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IRS Form 1095-B

As taxpayers who are residents of the US have to file many documents to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with reports about income and other finances. IRS Form 1095-B is required to fill out for employees of companies with less than 50 workers. If you are a member of a small business, you may be interested in this review.

IRS Form 1095-B serves as a confirmation that employees and their families have enough insurance coverage according to the state and federal norms. Taxpayers without minimum essential coverage are released from the fine but still have to complete this document.

It is not obligatory to send the form, but you still should mark the data about your coverage every year.

Why Complete IRS Form 1095-B?

According to the Affordable Care Act, being insured is the responsibility of every taxpayer in America. By filling this form, you will ensure the government that you have minimum insurance coverage and that you are following the rules. If you do not provide this data, you will not be able to receive a tax credit.

It was required to send this paper while you were filing your tax return until 2019, but now you can avoid this step. Nevertheless, you must complete IRS Form 1095-B and keep it as proof of your health insurance.

What Type of Insurance Is Suitable?

The list below describes the insurances that provide minimum coverage:

  • Coverage supported by an employer, including plans for retired and ex-employees.
  • Different categories of governmental insurances such as CHIP or Medicare.
  • Other individual coverages that match the criteria of minimum one.

You can learn from your provider whether your plan is enough for minimum coverage to be sure in compliance with the law.

How to Get Form 1095-B?

There are two options where you can receive this paper: your employer or provider of insurance. The first variant is available for those who are supplied with the coverage by their employer. In all other cases, you can get it from your health company and complete it by yourself.

When File Form 1095-B?

The terms of completion depend on the way you file it. If you choose to send the form by mail, you can make it by March 1. The relevant and completed electronic versions of the form should be uploaded no later than March 31, 2021 (for the current fiscal year).

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How To Fill Out IRS Form 1095-B

It is not complicated to complete this paper: it will take you approximately 1 minute based on the information in the official instruction. Here is a comprehensive guide on filling it out line-by-line.

If you have some completion issues, please use the software on our website to ensure you fill it out correctly.

1. Fill In Personal Data

You need to enter the name, contacts, and social security number of the responsible person in the first part of the form. A responsible person is a taxpayer or a trustee of a person whose name is indicated in the insurance. If you do not mark SSN, you should fill in the birth date in line 3. As regards Box 8, you should put the letter based on the type of your insurance. The list of the letters is below.

step 1.1 fill in personal data filling out an irs form 1095 b
step 1.2 fill in personal data filling out an irs form 1095 b
2. Enter Information About Employer

The second part is not required for everyone — fill it only if the employer is the provider of coverage for you or your family. Rely on Box 8 you completed earlier to clarify whether you need to use Part 2 or not if you enter letters A and B except for group-based plans and self-insured coverages.

Here, you need to indicate the name and detailed address of the employer and their EIN.

step 2 enter information about employer filling out an irs form 1095 b
3. Describe Provider of Insurance

You should give the information about the insurance company in the third part of this document. Introduce the name and physical address of the insurer here. Do not forget to put the contact telephone number of the provider in box 18 to make it possible to contact the insurer. Write its EIN in line 17.

step 3 describe provider of insurance filling out an irs form 1095 b
4. Introduce Other Insured People

If the coverage is available for family members, you should fill in all the same data for them. Give the names and identification numbers for each person having the insurance. Provide date of birth in part C of the table if you do not enter the TIN of the person.

The right part of the table is dedicated to the dates of insurance coverage. Check the box in column D if the person was protected for the whole year or put ticks to particular months of when the insurance was used.

step 4 introduce other insured people filling out an irs form 1095 b
5. Use Additional Page (Optional)

If there are more than six insured members of the taxpayer’s family, fill the table on the last page in the same way you did in step four.

step 5 use additional page (optional) filling out an irs form 1095 b
If you want to correct data in the form but you have already sent it, you can use the new one. Complete it again and put the cross in the box with corrections. Then you should file it to the same address as the previous one.

Where to File Form 1095-B

You can file the form online or via mail. If you choose the second option, you can find the suitable address of the IRS below. As regards the electronic way of filing, you can upload it on the website of the IRS.

where to file an irs form 1095 b