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DirecTV Channel Lineups

Broadcasting technologies are developing very rapidly these days, and they should cause today, television faces unprecedented competition from online streaming services, social medial, and other entertainment. They have to keep up and offer something extraordinary in order to stay afloat. And frankly, they do.

The American entertainment market is very competitive, but it is a major for the local users — there are a lot of options they can choose from. In this article, we suggest taking a dive into proposals by one of the biggest satellite television service providers in the US.

What Is DirecTV and Its Lineups?

DirecTV is a huge American direct broadcasting service provider that offers over 200 channels in HD and 4K resolution to its users. The provider has been part of the AT&T conglomerate, a huge American multinational holding company (ranked 9th largest in the US, as of 2020) for six years now. However, the two companies have had an on-again, off-again relationship since 2015, and the stake selling saga is still ongoing. But, it is worth mentioning that DirecTV has always had bigger coverage (especially in Latin America), and the company has been developing rather rapidly.

DirecTV provides for four subscription types that give you access to various channel packages: Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier. As long as the smallest package includes over 160 channels, the user might find it difficult to navigate between them when watching TV. And that is when channel lineups come in handy. They will help you get quick access to the channel you need, compare the packages, and tell you about other options and networks available in your specific area.

Below, we will tell some more about the service, its premiums and subscriptions, and the channel lineup compilation abilities.

What Does the Service Offer Its Users?

Nowadays, there is hardly one person who does not have a satellite television subscription. It is way more convenient and profitable to have one. But with so many choices on the market, people want to know what they pay for.

DirecTV is operating in various languages and countries worldwide, but they are mostly known for their Spanish packages and are widely popular in Latin America. However, this is not the only advantage of theirs; the broadcasting service provider offers a great variety of beloved shows and movies on the following lineups and panels:

  • Local News Channels

If you want to keep up with the community agenda, DirecTV offers channels with programming based on local TV stations. Such channels are available in 99% of local households. Plus, you can watch international news live as a bonus on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and other broadcasting platforms.

  • National Programming

This set of channels will deliver you the latest hit shows and your favorite entertainment programs with such networks as AMC, MTV, TBS, TNT, Comedy Central, and many more.

  • Family Channels and Shows

If you like a good old family afternoon together to share some laughs, learn new things, or just relax and let go of a tiresome working day with a family movie, pick the package that includes Nickelodeon, Hub, Disney, and other in-kind networks.

  • Sport Channels

With a sports package, you can always have access to important seasonal games (including March Madness and other NCAA tournaments) and ensure you have the best seat. But picking the sports option, you will get ESPN, NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB, and The Sportsman channel, amongst many others. Make sure you do not miss your favorite game!

  • Premium Subscription Channels

DirecTV cooperates with other streaming platforms, so you can get a subscription to HBO, Cinemax, ENCORE, and others by discount when subscribing to DirecTV. If you want to keep tabs on original shows, the newest releases, documentaries, and your favorite TV series, this package is meant for you. Plus, the provider also has exclusives of its own which are only available with a premium package.

  • International Programming

As we have mentioned above, DirecTV works in many counties worldwide. So, besides the vast and popular Spanish entertainment package, you can explore international television in Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and other languages.

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How to Comprise a DirecTV Channel Lineup

You can download a printable version of the Channel Lineup Form on the DirecTV official website. But we encourage you to use our form-building software to create an already customized and adjusted channel lineup of your own.

Check with the detailed guidelines below to learn how to do that effortlessly.

Study the Subscription Types Available

Before you proceed to comprise your personal DirecTV Channel Lineup, you need to get acquainted with the subscription types they offer. You may explore the details and pricing of each package online on the official website page. Below, you will find the price range.

step 1 study the subscription types available filling out directv channel lineup

Pick the Most Suitable Package

Once you have checked out the possibilities and estimated your financial abilities and necessities, you can take a closer look at the contents of each of the four packages.

The Entertainment package is the largest one. It contains most of the local channels and networks.

step 2.1 pick the most suitable package filling out directv channel lineup

Next up is the Choice package, and it includes some more channel additions and Season pass at no additional cost.

step 2.2 pick the most suitable package filling out directv channel lineup

You may get acquainted with the Ultimate package addition below.

step 2.3 pick the most suitable package filling out directv channel lineup

The Premier package includes all the services that the provider can offer, and therefore, it is the most expensive one. Take a look at the suggestions below, and decide whether you need all of the suggested adjustments.

step 2.4 pick the most suitable package filling out directv channel lineup

Adjust the Channel Lineup

If you are looking into some channels and networks in particular, you can use our form-building software to comprise a Channel Lineup and compare the packages to choose the right and most suitable one. Just insert the required information in the corresponding windows, and the system will do the rest for you. As a result, you will get a comparative table (like the one shown below) to analyze your personal needs and requirements.

step 3.1 adjust the channel lineup filling out directv channel lineup

Create an international lineup if you want to watch your shows and learn languages.

step 3.2 adjust the channel lineup filling out directv channel lineup

Why Choose a DirectTV Premium?

We tend to look at the numbers and statistics when picking nearly anything. And let us be honest, the numbers usually speak for themselves. When purchasing a DirecTV package, you will get access to over 80,000 shows and programs of all genres and for all tastes.

You can also get your entertainment experience on the go: the online streaming services are available in 50 states in several languages. Thus, you will not miss a new episode of your favorite series or an important game in the season if you are away. Plus, you can always binge-watch your shows and movies of choice with the DirecTV official App (available to customers and users free of charge).