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SSA Form SS-5

Multiple types of official documents are mandatory to prove your identity, perform legal services, make decisions about selling and purchasing property or products, commit transactions, and do other things every citizen does.

A social security card (ss5 form) is a statutory document with a nine-digit social security number that helps the government keep track of your lifetime earnings and the number of years you have worked. The number is split into three parts: the area number, the group number, and the serial number. Social security card certificates have been issued since 1935 as a part of the New Deal Social Security Program. The social security form SS-5 is given to each person as an individual combination, and they do not happen to be reused. You need this card to get a job or other benefits. Among the benefits you are supposed to get, some are being paid when retired, disabled, or left as a surviving child or spouse of a worker who has died. To receive a new social security card (either original or replaced), you will necessitate submitting a relevant application at the social security office. Here is a list of reasons why you may have to apply:

  • You have never owned a social security card (Form SS-5).
  • SS-5 has been stolen.
  • You lost your card (Form SS-5).
  • You have changed your name after getting married, divorced, or due to some other reason.
  • Your name on the card is misspelled.
  • Any personal information concerning your place or date of birth, identity, parents, or other data is incorrect.
  • Your citizenship status has changed.
  • You have given birth to a child or adopted one and wish this information to be on your social security card (Form SS-5).

How Do I Protect My Social Security Card (Form SS-5)?

It is highly advisable not to carry the document (Form SS-5) with you and keep it in a secure place. Take the social security card only if you are demanded to show the document, such as getting a job, opening a new bank account, or obtaining certain benefits. When someone asks you about your social security number during a telephone conversation or through email, make sure it is safe to share this information.

What Is an SS-5 Form?

An SS-5 Form is a legal application an individual has to fill in and file for the procession to get a new social security card for the first time, replace one, or change particular information on the card they already own. Keep in mind that the number of replacement cards is limited to three within one calendar year and 10 in a lifetime, according to Public Law 108-458. However, these restrictions are not imposed in case you are replacing the card because your name has changed.

What Forms Do I Need to Get a New Social Security Card?

If you have never had a social security card before, you must provide at least two papers to prove your age, identity, and US citizenship (or a lawful immigrant status that allows you to perform work). It is acceptable to submit your birth certificate, passport, or religious record established before the age of five as evidence of age. Evidence of identity is normally your current driver’s license, an ID certificate, or a US passport. To evince your US citizenship, prepare your passport, Certificate of Citizenship, or Certificate of Naturalization. Evidence of immigration status is usually proved with a Form I-551, I-94, or I-766. The security form SS-5 card may be obtained by any permanent or temporary US citizen regardless of age. Many parents apply for SSNs for their offsprings soon after birth (it can be done on the application of a birth certificate). Pay attention that if you are 12 years of age or older, you will need to apply for the original SSC in person at the local social security office or social security administration.

What Forms Do I Need to Get Information on My Social Security Card Changed?

You must prepare supporting documents when changing your personal information, describe the valid grounds for the change, and present evidence of your identity. Those residents born outside the US will have to submit evidence of citizenship additionally. If the change you are reporting happened more than two years ago, you might need to provide extra documentation. Leaving the personal information on your security card unchanged may result in undesirable consequences, such as delays in processing your tax return.

What Forms Do I Need to Get a Replacement Social Security Card?

Replacing your social security card is way easier, as you only necessitate to present one document that evinces your identity. However, if you were born outside the US, you will have to render evidence of US citizenship or current, work-authorized status.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Replace Social Security Card?

You may wish to apply for the replacement SSC in person at the social security office, through US mail, or online. If you are visiting the office, all the documents you are providing along with the application will be returned right after submitting the SS-5 form. Mailing the application for a social security certificate means mailing supporting documentation as well, which means you will be left without these papers for some time. Applying online is available in certain states if you are at least 18 years old and not requesting your name to be changed on the social security card you already possess.

Once the application has been processed, you will receive a new SSC within 14 calendar days.

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How Do I Fill Out an SS-5?

The application consists of numerous fields to be completed. We have developed a detailed directive for you to feel confident about filling the paper out. Once you have every line completed and checked, submit the form and wait until a card you need is issued.

Access the Template

The SS-5 form may be downloaded from a website you find trustworthy, but we offer you to use our form-building software and create your personal, customized version of the document.

Indicate the Name

Step 2 to filling out a SSA form SS 5 name indication
The applicant should input the name that is supposed to be shown on the social security card, including first, last, and full middle name. If you were given another name at birth, insert that as well. Provide information about the other names you used, if there are any.

Enter Your Previous Social Security Number

Step 3 to filling out a SSA form SS 5 previous ssn
A person who applies for a replacement SSC or intends to change some of the personal information on their card must write down the previously assigned social security number.

Submit Details about Your Birth

Step 4 to filling out a SSA form SS 5 sample birth details
The applicant’s birthplace (city, state, or foreign country) and date of birth (month, date, year) must be inserted.

Provide Some More Private Information

Step 5 to filling out a SSA form SS 5 example private info
Your citizenship has to be indicated. If you are willing to do so, identify your race and ethnicity. Check the corresponding box in order to state whether you are male or female.

Share the Parents’ Data

Step 6 to filling out a SSA form SS 5 template parents data
Both parents’ full names and social security numbers have to be indicated herein. If one or both parents are unknown, leave a corresponding mark on a line.

Complete the Optional Fields

If you have already been issued an SSC before, input the name shown on the most recent card you possessed. A different date of birth shown on previously issued cards has to be entered thereafter.

Present Contact Info

Step 8 to filling out a SSA form SS 5 contact info
Date the document, submit your daytime telephone number and a current mailing address (including street, city, state, or a foreign country, and zip code).

Sign the Form

Step 9 to filling out a SSA form SS 5 sample signature
Appending your signature, you declare to have provided true and correct information above. If you are the applicant’s parent, legal guardian, or somehow otherwise related to the person who is about to receive the SSC, indicate that.

The information below has to be completed by the social security office employee, so do not complete any of the fields.

Is It Safe to Share My Private Information In the Application?

The information you provide in the application is used to issue a personalized social security card. You may choose not to share your personal information, but it may lead to having your request denied. The data you submit might be used to assist Federal, State, and local entities with administering income maintenance and health maintenance programs. The Department of State may also require your personal information. It will be disclosed in computer matching programs to verify the person’s eligibility for Federal benefit programs as well.