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Costco Cake Order Form

Costco bakeries make the famous Costco sheet cakes, and if you want to order one for yourself, family, or friends, you most definitely need to read this article. These cakes have become extremely popular due to their immense size (that can satisfy a group of 48 people) and low price (less than 20 US dollars per one). Compared to other big-box stores, Costco offers the cheapest cakes out there. If you decide to make your own sheet cake, you are unlikely to beat this price.

Costco has various designs for every important event in your life, from birthdays to sports parties. If none of the ready-made cakes at the bakery satisfies your needs, you can make an order a few days in advance and offer a special design. Below you can find information on how to get a customizable sheet cake and complete the order form.

The Ordering Process

Follow our step-by-step guide to find out how to order a Costco sheet cake in the United States:

  1. Make sure that you place your order at least one day before the pick-up date.
  2. Choose the design and decorations beforehand (visit the local store to look at the Cake Order Selection Board or search for online resources that post Costco cake pictures).
  3. Obtain the order form (see the guide below to find possible options).
  4. Complete the form.
  5. Drop the form off at the bakery.
  6. Wait for the cake to be made.
  7. Visit the bakery and pick up the cake (or get it delivered).

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How to Fill Out the Template

Completing the order form (as anything related to the ordering process) is a piece-of-cake matter. It is very easy to understand and fill out. It consists of only one page. The template is designed specifically for sheet cakes. Thus, if you want to order a pie or cookies, you need to choose another template.

The official website of Costco warehouses does not allow you to make an online order. You need to visit your local store (or ask someone to do it on your behalf) and pre-order a sheet cake. We recommend that you find their phone number and clarify all the details on the phone.

Download the Form

You can ask one of the Costco people working at the store to provide you with the template. However, it might be a bit inconvenient to fill out the form standing at the check-desk. That’s why we encourage you to make use of our advanced form-building software to obtain the necessary template and complete it online via your computer, laptop, or mobile phone. If you don’t want to get disappointed when the cake is delivered to you, be in no haste and double-check or correct (if needed) the details regarding your cake design right in our PDF editor.

Choose Your Cake Type

In the United States, unlike in Australia, there are only two options from which you can choose: a white cake (also known as vanilla cake) and a chocolate cake. The difference is obvious: they are filled with different types of mousse and buttercream. If you choose the first options, you will get a cake with a vanilla cheesecake mousse and white buttercream. The second type of cake, as its name suggests, is filled with a chocolate version of the above-mentioned ingredients.

step 2 choose your cake type filling out costco cake order form

Select Decorations For Your Cake

Costco bakers offer you about 30 options for decorations: from traditional balloons and roses to some unique ones, like the American flag, dinosaurs, graduation caps (indicate the school colors). You can specify the rose color (or colors).

If you want to order a cake with a seasonal design (for instance, if you throw a Halloween or Christmas party), you can visit the local store and choose the design you like. If you fill out the template online, google creative Costco designs and indicate the name of the design in your order form.

If none of the designs satisfies you, do not select any decorations and order a cake with a plain top (the price for undecorated cake is lower). Customize the design in the way you like.

step 3 select decorations for your cake filling out costco cake order form

Write the Cake Inscription

Most cakes go with inscriptions, like “Congratulations!” or “Happy Birthday!” and so on. If you want your cake to have any writing on the top, indicate it in this section.

step 4 write the cake inscription filling out costco cake order form

Enter Your Personal Information

In this section, add your first and last name for a Costco bakery worker to identify the person who must pick up the cake. Besides, leave your phone number if you want to get a delivery notice.

step 5 enter your personal information filling out costco cake order form

Add Other Order Details

You can choose the date and time due which the cake should be made. Check out the bakery’s working hours and write the date and time that you find the most convenient for picking up your order.

step 6 add other order details filling out costco cake order form