, adjust, customize, and download the correct template instantly.
  • You are welcome to email the estimation papers to have them approved electronically.
  • Customers are inspired to have a prepared roofing estimate template just in case. Should the provider representative have some issues offering the form, the client keeps their eye on the ball.

Having a pre-arranged roofing estimate template, you will remember to list all important parameters.

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How to Fill Out a Roofing Estimate Template

Estimate templates save a lot of time and effort. We encourage you to utilize our PDF file Roofing Estimate forms to optimize the process and have your inspection secured and registered. You are welcome to generate the needed template, fill it in online or download and complete the form in handwriting.

Define the Service

Begin with determining the type of service you are going to provide. If there is some specific work to be done regarding the roof service, clarify the issue in this block.

step 1 define the service filling out roofing estimate template

Identify the Specialist

Here, you should enter your name as the roof service provider who plans to inspect the roof.

step 2 name the specialist filling out roofing estimate template

Disclose the License Details

Up next, you need to fill out the contractor license number.

step 3 license filling out roofing estimate template

Submit the Estimate Details

Use the referred lines to specify the estimated number. Also, you need to enter the following date information:

  • Date of inspection
  • Start date and end date in case the estimate lasts more than one day
  • Date when the estimate expires

step 4 estimate dates and number filling out roofing estimate template

Complete the Status and Job Details Section

Answer the statements offered by this section and enter the inherent data to describe the following parameters:

  • Presence of roof leaking on the date of inspection
  • Leaking background
  • Drainage and leak specifications
  • Date the initial inspection was made
  • Year the roof was installed
  • Roof size, height, shape, surface, membrane, deck, number of layers
  • Availability of any skylights, HVAQ systems, or other equipment

If any of the metrics described above are provided, tick off the corresponding box.

step 5 status and job details section filling out roofing estimate template

Describe Roof Construction Details

Next, the estimator should give a more detailed description regarding the roof construction specifications. Disclose the info about the below-listed aspects:

  • Shingles materials
  • Underlayment or interlayment materials
  • Flashing
  • Installation data
  • Any inherent additional info should be registered on the Exclusions (Additions) line

step 6 construction details filling out roofing estimate template

Provide a Detailed Materials Estimation

Use the “Materials” section to describe and estimate the materials provided. Enter the name and type of each element, its quality info, cost, and final value. Also, fill in the materials total amount at the bottom of the unit.

step 7 estimation of materials filling out roofing estimate template

Describe the Services Provided

In the “Labor” section, the expert is expected to list the type of services they have provided, number of hours spent, rate per hour, and the total amount for each type of service. Use the bottom line to compute the final value of labor offered.

Identify the Client

Use the boxes on the left to submit the client’s information. Here, you need to fill in the data as follows:

  • Legal name
  • Billing (mailing address)
  • Contact phone, including the area code
  • Email
  • Working address

You are empowered to complete this section before you visit the client to save time when executing estimation.

step 9 customer’s id filling out roofing estimate template

Authorize the Template

The final step in preparing the roofing estimate form is the acknowledgment part. The specialist offering the services must append their signature, place the current date, and estimated total amount.