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IRS Form 1099-G

In preparing your tax return, you use not only the documents that you filled in yourself but also those sent to you already filled out. One such document is Form 1099-G.

This record is not sent to all taxpayers but only to those who received some payments from the government. It is sent to you so that you can use the specified data on your tax return.

Below we will tell you how this form should look like, who receives copies of the document, who completes this document, and also how to correctly read the information shown on the paper.

What Does the Form Consist of?

The document consists of 5 copies, each of which is sent to different departments or recipients:

  • Copy A is sent to the Revenue Service
  • Copy 1 gets the state tax department
  • Copy B and Copy 2 is got by you (the taxpayer)
  • Copy C is obtained by the payer or filing agency

Who Must Arrange the Form?

The paper is filled out by the authorities for certain types of payments. The most common ones are:

  • Income tax refunds, offsets, and credits
  • Unemployment benefit

In the future, you will need to include information from this document in your tax return. In this case, the form itself usually does not need to be applied.

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How to Read the Form

Although this paper is not filled out by you, you must understand this document to check it and use it in the future to fill out the rest of the papers.

Check the left side

On the left side of the document, you will find your details and the department that made the payment to you. Please note that you are the recipient in this case, and the government department is the payer. Check carefully everything indicated for authenticity.

step 1 check the left side filling out irs form 1099 g

See Box 1

Here is the sum of unemployment benefits you got. Sometimes the recipient receives several 1099-Gs, in which case, when filling out the tax return, you need to indicate the amount received from the addition of all the indicators specified in Box-1 in all forms.

step 2 see box 1 filling out irs form 1099 g

Check Box 2

The second field will show the sum of refunds, credits, or offsets of state or local income tax you received (if any).

step 3 check box 2 filling out irs form 1099 g

Check the year

Box 3 is sometimes left blank if numbers are shown for the current tax year.

step 4 check the year filling out irs form 1099 g

Read boxes 4-7 and 9

The following lines show other types of payments you may have obtained from the government, including:

  • Backup withholding
  • Reemployment trade adjustment assistance pays
  • Taxable grants
  • Amounts from the Department of Agriculture
  • Farmers market gain

step 5 read boxes 4 7 and 9 filling out irs form 1099 g
See ox 8

If this field is checked, then the sum pointed in paragraph 2 is linked to an income tax.

step 6 see ox 8 filling out irs form 1099 g

Check Boxes 10-11

Boxes 10a and 10b show your state abbreviation and its identification number.

In point 11, the sum of withheld state income tax is inserted.

step 7 check boxes 10 11 filling out irs form 1099 g

Frequently Asked Questions

What if You Received the Form without Receiving Unemployment Income?

Unfortunately, the number of unemployment benefits scams is on the rise. Attackers could steal your personal data and use it for their own purposes.

If you notice that the data on your form is different from reality, you should urgently contact the issuer of the document to get the revised form. Check Revenue Service for any additional directions.