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Canada IMM 5257

Canada IMM 5257 is a standard application form used by individuals who wish to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to visit Canada. This form must be filled out by those not Canadian citizens or permanent residents who want to enter Canada for reasons such as tourism, visiting family, or business. It collects personal information, details about the applicant’s background, and the purpose of the visit, ensuring that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria for entry into Canada.

The form requires applicants to disclose their travel history, family information, and any ties to their home country to assess their likelihood of returning after their visit. Additionally, it includes questions about the applicant’s health and any past criminal or immigration-related offenses. This thorough evaluation helps Canadian immigration officials determine whether the individual poses any risks to the country’s safety and security.

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How to Fill Out the Canada IMM 5257

Generate a required PDF file template via our advanced online tools to complete the CTR visa request instantly. If you need extra space to explain your answers, use additional sheets of paper and attach them to the application form when authorized.

By existing rules and legal requirements, the applicant should enter their full legal name as it is shown in your official ID and birth date at the top of pages 2 through 5.

step 0 top of the page filling out canada imm 5257 form

Follow the guide below to avoid troubleshooting while preparing the request.

Submit Personal Data

Begin completing the form by filling in the “Personal Details” section. Leave the first three boxes above the referenced section blank: this info is filled in by the officials.

step 1.1 office use filling out canada imm 5257 form

The personal data part covers 11 Units. Here, the applicant is expected to enter the info as follows:

  • Full family names and given names should be disclosed in Unit 1 precisely as indicated in the traveling documentation or passport.
  • In Unit 2, the preparer should submit other names, including maiden name or alias. If not applicable, tick the “No” alternative and proceed to the next question.

step 1.2 identity and names filling out canada imm 5257 form

In Units 3 through 5, define the birth details, including sex, birth date, and place of birth. The latter requires entering the city and country of birth.

step 1.3 birth details filling out canada imm 5257 form

Determine your citizenship in Unit 6.

step 1.4 citizenship filling out canada imm 5257 form

Submit the current residency and residency background. Here, you are empowered to indicate the country, status, and period(s) when residing in the referenced territories.

step 1.5 residency info filling out canada imm 5257 form

Specify the country where the visa request is being made. Here, you should clarify if the territory where applying coincides with the country of residency. If not, provide the territory details, including the country’s name, your personal status, and the lodging period.

step 1.6 visa request location filling out canada imm 5257 form

In Unit 10, explain your marital status details. If your status qualifies as “married,” submit the date of marriage commencement and your spouse’s new legal and given names.

step 1.7 marital status filling out canada imm 5257 form

Explain your marital background in Unit 11. If the applicant has ever been in common-law relations or married, let them provide the details and submit the partner’s (or spouse’s) legal name, date of birth, and the relationship period.

step 1.8 marital background filling out canada imm 5257 form

Specify the Language(s) the Applicant Speaks

This section is dedicated to determining how fluent the applicant can speak English or French to support communication during the interview or the traveling. Enter the details as follows:

  • Mother tongue
  • Ability to speak English or French, language preferences, and proficiency test results (if ever taken)

step 2 languages filling out canada imm 5257 form

Submit the Passport Details

In this section, the applicant needs to provide accurate info regarding the passport. Please include the following:

  • Number
  • Country where the passport was issued
  • Dates of issue and expiration
  • If issued in Taiwan or Israeli, specify whether you are planning to use this type of passport during the traveling by selecting between “Yes” and “No.”

step 3 passport filling out canada imm 5257 form

Specify the National ID Details

If the applicant has a national ID document, enter the data as follows:

  • Number
  • Where issued
  • Dates of issue and expiration

step 4 id documentation filling out canada imm 5257 form

Submit the Green Card Existence

If the applicant appears to be a lawful holder of a green card that qualifies them as a US permanent resident, tick off the “Yes” box and provide the card number and its expiry details.

step 5 permanent residency us filling out canada imm 5257 form

Disclose the Applicant’s Contact Info

In this part, the visa requester needs to submit their contact details. Complete the boxes entering the following:

  • Mailing address to deliver correspondence, including unit (apartment) number, street name, city, country, state (or province), postal code, and district should be specified in Unit 1. Additionally, you are allowed to provide the P. O. Box details.
  • Physical address: if it does not differ from the mailing one, check “Yes” and proceed to the next question. In case the addresses differ, enter the residential address following the requirements.
  • Phone number, its type (business, home, or mobile), country code, and extension (if applicable). Also, submit the alternate phone number in the next unit.
  • Enter your fax number, if any, in Unit 5.
  • In Unit 6, the applicant needs to define the email. Otherwise, all correspondence will be delivered to the mailing address if applying by mail.

step 6 contact info filling out canada imm 5257 form

Explain Your Intentions to Visit Canada

Fill in Units 1 through 4 of the section to specify your purposes and details of the trip. Explain the following aspects:

  • Purpose
  • Period of stay
  • Money available in Canadian dollars
  • Organizations and persons you plan to visit (if applicable) — provide the names, relationships, and addresses.

step 7 intentions to come to canada filling out canada imm 5257 form

Specify Your Education

In this section, you need to specify the info on all your graduate (and post-graduate, if applicable) studies. If you have completed any, check “No” and leave the fields empty. If yes, fill in the details in the corresponding boxes. Indicate your major and the educational institution where the studies took place.

step 8 education filling out canada imm 5257 form

Disclose the Employment History

Following the compilation requirements, the applicant must complete the employment background section, providing details regarding their places of work, position, and period for the past ten years, including the current occupation. You are not allowed to skip this part — even if a student, you should submit the corresponding notes. In case you are retired, disclose the employment info for the past ten years prior to retirement.

Also, the applicants are expected to submit authentic data regarding any government positions. For each line, you are empowered to enter the active period, occupation, employer or organization, city, country, and state.

step 9 working history filling out canada imm 5257 form

Complete the Background Info Poll

The questionnaire contains six questions and spare fields to explain the answer if required by the statement. Any candidate of 18 and above 18 years old should mandatorily fill out this section. Provide truthful answers for each unit by selecting the appropriate alternative.

In Unit 1, you need to submit info on whether you or your close relatives have experienced or suffered from some serious illnesses. If the candidate answers positively, they should provide an explanation in the space below.

Use Unit 2 to describe your resident status experience regarding any of the mentioned aspects: unauthorized employment within the country’s territories, Canada visa refusal, order to leave the country, or stay in Canada. If you answer “Yes” to any of the statements, use the spare box to comment upon your choice.

Unit 3 covers criminal offense-related aspects. Give comments if you have ever been accused of crimes or arrested. It is highly recommended not to conceal this essential info to avoid visa permit problems in the future.

In Unit 4, you are welcome to provide any relevant data if you have a military or police service background.

Unit 5 contains information that concerns participation in any religious or political organization. If you have ever been a member of either, please specify.

Use Unit 6 to provide details about any ill-treatment behavior towards religious organizations, their representatives, and imprisoned persons. Also, specify if there were any violent, destructive attacks on temples and religion-related estate.

In case the requester answers positively to questions 3 through 6, they might be asked to complete and file IMM 5257 Schedule 1 document.

step 10 background poll filling out canada imm 5257 form

Acknowledge the Application

Complete the CTR visa request by appending your signature and the calendar date. Minor applicants should provide their parent’s (or legal guardian’s) signature. If you wish to authorize Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to reach you in the future, please check the “Yes” box located above the signature slot.

step 11 acknowledgement filling out canada imm 5257 form