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IRS Schedule A Form 1040 or 1040-SR

Every individual in the United States who has reached the age of a taxpayer might be familiar with several templates that serve as their tax returns. Usually, people must file either 1040 or 1040-SR forms developed by the US Internal Revenue Service (or IRS).

Both templates also have various schedules designed for additional info that does not fit into the form itself. In this text, we will review Schedule A that is needed in many cases.

The key reason to complete and submit this form is the individual’s desire to indicate certain items that can re-count their taxes and make the tax burden less than it could be. While some people go for a standard scheme for their deductions, others prefer to use this form to list specific things that lead to the general tax reduction.

Among these things are taxes that you have already covered, medical services’ costs, gifts for charity, and other things. The schedule is not mandatory; you will not necessarily fill it out and submit it. Only deductions for specific items require this schedule; if you use a standard scheme, you do not need this form.

The difference between the standard scheme of deductions and the itemized one is the sum you can get. For the standard, you can get almost 13,000 US dollars in 2021 as an individual and about 25,000 US dollars if you file your deductions as a couple. People choose one option or another depending on their costs and wish.

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Schedules should be prepped and attached to IRS forms only in specific circumstances. Read more about other schedules to make sure you are using the right one.

Filling Out the Schedule

Some taxpayers in the US prefer to hire an expert (or an agency) that will help them deal with their returns. However, many people decide to save some money and prepare the required forms on their own. We have made a set of instructions for those who pick the second option.

Even though the template is short and there is not much to fill out, you still may face confusion and a lack of understanding. If this occurs, we strongly recommend you to talk to those who deal with taxes professionally or to read the Service’s guidelines (they are provided for every template issued by the Service).

You cannot create any legal document without having a correct template. Downloading the file from the Service’s official website is possible; however, we encourage you to try our professional form-building software that can deliver any template you are searching for. Schedule A (IRS Form 1040 and 1040-SR) is on the list of available templates, too.

So, your filling-out process starts with getting the proper template. After you have found one, see our guide below with details to include step by step.

Write Your Name and SSN

By now, you must have filled out your tax return (1040 or 1040-SR). Prepare it because you will need some data from it. Enter your name and SSN (or social security number) as written in your return.

step 1 write your name and ssn filling out an irs schedule a form 1040 or 1040 sr

Determine Your Medical Costs

In the initial block, you will add the medical and dental costs you had during the considered year. If somebody else paid for some procedures, do not insert these costs here. The full list of expenses you can and cannot add is written on the Service’s website.

Check if your procedures fit the list of allowed ones. Also, the instructions contain the chart where you can see the maximum amount of deduction (it depends on your age) and other limitations. You have to do the math as well: the form gives a hint on how to count numbers for some lines.

step 2 determine your medical costs filling out an irs schedule a form 1040 or 1040 sr

Add Deductible Taxes

The second block lets you include some taxes you have already covered and get some deductions from them. If you have paid something, add the numbers for local and state tax, real estate tax, and other required figures.

If some taxes you have covered are not on the list, there is a line for miscellaneous taxes and their sum. Then, add one rate to another to get the total amount as written in the template and enter the result in the designated line.

step 3 add deductible taxes filling out an irs schedule a form 1040 or 1040 sr

Describe the Paid Interest

If throughout the year, there were particular interest payments made by you, you can ask for a deduction, too. To insert some numbers, you might need the forms 1098 and 4952 and information from there.

Overall, you can add the investment interest, home mortgage interest rates, and mortgage points here under certain conditions. Double-check the Service’s guidelines to understand what you can re-count: there are also some restrictions you need to know about.

step 4 describe the paid interest filling out an irs schedule a form 1040 or 1040 sr

Insert Charity Gifts

This block is applicable for you if you have made any gifts of a certain value for the purposes of the charity. Choose the relevant line to fill out: it depends on the payment method. If your gift was more expensive than 250 US dollars, see the Service’s guidelines for clarification.

In case the charity gifts’ value exceeded 500 US dollars during the year, you must provide one more form (8283). If there is a carryover from the past year, write the sum in the relevant line. Then, add the sums from all lines of this block and write the result in the “total” line.

step 5 insert charity gifts filling out an irs schedule a form 1040 or 1040 sr

Define Casualty and Theft Losses

If during the year there was any disaster that was federally declared and related to you, you may add the sum in this section. You should use another form, 4684, and enter the numbers from this template (line 18).

step 6 define casualty and theft losses filling out an irs schedule a form 1040 or 1040 sr

Include Miscellaneous Deductions

If you have something more to add, there is a “miscellaneous” section. There, you can describe anything that does not fit other form’s blocks. You must write the types and sums in this section.

step 7 include miscellaneous deductions filling out an irs schedule a form 1040 or 1040 sr

Get the Total Result

You should sum the numbers from all previous lines and add the result here. Also, it must be copied to a certain field of your tax return (line 9).

Your deductions with this form might be less profitable for you than standard deductions. If you still wish to count them in accordance with this Schedule, mark the box below the total sum.

step 8 get the total result filling out an irs schedule a form 1040 or 1040 sr

How to Submit the Form

You should submit this Schedule in addition to your tax return. There is no need to split the forms apart: just put them together and file all papers at the same time. You can use one of two options to deliver your forms: either upload them via the Service’s website or go to the closest post office and send them via mail. If you choose the first option, your papers will be processed much faster.

Every year the deadline for tax returns submission varies. In 2021, you must deliver them before April 15; otherwise, you will be penalized.