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Bravecto offers chew and topical solutions to eliminate parasites and keep your pets healthy and happy. The formula contains ingredients that provide two-month protection for your cats and dogs from fleas, ticks, and worms. These parasites can cause animals’ psychological discomfort and serious health problems.

The US Bravecto official site allows you to check if it is possible to buy the products at licensed clinics in your area. Follow our review to find how you can save more by purchasing these cost-effective solutions.

How to Save Funds With Bravecto?

Applying Bravecto solutions to treat your beloved wild world and eliminate feline and canine parasites helps you save both products and funds. The company claims that Bravecto works twice as long as other health solutions that require a monthly application.

Besides the advantageous characteristics of the Bravecto products, the purchasers have an exclusive opportunity to request a rebate. Here is the algorithm:

  • To have an opportunity to claim the rebate, you need to purchase at least two cat doses (or two dog doses) of the Bravecto products per animal. You cannot combine one feline and one canine dose to increase the product amount.
  • Consult your veterinarian and acquire Bravecto during the current calendar year to claim refunds the next year.
  • Complete the Bravecto Rebate form and serve it enclosed with the originals of receipts by mail or certified mail.
  • The request should be received by the company before January 31 of the following year. If you buy Bravecto products in 2021, you should send a rebate request not later than January 31 of 2022.
  • Once all conditions are satisfied, the company will render a rebate check within two months. The maximum total refund equals $180

The next section of our review is dedicated to completing the Bravecto Rebate request. We inspire you to read the guidance till the end to understand the procedure and achieve the expected funds.

Filling Out the Bravecto Rebate Form

Begin completing the template by downloading a needed PDF file. We encourage you to use our advanced software to generate the Bravecto Rebate PDF form, print it, and proceed instantly. Please, make use of the illustrated step-by-step guide below.

  • Enter the Expected Rebate Amount

You need to enter the acquired number of doses for dogs and cats separately. Look through the table and checkbox the appropriate alternative. The refund relies both on the product type and its amount. The purchasers are allowed to claim the rebate only for the same items. Therefore, the discount for purchasing Bravecto for cats should be calculated separately from those repayments based on canine products. Consider the following merits while figuring the refund:

  • Animal family
  • Number of doses
  • Number of animals
  • Expected rebate

step 1 enter the expected rebate amount - filling out a bravecto rebate form
Once you have calculated the rebate amount, print or type the rest of the requested data.

  • Introduce Yourself

The rebate applicant should enter their name and contact data, including the street and apartment (room) number, city, state (province), and postal code. Entering the email is not compulsory, but we recommend providing one if any question arises.

step 2 introduce yourself - filling out a bravecto rebate form

  • Specify the Names of Pets

This section is dedicated to the pets for which you purchase the Bravecto doses. Enter the names of your dog(s) or cat(s). The form allows inserting up to three animals.

step 3 specify the names of pets - filling out a bravecto rebate form

  • Define the Clinic of Purchase

Here, the claimant is offered to submit the name and address of the veterinary clinic where the Bravecto products were bought. Specify the city and the state (province). Also, you should submit the name of the dispensing veterinarian since the product can only be sold by prescription at a licensed clinic.

step 4 define the clinic of purchase - filling out a bravecto rebate form

  • Certify the Request

Read the paragraph attentively and check the box to consent that you provide personal data voluntarily. The Bravecto Rebate form doesn’t require any signatures to get certified. However, you are welcome to place your initials next to the section.

Only when all the required data are entered you can proceed to serve the document by mail or certified mail.

step 5 certify the request - filling out a bravecto rebate form
The Bottom Line

To receive refunds for your purchase from Merck Animal Health, you need to complete the rebate application, enclose the original receipts, specify the quantity of Bravecto products acquired, and serve the entire package to the company’s official mailing residence. The address is indicated at the bottom of the Bravecto Rebate template.

Ensure collecting and submitting the needed documents in advance because the entire procedure may take up to two months. If the purchaser expects a rebate for the products acquired during the previous year, the claimant’s request should be received by the company before January 31 of the current calendar year.

step 6 collecting and submitting the needed documents - filling out a bravecto rebate form