IRS Schedule O Form 990 or 990-EZ

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IRS Schedule O Form 990 or 990-EZ

Schedule O is officially designed by the IRS to offer additional space for providing any explanations and proofs claimed in certain units of forms 990 and 990-EZ. The IRS insists that declarants and organizations who report their 990 and 990-EZ papers prepare and recite the required data on these schedules rather than use unapproved attachments.

Follow the instructions and recommendations of Forms 990 and 990-EZ to specify the correct units and lines in the Schedule O template. If the aspect demands more than one sheet of the referenced schedule, use the continuation pages in the needed number.

The Schedule O form contains the entity’s name and employer ID data. It is vital not to disclose the social security number, as this sensitive information may be jeopardized during the potential public inspection.

When to Use Schedule O?

Besides the purposes mentioned above (explanation of certain statements in Forms 990 and 990-EZ), Schedule O is widely used to report amendments and corrections made in the referenced forms. The organization needs to attach Schedule O if any of the below aspects are present:

  • The entity selects the “Amended return” box;
  • The entity selects the “Heading” in unit B.

Also, the IRS provides cases when Schedule O cannot be used to clarify any data, including the following ones:

  • Late return report

If the organization fails to file the 990 and 990-EZ forms by the due date, the preparer cannot use Schedule O to clarify the circumstances of the late return and provide explanations. A separate sheet should be used to disclose the reason.

  • Group return reports

If the entity is filing a collective return and more than one business name is eligible to be mentioned, ensure to have a separate sheet of paper to comprise the names, EINs, and addresses of all affiliated entities. Check unit “H” (a, b) in Form 990 to learn the details.

Who Should Report Schedule O?

Any business entity or organization files Schedule O if they need to declare 990 or 990-EZ reports. Following the IRS’s requirements, declarants must clarify at least one unit eligible for Schedule O.

Also, if the entity is exempt from filing either the 990 or 990-EZ legal form but still decides to report the return, this organization would be obliged to complete all the regular aspects, including supplemental attachments and the Schedule O itself.

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How to Fill Out IRS Schedule O Form 990 or 990-EZ

As Schedule O Form presents an officially used attachment and explains certain narrative questions that declarants need to respond to while completing Forms 990 and 990-EZ, the guide resolves itself to four directives.

Download Schedule O PDF Template

Generate and download the needed form using our PDF form-building software. You can tailor a needed number of Schedule O continuation sheets to cover all topics.

Specify the Business Name

Enter the company’s name on the line at the top of the template.

step 2 specify the business name filling out an irs schedule o form 990 or 990 ez

Submit the Business EIN

Here, you need to insert the company’s employer ID number assigned by the IRS.

step 3 submit the business ein filling out an irs schedule o form 990 or 990 ez

Provide Explanation

Indicate the unit or line of paper 990 or 990-EZ you wish to clarify and recite the data on the blank lines. Ensure to answer the corresponding question in the 990 or 990-EZ report before you submit thorough information to Schedule O. Be consistent in narration and cover the 990 and 990-EZ units in the right order.

If you use more than one continuation sheet of the respected form, ensure to enter the name and EIN at the top of each page.

Schedule O doesn’t need any additional authorization. Once you complete the requested information, attach the form to your tax return 990 or 990-EZ and file the documents with the IRS.